Artists of Life

Because Life Is An Art

The 101 of my sitcom

 Gary and Brent are a happy couple, but unfortunately not that lucky on business. They are lack of money, and so they make a casting to find the perfect new room mate for getting some extra cash. But when it’s not working out, and they think they’ve lost everything, they meet Haley. A girl that gives them new hope and let them continue working and believing in their dreams.

Gary: is an actor, spontaneous, funny, very caring, observes people around him to improve his acting skills, knows when someone around him is acting – like pretend to be happy but is not, loves sports and animals and music, loves to play the piano, loves to act in real life – pretends he’s someone else just for one day but without telling anyone -> that confuses Brent often, and even more Haley

Brent: is a writer, thinks a lot and mostly too much, is smart, loves basketball, can’t live without his smartphone and laptop – types every little note when he gets a new idea, writes a lot, writes a book and sometimes also for an economical magazine, loves to read, analyses everything

Haley: loves shoes and shopping, works as sales assistant in the men’s department of a clothing store, is romantic, loves music and animals, loves to sing when Gary plays the piano, knows nothing about sports, wants to have a good relationship – is looking for the perfect partner, is honest, has so many clothes that she says she sleeps not in her bedroom but in her walk-in closet

The three of them live in an apartment that looks like this. 

The room on the right is the boys' room and the one on the left is Haley's.

As you might have noticed I used TheSims2 to create the apartment and the characters, so you can better imagine how everything looks like in my mind.

Read here the blog entry about it and please feel free to write me your opinion on the Artists of Life.

Episode catalogue

Read here all episodes released so far
Pilot (alternative Link and Download)
S01E01 The Tryout Takeoff (alternative Link and Download)
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