Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pilot of Artists of Life

Here it is: the pilot of my first self-created sitcom called Artists of Life. I really hope you guys will like it and have fun reading it.

Please write me what you think of the story, the characters, what you like and what not, e.g. which scene was funny or maybe one you didn't understand. I'm gonna write some more episodes and I wanna improve it, so, also when you find any mistake, please don't hesitate to write me. Thanks.

I once asked on Twitter how to name the two main characters. And so goes some special and big THANKS to Cliff who gave Brent his name and Briony who named Gary. I hope you like 'your' characters ;)

So here is the link to the PDF. You can read it online or download it for free on your computer or any other device. But please don't change and/or distribute it in any way. If you wanna publish it or parts of it, please write me first. Thanks.

Last but not least some background info: In the scene in which Gary and Brent sit at the kitchen table, talking about Gary's plan how to solve their problem paying the rent, Brent says:

'15³ people? If that's your sensation magnitude, I might should relate it to your stimulus intensity.'
He refers to the Stevens' power law which is about the relation of real change and the felt change. Imagine you hold a glass of water. When someone puts a few drops in, you don't feel that the glass is heavier but actually it is. So a drop makes the glass already heavier but until you feel that's heavier you need a few milliliters of water. So in that scene he isn't sure if Gary's plan will work, and wanna relate the huge success that Gary expects with what will actually happen.

It's really interesting, so if you wanna know more about the Stevens' power law click here or on the wikipedia site.

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