Thursday, May 31, 2012

A lil piece of ideal world

Smiling faces, happy families. That’s what we see in all these commercials. On TV. On the movie screen. Everywhere. It seems to be perfect. No mistakes, everyone is awesome looking, very friendly and nice and everything just works perfectly. You see it and you wanna have it because you know that your life isn’t like that at all.

You have several problems to deal with every single day. You have met people in your life who aren’t these nice to you, treated you very badly or you felt betrayed in some way. So you think if you buy this product mentioned in the ad or commercial everything will be fine and just like that. But you also know that it can’t be possible. But you are a believer and so you give it a try.

Some products might work the way it was praised but some not. That is what might make you angry in some way. You wanna live in this bubble. You wanna have all the beauty of life, left out all the dark sides. That’s why we all love commercials. We don’t say it like that because it frustrates us that our life isn’t that easy, so we don’t admit it, but we watch it anyway. It’s like a dream life, a fairy tale.

I have to say I like watching commercials when they are well made, which means they have to be smart, devastating and creative. It is part of the media so it has to entertain me. There are so many commercials, so I only wanna watch the ones that are actually good. When I was in the UK last year, I saw this Haribo commercial which I think is one of the funny ones.

What do you think about commercials? Do you like them? Do you pay attention on them? Do you think they’re useful? What is your fave?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In sync

Everything we do – we never do it alone. Have you ever asked yourself if you do something that another one does the same at the same time? It might sounds odd, but as there live 7 billion people on our planet, why shouldn’t this be possible? I mean I was never good in maths, and I can’t calculate from that information its probability – if you can, please tell me – but I think, things we do often every day and things we do for not just a minute, like sitting in front of the computer or sleeping, we can be sure, that we are never alone doing the same thing at the same time.

Concerning the internet, I am very sure that not just one sits in front of his or her computer when I am it front of mine. Writing on my book, my play, my blog or just spending my time on Twitter. Oh how would that be boring if no one would be on Twitter the same time I am. Or Skype – what a wonderful invention. I can still be in contact with my cousin who lives with her hubby and son on Crete. I can’t see them very often in real life but I can see them on Skype.
The internet is a great place to spend time with and I don’t wanna miss this. I remember the time, when we didn’t have a computer, when I didn’t have a smartphone. I still remember the time when I was at school, nobody knew social media, nobody knew Facebook because it didn't exist and so nobody missed it. But then it came into our lives and what would we do without it?

Being connected – we all are, but the internet gives us the chance to see it. I think there are so many things we do in sync with others – without knowing. We all belong together. We are all social, we are all human beings, we live at the same time, some might be born at the same time – not twins of course, for them it’s impossible to be born at the exactly same time, and some will leave the world together. I guess knowing that, gives me new hope: I am never on my own.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A small part of something big

After my last two blog entries were so 'big', this time it is 'big' in another way. As you already know I am very fascinated about our origin, the big bang. What happenend back then still keeps me thinking were we come from. That our existence is simply a miracle. I have seen this amazing vid on youtube and I wanna share it with you. It is so well made and explained it all in a very short and uncomplicated way.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Seeking in the box

I am a person, I wanna live, give me air to breathe, I need it. Let me outta the box.

My last blog entry was about the acceptance of everyone, that everyone is unique and special in his or her own way. The audio project I was working on this week was about goths, so I gave them as an example of a group of people who are part of our life but still aren't accepted or even tolerated by so many people. I also considered to mention the gay guys, because it's the same. We do now have a change and I really like that Barack Obama is now in favor of gay marriage. I mean why shouldn't they be allowed to marry? In which century do we live, that we still have to treat them differently? Who cares which gender is preferred?

It's like box-thinking. We see someone and we want to know everything, that we can put him or her into a box, and we won't stop, until we have what we want. But do we wanna live in a box? You can't put all goths, all gay guys into one box, as well as you can't put all blonde girls into one. I guess that this is the reason why everyone now is talking about Jim Parsons and the interview he gave to Patrick Healy of The New York Times. This interview was also published on Wednesday, the same day I wrote my blog entry. I see this as kinda sign, so I come back to my last post.
If you read the whole interview of Jim, you know he said so much more things, really interesting things like about the work at theatre. But what do we read all over the internet? All articles about that interview, are about only one thing. Google it if you don't know, but I guess you do.

So why on earth is THAT the most important thing? Back to my question: in which century do we live? Seriously? Is this really worth to be a 'news', beside the fact that as the word says itself, it should be new? Why are the most people so much interested in other's private life? We don't want someone else talking and writing about our private life - okay some might want that, but in my mind these are the guys who have to talent, no passion except for themselves.

Being an actor, or a singer is as normal as any other job. I appreciate a lot what these guys do, share their talent with the world. Without music, movies, tv shows, we would have less to talk about and life would be very boring. We need them as well as we need plumber, teacher, architects. They might not be known by so many people like an actor or singer, so the chance that many persons are interestend in him or her are less, but also they will talk. Only not in that wide range. But as the internet is open to everyone, imagine your co-worker heard that you talked to a friend that you are in love and wanna make him or her a gift. The next day a foreigner comes to you, giving you an advice for the gift, and an other guy tells you he can't imagine what you like on her/him. How would you feel? What would you think about it? Later you found out, that your co-worker wrote this about you and put it on the internet.

Do you think this is far-fetched? Do you really think that only because someone works in the public, he or she has to share everything with total strangers? Certainly not. If he doesn't want to, he doesn't have to and we should respect that. Also all the actors and singers out there aren't different persons, they are no superheroes. They do their job as we do our job. Let's stop digging, let's stop seeking in the box, let's stop putting everyone into a box.

Here you can read the interview with Jim Parsons

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The same difference

This week we work on an audio project at college, which will be aired on the radio - after it's finished of course. It is the first time, that my classmates and I do this and I have to admit it makes lots of fun. Even though you listen to the radio every day, making your own radio contribution isn't that easy. Our prof wants us to show two perspectives of the goths - he wants to have something about them every semester, so this time it's the job of my group and me.

We asked people on the street what they think about goths and I was surprised to hear that almost all of them only said positive things. "Everyone should live the way they want to." We heard something like that all the time. Honestly I thought it would be differently, that they do not tolerate them or are simply confused because they think the goths don't believe in God and stuff like that.
I mean we are all different in some way and it would be boring if everyone of us would have the same opinion on everything. The goths are a group of people who stick out very much. Especially those who were really dressed all in black, having chains with skulls and so on. Some other people might be scared when they see them on the street and I think, if we would have been accompanied by a goth, they might had reacted differently. As well as when they wouldn't had to speak into a mic.

We also had an interview with a famous gothic singer, who talked about the changes of the scene in the past years. It was really interesting. I have to admit that I never thought about it this much. I mean, as a Christian, I believe that everyone has to choose what she prefers because everyone is unique. So I can't understand why people only like or not like someone because of the music she listens to, the way she is dressed, or anything like that. When someone thinks differently than I do on something, I want to know that, too, because it gives me another point of view on it. That's why I like the internet, and especially my blogger friends. To read what they have on their mind or what they think about something, helps me to see everything in another perspective.

Today we wrote down all the info we got for our contribution. We talked to our lecturer about it, and he gave us some advices to improve that. Tomorrow we will record our moderation, and we will also add the most important sentences of the guys we asked on the street about goths as well as our interview, and hopefully it will be interesting to listen to it.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Not only a fence to share

Some neighbors only share their fence, but we shared everything. -Susan Delfino on the serie's finale of Desperate Housewives

How fast can eight years pass? The answer: incredibly fast. Even though none of the guys will ever read this, I really wanna thank Marc Cherry for creating such a wonderful show. I honestly will miss Bree, Gaby, Susan and Lynette. How great was the time with these ladies on Wisteria Lane? Since that show, I know that we are all actors in this life. We do our best to hide our darkest secrets, we pretend to be perfect, even if we are not. There are only a very few in our life, we let know everything about us - but really everything? Certainly not.

Not our closest friends really know everything. We all have our role in this life. No matter if we are the perfect housewife with her best behavior, her well-educated kids, and her wonderful husband. Or the manager who has everything under control: the job, the husband, the kids. The one who is simply beautiful, has nothing to do but her husband earns lots of money that she can have such an easy-going life. Or the one showing her feelings, who can't lie and might cares the less of what others think about her. Or she just ignores that, or at least tries to do that. We now know, that these four are not just like that.

Four very different girls who lived on the same street. Neigbors came, neighbors went. And they all had secrets. In the last ep, when we saw who moved into Susan's house, also this girl has a secret - one we might never find out. She pondered that it could be boring in the suburbs but Susan replied that it's anything else than that. Okay the stories were a bit far-fetched, we all have to admit that so much never happens on one single street. But what makes us sure of that? How much do we really know about our neighbors?

Do you talk to them? Are they your friends or are neighbors just neighbors? What do they know about us? What do we tell them? What do we want them to know, to believe? Are they supposed to know everything? Yes, some neighbors only share their fence, most of them. I have learned a lot from Desperate Housewives. About life, about family, about friends. I love the way Mary Alice told us about her friends after she passed away. It's sad that they all drifted apart in the end - maybe not Lynette and Susan as they have the same grandchild - but it's true. I also lost good friends, when they moved away. Some did not move but changed a lot.

This is the first Sunday without an new episode of Desperate Housewives. One of many to come. The path we walked together is over. It was a great time, I will miss it in some way, but I am also happy that this show was part of my life. Open your eyes to your neighbors, you don't want them to be your enemies. Life is right around the corner, only a fence away. A neighborhood, no matter where it is, is, when you look closely, anything else than boring.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Full of happiness

Our heart is like a glass filled with happiness – but we don’t recognize that, and so we overfill it. Instead of being more happy, we lose happiness the more we try to fill it.

When I remember about 10 years ago, I was a huge fan of ‘Buffy – The Vampire Slayer’. I loved to watch it, as well as ‘Charmed’ and ‘Angel’. Now the vampires are back. I don’t know what guys these days love about ‘Twilight’ and ‘Vampire Diaries’. Maybe the vampires come back every decade. But what is so fascinating about them? Mostly for the young people? Because they are mean, mysterious, thirsty for blood? Or that they are simply not human?

Well, honestly I don’t think that vampires are less human than we are. No offense, but I think we can be thirsty as a vampire. Why? Let me explain: we want more. Always. No matter what it is. We can never have enough. We want something until we have it and then we want something else. Like a baby who wants to have the toy, the more often you say he or she won’t get it, the more will the baby cry. But when you finally give him the toy, he’s happy and after some minutes he wants to have another toy.

Same is when we are older. So many women want to have a family and a successful career. That’s good, definitely, but some have the wish that everything is easy to handle and just working out perfectly. Okay girls we can multi-task, but is this good if we do it the whole time? Of course not. We can’t be the perfect wife who is always there when their kids need her, e.g. when they are sick. Can we simply cancel the meeting just for that?  We have to find out what is more important to us – being in the office, working over time, and only see the kids when they’re sleeping, or taking care of them, spending time with them and your partner but doesn’t have such a well-paid job.

I saw Lynette on the series finale of Desperate Housewives, struggling with herself. She has always been the tough business lady who wanted big success and she was good at it. But she decided to stay at home, raising her kids. After she broke up with Tom and finally the two found back together in the end, she got a big opportunity to take. She wants to work again because she missed it, but she never regretted spending time at home – maybe sometimes but not overall. She figured out that she always wanted more, after she got Tom back, she also wanted her job back. She has always been like that – when she had one, she wanted to have another thing, too.

We are all like Lynette. We are never satisfied with the things we have. So I do compare us to vampires. We are thirsty all the time. Not for blood, but for other things. We are made like this – especially the commercials and ads use this thinking. We see something and they convince us we want it. And when we have the new Apple, we wait till its next product will be released and we feel that we need to buy it. And I don’t mean an actual apple – if you know what I mean.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Don't copy - be yourself

Back in school we learned that copying is totally wrong. We have to find our own words, writing our own story. We have to figure out the maths equation without any help and not to look what the one sitting next to us is doing. We have to make everything on our own because we shall learn it.

But copying is in us. I mean I always say I am like a mirror. When someone does anything, I recognise afterwards that I am doing exactly the same. I firstly found out when I noticed myself doing something that I have never done before. I just did it without thinking - unknowingly. Like biting finger nails, or putting my hair over the left shoulder. Nothing really special, and I needed time to find out because I did it, as I already wrote, without noticing. And one day I recognised it and remembered someone else doing it and I asked myself, when I started doing the same.

I had this a couple of times, that I did something, and sometimes I remember the person who does the same, but sometimes I don’t. Mostly I copy things from people I met in real life, but it can also be someone I saw on TV.

Some days ago I had an interesting conversation with someone about it. He read a book about people who do the same as someone else. He likes that because then he can be sure that someone pays attention on you. He gave an example, when one person looks in one direction, and the whole crowd look the same way, even when there is nothing to see. It’s the same with yawning. One yawns and the rest do, too. That is because we all feel connected. Back to the Stone Age, when one was tired, everyone was, so they all slept at the same time.

I think it is interesting to see that we don’t have to copy in some way but it is also in us to copy. We are all connected to each other. We feel closer. Maybe we need time to notice that but I guess we are all unique. We are like a single music instrument. Alone we work okay, but in the group we work better. The more instruments wanna sound like one, the better will be the orchestra.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The bigger the better

When I was a child, my parents got used to tell me that I shall eat these and that - mostly fruits and vegetables - and eat everything on the plate. “You need to grow, you don’t want to stay so little, do you?”, they asked me not just once. They told me I have to become taller and stronger. Taller is bigger. So we learn from the very beginning, bigger is better. But what is big?

Breadcrumbs can be big, can’t they? You would now probably say - no, definitely not, but then I would say: ask an ant. Okay they aren’t able to answer but I guess you know what I mean. It’s depending on who is asked. Everything is big in some way. It’s just how you look at it or who looks at it.

I guess you should ask yourself what is big for you? And how can ‘big’ be defined? Is the bigger really the better? Does anything has to be big? What do you think about it?

Monday, May 14, 2012

The genius in us

There has to be dumb people in this world because otherwise no one could ever be identified as a genius.
What makes a genius? Can even I become one? Is it only genetic? Heritable? Well, just a little bit. About 50 - 60 %, and the rest is quite on us. What we do with what we got. Even smart guys has to train their brain to know everything related to his or her specialty. It also depends on the people we spend our time with, our parents and friends. Do they encourage us? Are they curious as well, try to figure out new things? Then we also want to prove we can keep up with them.

So being a genius, we all can be one. We have to find the thing we are most interested in, we are good at and having fun with. Some find this pleasure in physics, some in music, some in writing, some in acting, painting or anything else. Whatever it is, if you love it and do your best, you can become a genius at it. I mean, what actually is ‘a genius’? A smart person, of course, but what is the definition of it? Does this mean having an IQ of more than 100, which is the average in the United States? *

Well, if you have ever made an IQ test, you probably know that intelligence is not only based on knowledge. You have to think logically, you have to have visual thinking. You simply have to be better than others in something, and that makes you a genius. So, go out into the world, find some guys who are less smart and smile: a genius is also depending on who looks at you. Some will give you a glimpse and others will gaze in amazement. But being only surrounded by people who are, let’s call them ‘different-smart’, will maybe bring you to do less for what you’re good at and love to do. So you have to find someone who can look up to you, so you maybe inspire him or her for reaching the same you did, but you also need someone to whom you can look up to. That you never stop going on, never stop working because not even a genius knows really everything.

Certainly we are not Einstein and never will be. Figure out what you’re best at, that’s the first step: you have to know your ability. Second: work on it, improve your skills. And third: do not count the number of people knowing and liking you, do it for yourself, to prove yourself that you are someone special and be happy with even a less amount of guys who are able to see you.

* See on this website a list with the average IQ of different nations. In my opinion this is very interesting:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Never stop to begin

You start something and realize it doesn’t work? You’re frustrated because of that? Well, try again. Start something new, over and over again. The more you try, the higher will be the chance that it will work. You have to see different possibilities and think about it. To work things out makes you smarter.

If everything would just work when you do it the first time, you would never be challenged. So I guess life would be quite boring because you get used to success. So even when you do something which isn’t actually good, you are sure that it is because it is your idea. Sometimes you have to fail, have to fall, that you can climb up again.

See every failure as a new chance, an opportunity to grow, to reconsider it. To think about making it even better. Ask people for advice, and also help them. This could give you the chance to see it in a different angle. It is like a computer game, and your mission is to realize your dream. And you wouldn’t give up in a computer game, would you? You would fight because you want to enter the next level. The same it is in real life. Try to accomplish your mission the best you can. And afterwards you will be proud of yourself.

And when you figure out that this what you do isn’t working, then try to start the next. A new beginning can also be an improvement to the idea you had before. But when you stop trying, you will never realize your dream. What makes the humankind so special? Well, we can dream, we can believe and we can think about ways to let our imagination become reality.

What is your dream? What are you working for and believing in?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Let's go treasure hunting

love writing a lot, otherwise I wouldn’t write almost daily. I write in my blog, I also write on my first book, I write on a play as well. I have so many thoughts in my head to write about. I have my smartphone always with me that I can write a memo with my thoughts, so I won’t forget anything.

I get inspired by life. So many things are happening, I meet different people, see different stuff on TV and read news on the Internet and so on. Life is like treasure hunting. You get so many information and you have to figure out how to handle them. What is worth writing about it, and how do you find the right words to tell about?

Writing is not always easy. Sometimes you sit in front of the Computer and just type and type and type and the words come out so easily. But sometimes you know exactly what you wanna write about but you are looking for the right words. First you seek after interesting stuff - you don’t have to search it, it just comes to you, you just have to see that it is something interesting - and then you think about how to write a worthy article about it or a blog entry like I do.

Finding the right words is never easy. You maybe know that in some situation when you have to explain something that was not so good or you’re not proud of, it's not that easy to write about it. I deal with it many times, but I take that challenge and it makes fun. It’s new, every single day is different, as every article, every blog entry. As every single person on earth has her or his own story to tell, I try to tell stories, about people and the things in my life, in our life. There’s a lot to explore, let’s dig for words, dig for all interesting. Let’s go treasure hunting.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Forgive but never forget

So many things happen in our life. And not every time these are good ones. The bad ones are the things that we keep more often in mind. But why is this the case? Maybe we think we only deserve the good things in life so we take it as ‘normal’ when something good happen to us. But it is ‘strange’ or not ‘fair’ if anything bad happen to us. So we can’t understand that and therefore we keep this things longer in our mind.

It is not always bad if something bad happens to us. We all have to make mistakes that we can learn and grow with them. If we would not do these, we would standing still, being constantly at the same point and do not move, neither forward nor backward. So all the bad things make us stronger. That is why we should never forget them and always remember them.

When we were treated badly in some way and we realized after a while, some months or years later, that these people have changed and are sorry for what they did to you in the past, we can forgive them but we should never forget. Because we wouldn’t be the person we are today if we would not had to go through these tough times. To forgive someone is important because you also would want that someone would forgive you after you have done a mistake or treaten someone badly and you have to admit that you are not a saint and always just nice.

We all have our tough times, we are all not always friendly. Maybe you have a hard time and so you can’t understand someone else being happy, so you say something inappropriate. You are sorry afterwards because you didn’t mean it that way and you hope that this person will accept your apology. So it is important to forgive someone but you should never forget.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little wonders

"Stop thinking about fun, have it." - Homer Simpson
Vacation. What a wonderful word. What a wonderful thing to think about. Spending some time somewhere else and forget your everyday problems, the stress that you have in your job. When you don’t have to think about anything, just relax and live for the day. You can do whatever you want, you feel happy and you want that this will be forever.

When someone comes to you, telling that you have to enjoy your stay because soon everything will be again as usual, you get into some kinda panic. Don’t think about it, you say to yourself. You notice that not only you feel happy, that your whole family is happier than ever. You want no change. You don’t want to go back. This cruise, this trip should never end. You might try to convince yourself that there is a chance to let this last forever.

But soon you have to realize that you can’t hold on time. That this can’t last forever. It’s not that you say: this is the only time I had some fun and therefore it’s supposed to be forever, because afterwards you'll have all the stress and worries back. It’s that you appreciate the few happy moments in your life. You wouldn’t be able to do that, if you would only have such pleasant moments. You have to have all the stress as well, that you recognize how wonderful and special the good times are.

Do not think about when you had fun the last time, or think about how great was it back then and how tough it is now. Live every single moment, take any chance of fun. Bart had to realise that in the last Simpsons episode and I like that, because I can understand him. You want to be happy and you want your family to be happy, too. And you do everything that this will remain. But Homer was also right showing him that fun can be everywhere, you just have to be aware of it.

This episode also reminded me of one of my absolute fave songs: Little wonders by Rob Thomas. It describes that you have to appreciate these special, pleasant moments in your life, these little wonders it has to offer you.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A rollercoaster ride

It makes fun. Everyone who ever did it knows that. Maybe some had to struggle with themselves until they did it and some did it without thinking. But both of them are proud of themselves afterwards. Some are screaming, some are smiling. Some love the speed of it, that it goes up and down so fast. It is fascinating and most guys want to take a second ride after the first and another and another.

But what about the ride we got for free? What about our own life? It goes up and down all the time. We can’t get out, we can’t go back, we go forward, always. But we are our own engine. We have to find the strength for getting up after we fell. Some are exhausted, and when it goes down and down and down like a free fall, some might have lost this strength.

But keep in mind, when you wanna go up, you have to go down first. It is like a bird who wants to fly: first it falls, but then it goes up flying. Some might see you falling, others see you flying. Like always: it’s the perspective. You can’t go up all the time. If the down wouldn’t exist, the up wouldn’t, too. So everything would just be a straight road. No curves, no acclivities, no slopes. Just a straight road. And now think about such a rollercoaster ride. Wouldn’t it be less fun?

Of course it can be hard, when you feel like being stuck in a deep hole. But you have to find the right tools, and take all our strength and will, and maybe you fail the first time or the second, but you will find your way out. And then you will be happy that you did it. But if you give up, it’s like leaving the rollercoaster in the middle of the ride and you want to enjoy the full ride, won’t you?

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