Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I wish you all a Happy Halloween today!!! No matter what you're gonna do tonight, have fun to scare the evil ghosts ;)
Because of Halloween I wrote a lil story and poem, looked for some recipes, pictures and found a short horror movie which I really like and already tweeted a few days ago.

Arrival of the Ghosts _______________________________

It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s one of those nights, it’s coming back once again. Like every year. When the ghosts come to the people on earth, to take them on a ride, showcase them the dark sides. When the ghosts become alive, everything changes. Spider webs and pumpkins everywhere you look. Pure silence surrounds the once so crowded place. A scream can be heard out there. You are alone, in the dark. Walking along the road, not being allowed to see anything. Except darkness. Some neon lights show up, you hear screams, more screams. Lightnings. Thunderstorms. Creepy voices started to mumble. You go on walking, slowly and carefully, sneak around. You turn around. What was that? Was that a light? Is there another person? Rustling. There in the bush. Is it a bush? You can’t be sure. Your eyes don’t work here. They lie to you. So, who knows what is true? What is actually there? You stay, can’t move anymore. You want to see light, you don’t want to be alone anymore. Another lightning, another scream. Then you feel someone coming towards you. More people are coming towards you, they touch you everywhere. As much as you try, you can’t get rid of them. And then, in the blink of an eye, the light goes on and you realize you’re on a Halloween party. Surrounded by your friends. That was the trick, and now comes the treat.

Fear _______________________________

You fear the fear,
that’s what you can hear,
it’s coming near,
closer to your ear,
do you fear?
Put on the special gear,
look at someone’s rear,
who’s there to fear?
Is he really that near?
Can you hear
with your ear?
What is it that you fear?

Recipes - please click to enlarge ______________________________

recipes taken from

Suckablood _______________________________

Watch the well made short horror movie by Bloody Cuts

Impressive Bodypainting _______________________________

So I hope that I put you in the mood for Halloween with all that stuff - if you haven't been before anyway. 

Happy Scary Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Raise your voice

You have a voice, so why not use it? You can say what you think, share your opinion with everyone. You take it for granted that you have a voice, but not everyone has one. So why not use it? Do you think that nothing will change when you say something? That your voice won’t count? Isn’t important? That these people do what they want anyway? But what if everyone would think like that? Would it be better if there wouldn’t be an election, only because no one goes voting?

What if no one would vote, no one would raise his or her voice? Isn’t it a great thing that you can vote? That you have the possibility to do that? Be part of your country, decide who should be allowed to decide. For your country, the country you live in. There are many people who live there and it’s not easy to do something that everyone agrees with. It’s not easy to find always the right solution.

It’s easy to promise things, promise to change everything that didn’t go well. There are lots of things to do, some might have worked and some might have not. But will Mitt Romney be better? Can he really do that? Or should we give Barack Obama four more years, to do even more?

It’s completely on you who you vote for. And maybe Sandy will change it a bit these days what you think of the President and the Governor. You might have seen the three debates, you saw what they talked about, what they said and promised. You have to inform yourself, think about with whom you agree more. Think what is best for your country. Think who has the better strategy, the better plans, the better ideas, and think if it's possible that they can realize what they promise. Because you do not just live there, you have the opportunity to co-determine and in my mind, you should do that.

So when you don’t like something, say it or nothing will ever be changed. If you’re happy the way it is, then say it or others will change it. Be part of it. Raise your voice. Not everything can work well, not everything can be something that everyone likes. Do something for your country, because you are part of it and so you should be interested in it, that it can be there for you and help you with your interests. So you can feel even more at home.

if you haven't seen the Third Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sand Fantasy

"You are not alone. You've got a friend, who will help you through your pains and sorrow and will always be at your side..."
-Ilana Yahav

What do you think of when you hear or read the word 'painting'? Probably you think about a paper and pencils, or any other sort of colors. But there's a way to draw something without any colors, but with sand. When I firstly saw the videos of Ilana Yahav I was pretty amazed. This is real art. She creates such wonderful pictures. And I guess there are not many guys out there who use sand to do something like that. Here is one of her videos that I found on youtube.

For more on Ilana Yahav click on her website 

What do you think of it? Have you also found some art on youtube that you really liked? Please comment and share your fave videos!


I guess it was time again to write another poem. Please write me what you think of it. Thanks.

I know you are somewhere out there
I feel you every day.
I feel your presence,
I feel you next to me, even though I know you aren’t here.
Not with me, not in person.
Mentally you are here, close
Every day we get closer, the connection.
What hold us together?
We are meant to find each other.
One day.
I am awaiting this day.
I know it will come.
I know it will come soon.
That I can not just feel you, that I can touch you.
That I see you not only with my heart
I wanna see you with my eyes, wanna hold you in my arms.
Embrace you tight.
I wanna smell you, I wanna hold you and wanna be held.
I need you, because I love you.
I haven’t met you, but I am waiting.
Because I know my waiting will soon be over.
I am waiting for this day to come, I am waiting for you.
My fate.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My first own sitcom: Artists of Life

Today the day has come: I’ll finally introduce you to the story and the characters of my first own sitcom called: Artists of Life.
the main characters of Artists of Life: Haley, Gary and Brent (left to right)
It’s about an actor, Gary, and his boyfriend Brent, a writer, who live together in an apartment in New York. In the pilot it starts that they are in trouble to pay their rent, but they don’t wanna give it and their dreams up. The two came to New York to work on their careers, and they still believe that they can do it. While Brent is still writing on his first book, and also writes sometimes for an economical magazine, Gary wants to play a pilot in a new play, and hopes he’ll pass the audition. And because they still believe that they will be successful one day, Gary has the idea to play a casting director, preparing himself for his own audition, and for finding the perfect new room mate who should have a regular income. But when it doesn’t work out the way they want to, they go shopping to find the perfect outfit for Gary's audition, and that's when they firstly meet Haley. A sweet, young girl, who broke up with her boyfriend recently, and wants to move out of their apartment.

It’s about the three of them, all very different, but all believers, all fighters. They all love family and that’s what brings them together.

I called it Artists of life, because life is an art. It’s not always easy to get through some situations, but we’ll get over them sooner or later with the help of our family and friends. People who are always there for us, and believe in us, sometimes even more than we believe in ourselves. These guys will hopefully cheer you up when you feel upset, and maybe show you how important family is, that different people can be stronger when they work together, and a weakness can become a strenght.

The pilot will be released on Sunday, November 4th. You’ll be able to read it on my blog, and download it as PDF, or download it directly on your Kindle, or any other e-book reader by clicking on my Movellas site. The download will be for free of course.

I’m already brainstorming on some further episodes, which will be released in a regular period after the pilot. Just like the sitcoms you know from TV, but instead of watching you can read about 20 pages per episode. I really hope you’ll like it, and if so, I’ll continue to write it. 

Please tell me what you think of the story, if you have an idea for an episode you can also write me (but then please use the contact form on the ‘Contact me’ tab, thanks). 

As you might have already seen, I made a new tab with some more on Artists of Life.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Big Bang Theory

For those who think the Big Bang Theory is 'only' a sitcom and haven't heard of the actual big bang yet. I tried to explain it by using the characters of the show. Hope you guys like it. Would love to read your comments.

the Big Bang Theory - picture from Wikipedia

Sheldon: First there was darkness and cold. Seemed to be nothing. But nothing is nothing. Only one smart genius is needed to prove that. Someone who thinks a lot about everything in the world, in the universe. Everything that contains this world, everything that is in there, existing. Because there is so much more than meets the eye. So much we’re not aware of. And so this one genius looks closer and finds something in the nothing. The one who thinks he’s the center of everything, the beginning. Who doesn’t need anybody else, but everybody need him, to exist, to survive. He feels like the base, the core. And he starts to show it. To show his smartness, to prove that he sees more, that he sees everything more precisely. He shows us something in the nothing. Zoom. Look closer. Can you see them? Can you see the tiny little strings? The tinier the better. Everything is in the detail. You have to remember that. Never forget what happened once.

Leonard: But it’s not only a theorist needed to let this continue. It’s not only about seeing something, and understand it. It’s also about doing. Giving the power, proving that another genius is needed, too. One who doesn’t think that much. One who just does it. He wants to get out from where he feels trapped. He wants to explore the world. He wants to do experiments, tries out new things. Even though the first genius feels comfortable the way everything is, and that everyone has his own spot in the world, the second genius knows there is more out there. And he has to force his friend to realize life is not only about thinking, and same procedures. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone, to maybe find another, a better place to be. And so he raises a power, bringing the tiny strings together to a big mass. They contract. Getting bigger and brighter, and then in a sudden, they fly away. As fast as a flash, the two geniusses start to move.

Raj: They meet stars which were formed by the explosion. Some had turned to smaller and some to larger masses, the strings are clutching, and the nothing fills with even more something. Better to see for everyone. The stars were moving, but some are getting slower now. One loses his speed for a reason, but he doesn’t want to stand still. He loves to pause, to hold on, and enjoy the beauty of what is in front of him. The colors, the forms, everything. He feels like dreaming, but he wants to feel alive. He wants to meet other stars, he knows they are out there. But he can’t move. He can’t go, he needs help. As beautiful as everything around him is, he feels upset. Deep inside he misses something so badly. And when his dude comes up, and they meet other stars, he starts dreaming again. The beauty of life, one day it will come to him. One day he’ll find the brightest star, and forming a sun.

Howard: No, he’s not a rocket scientist. But he loves the space, he loves the speed. He rushes through the universe, and everything is interesting to see. The stars, the planets. Everything that is out there. And he loves to meet them all, get to know them better. Some he might only see, but can’t get that far, so he starts fantasizing. He’s maybe not the smartest, but he is looking for every chance to meet new stars. He wants to show that even he is someone special and he needs stars to prove it. So he’s like a rocket, flying through space, taking his slow friend with him. He helps him to meet other stars, and explores more and more. But one day he comes too close to the orbit. He’s attracted, can’t go anywhere else. His journey is over, the rocket has landed.

Bernadette: Though she’s not big, she’s powerful. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. She’s smart, and that’s how she got him. He’s powerless. She has to take care of him from this moment on. He felt safe in his home, his rocket. But now, he has to finally move out. He lives with her now, the rocket is gone, the reality is shown and their future ahead. Something small can expand into something big. The small ones can have the largest power. She stopped him to move any further. He’s with her, starting a new life. Tiny little creatures crawling on the earth. Coming out to see the light. Like a waitress, she serves them life, gives them love, as she has lots of love to give. Nice and endearing, but rude to everyone who wants to stop her in any way.

Amy: The tiny lives develop. They become bigger, and so their brains. It’s once again all about thinking. Thinking more closely, looking more presicely. The strings are now in the brain, forming synapses to help remembering. Remembering traditions, procedures, to remember where you belong to, where your spot in life is. The brain is needed for every being. The better the brain works, the easier the living organism can survive. The brain is a mystery like the universe. So much no one knows about it, so much no one is aware of. But one genius will find the solutions. She’s another genius who thinks as much as the first, but wants to develop, wants to see more than what’s just in her mind. She feels to be in between the tiny creatures, and what she wants to become. But she prefers what she sees as her future. And so the development continues.

Penny: Everyone of these geniuses are parts of her life. Like an actress she can play everyone. It’s on her which character she choose to play in her life. But she can do them all. She knows them very well. Every new day is another chance to 'serve', to showcase someone else, like a waitress, to the audience, the people who surround her. Like the waitress who serves life, she shows varieties of life to the people. That they can see there’s so much more out there, things we can’t make out with our eyes. The life we now know and have, needed time, needed development. Smart geniuses, all very different, are part of us right now. That girl in the end is what the brainiac wants to become, and the reason for the second genius that he forced his friend to move. Just that he can find his spot in life.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Can dreams come true?

Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men. 

Today I post a very spontaneous blog entry about my dream I had last night. Have you ever dreamed about your future? Normally I have dreams, or better said I can remember my dreams, when I have lots of stuff in my mind, but tonight I dreamed about my life in about 4 years. I met my former class mates, and also some of my current fellow students. We were in a train, talking, and remembering the past, our time together at school or college. It was pretty fun and I loved to see them again.
In the next scene of my dream we were all sitting in a bar, and we watched something like a movie about our school days. I don't remember that we have ever done such a video, but anyway, it reminded me in my dream how much time had passed since we did our exams. In real life it was five years ago, but in my dreams in was nine years already. I heard myself saying to one of my class mates: "We should do our next school reunion next year, because then it will be 10 years. 10 years already, can you imagine? Time is passing by so quickly."
He agreed with me, and though I don't know who exactly he was, in my dream I knew everyone. And then there was the next scene, the one I liked the most. It was me with my son. He was about two years old, and I felt that I am totally happy. I still remember his blue eyes and blonde hair. He was very tall for his age, and I couldn't stop to cuddle him. Then I wanted to switch on the TV, but the remote didn't work. After I realized I pressed the wrong button, it finally worked. I wanted to see something else than what appeared on the screen but my boy distracted me with his smile and when I watched back to the screen I saw a pink dressed Penny standing next to Leonard in a suit, both were talking and looked a bit confused. Then I realized I switched on CBS, and it was the last scene of a Big Bang Theory episode. Then the next show started and Jim appeared on the screen doing some sort of news in a funny way, just like Seth Meyers on SNL. Jim wore a tux and sat behind a desk. Before I woke up, I said something to my little boy that really touched me. I don't wanna write what it was, only when my dream will come true. That's the reason why I thought I should write this down. I can come back to this post in 4 years and maybe, maybe it happened, maybe it came true. I hope so!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. 

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. 

Have you ever had a dream about your future? And did it come true? Do you dream often and do you think that dreams are important? Can they show us the truth, or do they only showcase us what we want but doesn't know yet? Is it only our imagination, our 'dream life'?
I think that dreams are important and show us much of our personality and can help us finding the right solutions. I dream a lot, but mostly I dream about the here and now. I also dreamed a couple of times from the past, but not very often. Sometimes I even have really strange dreams, that could never happen like that. But I keep saying that the story has to be like that, to let me see the deeper meaning, that I think about it and use the things in my dream as metaphors. But I've never dreamed of my future before, one that could actually happen. Me with a boy is something that I can't really imagine right now, and I am excited in some way if my life will be like that in about 4 years.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The real crime - and the truth about love

I will probably never get some people, because they really seem to live under a rock. They see things I simply have no words for. Then I wonder: do they really live in the same time as I do? I mean they have the same chances as we have, they are not poor, that can't be the reason why they act how they do it. And I don't want to say that everyone who lives in that country is like that. I guess there are also people who live in the 21st century. It's also nothing against the country itself, I mean I have never been there so far, but my mom's cousin lived there for some years and liked it there. And I have met people coming from that country who are nice and friendly and proved me that not everyone is like that.

don't be in denial - picture taken from freedomsphoenix

I mean it's maybe the same with the Iraq or Iran. I guess not all people there want to fight, to make war. I believe that there also live nice people, who simply wanna live and maybe even suffer from the people who give the whole world such a bad picture of their country. No one can say, he is from there or like this or that, so I can't like him or her. I would never say I can't like anybody because of his religion or citizenship or anything else. And in my mind, no one can do that.

So my question to these guys is: what is actual crime? What is your definition of that? Is a person who has another point of view on something already an evil person? Is it wrong when someone likes other things, prefers something else? Of course not - in my mind is this the only right answer. People are equal, no matter what they like, how they look like or how they behave. As long as they don't harm anyone in any way, it all should be okay. Everyone should be treaten equally. I mean, wouldn't it be boring if everyone would be exactly the same? Like from the same line production?

'Oh this human being is from the XYZ-series from the year 2012. They all look the same, have the same abilities and features.'

So why should it be a crime to accept and respect a person for who he or she is? I guess we have all developed in the past years. No one wants to live with stereotypes, because not two persons are 100% the same. Everyone is unique in his or her own way. And we should respect that. So why should it be a crime to talk about love? Is there only one definition of it, the one that these guys created? I'd like to ask them, if they think love is between a man and a woman and anything else is not real, is even 'evil'?
So let's go back to the beginning of this post: do they live under a rock? Probably they sit there, in their own, self-created world. And they see things, and everyone has to see it the same way and they can't understand why everyone should disagree with them.

But no one can be judged for what, and who he/she is. No one has the right to do that. That's why I don't judge these guys, just ask them what makes they think like that. Everyone wants to be free and being free in every decision also includes love. To not allow people to talk about all parts of love, is discrimination - and there is the real 'crime' hidden. People need to be free, free to talk about what they feel and free about to love. So when someone says that the people of a country should accept and respect the gays, how can someone say that's a crime? As I wrote above, I think not everyone in this country is like this, but to the people who are, is my question: isn't there real crime out there? In which century do you live? Probably still in the stone age, just under a heavy rock.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Award for best movie

A new start is something special and important. It's like a new life. When I finally decided to go to college and stop working, it was a big step, but on the first day everything became real. Unbelievable that I already passed one semester, because it still feels like I've just started. Last Tuesday was the big day for 140 new students at our college which is still expanding. That's very cool because you really learn a lot, meet interesting people, can go to various events, and the lecturers work in several media companies, so they haven't their knowledge from books only but mostly from life.

As I already wrote about on this blog, I did a radio contribution about the gothic scene, for which we did an interview with a shop assistant of a gothic shop, how she started to get interested in that scene, and which stereotypes still exists and which ones are true or false. This was really interesting, and honestly I never thought this much about a scene, but it all gave me a new point of view on it.

We also did a video contribution about Trigema, which is a very huge and popular German textile company. They produce clothes like t-shirts and pants in Germany and deliver it worldwide. The head of the company is Wolfgang Grupp who says that people need work for earning money. Without having money, they couldn't buy anything, and when nothing can be bought there won't be a working place. So it's important to him to give people work who live next to the company and don't outsource the production only to save money. He really takes care of his co-workers, because he says that he simply needs them. He knows that without them he would be nothing and also the company. Everyone is part of the family. And that's why he also invites his about 1,200 employees to his birthday parties or makes big events for the staff. He also honors some of his employees when they did something extraordinary or are in the company for a long time, like 10 years or even longer.

Chris, me, Jess, and Wolfgang Grupp
I think it's a good thing and I know not every boss is like that. He also has not his own office, he works directly with his employees in the same room and he hopes that one day his two kids will take over the company. The parents should be the role model for their kids, and they should look up to them, so he says. When we met him for doing that short film about him, his vision, and Trigema, we could recognize that he does not only say that, he really does it. He is nice, friendly, and caring. You can feel his ambition, his passion that he has for the work he's doing, and he likes to share his success.

It's indeed a good think when you get honored for the things you do. I mean you do it because you enjoy it. Work should not only be for the money, you should feel happy to have that job. And it is a motivation when even once a year the employees get rewarded. Why only actors or singers? I'm really happy that the college I go to gave my group and me an award for the best movie. I don't wanna brag about that, I mean it's neither an Emmy nor a Oscar or anything compared to that, but it makes us all very happy. It is simply great when your work gets noticed. So thanks!!!!

It's just the beginning, and I can't wait for the next semesters. It's like our professor who run the college said on Tuesday to the freshmen:  we do not only plan events, we live events. Exams are events, and every lecture is. Life is an event, you can't predict it exactly but you can plan it as best as you can to make it as close to your dreams and imaginations as possible. Grab for the stars, because the sky is not the limit.
So I wish the newbies all the best for their student days. You can really learn a lot. And even though I don't earn money anymore, I do not regret it that I stopped working. Because meeting so many great and inspiring people, and making lots of experiences can't be bought with any money. What you learn is not just knowledge, it's more precious than anything else, and it will never lose its worth - like money.

So, if you understand German, you can watch here the short film we did about Wolfgang Grupp and Trigema.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Are you already dancing?

Do you know when you wanna watch something, but no matter to which channel you switch, you see the same? So do I feel these days. Everywhere is dancing, everyone is dancing. It all started on Ellen, where I saw Britney trying to dance the Oppa Gangnam Style. That was the first time I heard about that dance. I'm not a good dancer but I think this a dance that everyone can dance. So, could this be the reason why this Korean guy named Psy has so much success with this? The video has reached more than 63 million viewers which is absolutely amazing and astonishing.

About a month ago, when I firstly saw that video, I really asked myself what people can like about this dance. Could it really be because it seems to be so easy and everyone could dance it, so it just cheers up everyone? I mean mostly the simplest things can create the biggest fun, right? So Psy was at the VMA's, even on Saturday Night Live. Unbelievable that it was supposed to be for Korea only. Even to him this whole thing seems to be unreal, and he never thought of having such an huge success with the dance, he said at the VMA's this year.
Noble at daytime and crazy at night - that's Gangnam Style. 
Psy at the VMA's 2012

Yes, youtube makes a lot of things possible. It is easier for people that they get noticed, when they simply make a video, upload it on youtube and share it on Twitter and Facebook. Okay there is also much really bad stuff on there, so sorting out good stuff can be hard. But it's not only Psy who showed that there are talented people on youtube. And it can work very well. There are a lot of people who started on the video platform, too, like Justin Bieber. The internet can be great for young artists, and maybe some people can see the talent and then start working with these people so that even more guys out there can see or hear them.

Youtube is not only a platform for dancers or singers, also actors or comedians can have a chance there. I know a few from Germany who are actually good and funny. They do it in their free time and not for earning money, it's more about the fun. The internet is not only a way where you can read or find information, everyone has the possibility to be a part of it. You can share content you like, discuss about your favorite shows, or show something about your life to your friends, like pictures. You do not only sit with your family in front of the TV anymore and talk about what you see, you also go online and chat with friends about it worldwide.

There is even a new shopping possibility that I found recently. You can go shopping online, and while doing that use the chat of the shop and discuss with your friends wherever they are, about what you want to buy. Okay there are also a few shops already on Facebook, so I guess it's also possible there, but will this change our actual real life? Do we really need that or isn't it better to really go shopping and chat with your friends? Will the internet one day be our first way of communication?

The internet is a good thing, obviously. Everyone can be a part of it. It's like that dance. Everyone can do it. It seems to be simple and maybe it is simple. Maybe just too simple for anyone else, and that's why no one had the idea before. It's maybe to do something that already exists, but mix it with something extraordinary, so that it is special, unique. And you should have fun doing it, then others will have fun, too. Then you can dance everywhere, and motivate everyone to join you.

At the end of the post I'd like to share with you a video of a German magician that I found on youtube. He proves that you can do something extraoridinary with something that you already know. I guess you have never seen a greater presentation of the iPad - and even Steve Jobbs would have liked it.

What are your favorite videos on youtube? Do you think that tomorrow's stars can be found on the internet or do you think these guys can't be successful over a longer period of time? And: are you already dancing?

Friday, October 5, 2012

The tutu project

This blog post is a part of the I follow my heart project

Yesterday I saw something on TV which really caught my eye and touched my heart. And after watching it, I thought: this could be the first contribution to my charity project I Follow my Heart, about what people do to help others. That it's not only about the money. There are many ways people come into our lives and change it in a good way. And writing about these people who spend time and do something really impressive, is just a great thing and worth to share it.

I don't know if you have already heard of the Tutu Project. I haven't since yesterday. It's about the New York photographer Bob Carey who takes pictures of himself wearing nothing but a tutu. And the reason is his wife who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. So he takes pictures to cheer her up, to give her hope to beat it.

A commercial assignment for Ballet Arizona inspired him to do this. He started to think about beginning a series of pictures with him in the tutu. When Carey and his wife moved to New York, she was diagnosed and he dedicated the series to her. He wants to give her hope, a reason to laugh and still have some joy when everything seems so dark. I guess it cheers him up, too. I mean what can be better than seeing your beloved smiling?

This is such a good idea, so touching. Photos are not just pictures, some do even tell a story. A good picture doesn't need words to be understood all over the world. Because it can say more than any word could. That's why I can't find any word that could perfectly describe what I feel about this. There's gonna be a self-published photobook called Ballerina which is dedicated to all women who fight against breast cancer, and their relatives. All the net proceeds from the book will go to breast cancer organizations like

If you want to know more about this wonderful project and also see more pictures, please go to The Tutu Project.

Picture and information for this blog post taken from Wired

If you have an idea or want to write a guest post on my blog about someone who inspires you or someone who does something great and inspiring to help others, please contact me.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Form a unit

Today is in Germany the 'Tag der Deutschen Einheit', which means 'Day of the German Unity', the national holiday. It's a big and important day, because the two parts of Germany came back together after so many years. When in 1989 the Berlin Wall opened, many people from the East came to the West and vice versa. It was a touching moment, and though I was only one year old when that happened, I saw so often the scenes afterwards on TV.

I also saw when the Wall was built, and the politician Walter Ulbricht said, that no one had the intention to build a wall. But it was built. It was like you opened a window and saw your neighbors and one day later you could only see bricks. Maybe your mother lived across the street, but you couldn't visit her because of the wall that covered the entire road. I mean it wasn't easy back then, and I am happy that I live now.

The future's in the air, I can feel it everywhere, 
Blowing with the wind of change
from the song 'Wind of Change' by the Scorpions 

Some parts of the Wall still stand in Berlin as a memory, and in some souvenir shops there you can buy parts of the wall. It's interesting because you can still feel all the history that is in this city. You can still visit Checkpoint Charlie, some things didn't change. It has all the charm from the past, the future and the here and now. So if you want to visit Germany, make sure you won't miss Berlin.

Forming a unit, being back together. That's what the Germans celebrate today. Being separated led to many differences, as the Eastern part couldn't do that much, and hadn't got as much as the Western part like food or possibilities to choose where to go on vacation. So the differences grew bigger, and it was like two different countries. But in their hearts they were still together. Maybe no one would have admitted that, but you noticed that it was true when the Wall opened.

So when someone tries to be more special it will mostly lead into nowhere. Everyone is special, but we all belong together, also in the world. War is never the right solution. We all want to live, we all want to interact with other human beings in a kind way. We all want to be respected for who and how we are. No one is better, no one is worse. Let's stop the war, and form a unit. That's what I hope for the whole world. That one day people will stop fighting, and appreciate the special gift of life.

Here is the song, which is the song of the German Unity, 'Wind of Change' by the Scorpions.

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