Friday, October 12, 2012

Award for best movie

A new start is something special and important. It's like a new life. When I finally decided to go to college and stop working, it was a big step, but on the first day everything became real. Unbelievable that I already passed one semester, because it still feels like I've just started. Last Tuesday was the big day for 140 new students at our college which is still expanding. That's very cool because you really learn a lot, meet interesting people, can go to various events, and the lecturers work in several media companies, so they haven't their knowledge from books only but mostly from life.

As I already wrote about on this blog, I did a radio contribution about the gothic scene, for which we did an interview with a shop assistant of a gothic shop, how she started to get interested in that scene, and which stereotypes still exists and which ones are true or false. This was really interesting, and honestly I never thought this much about a scene, but it all gave me a new point of view on it.

We also did a video contribution about Trigema, which is a very huge and popular German textile company. They produce clothes like t-shirts and pants in Germany and deliver it worldwide. The head of the company is Wolfgang Grupp who says that people need work for earning money. Without having money, they couldn't buy anything, and when nothing can be bought there won't be a working place. So it's important to him to give people work who live next to the company and don't outsource the production only to save money. He really takes care of his co-workers, because he says that he simply needs them. He knows that without them he would be nothing and also the company. Everyone is part of the family. And that's why he also invites his about 1,200 employees to his birthday parties or makes big events for the staff. He also honors some of his employees when they did something extraordinary or are in the company for a long time, like 10 years or even longer.

Chris, me, Jess, and Wolfgang Grupp
I think it's a good thing and I know not every boss is like that. He also has not his own office, he works directly with his employees in the same room and he hopes that one day his two kids will take over the company. The parents should be the role model for their kids, and they should look up to them, so he says. When we met him for doing that short film about him, his vision, and Trigema, we could recognize that he does not only say that, he really does it. He is nice, friendly, and caring. You can feel his ambition, his passion that he has for the work he's doing, and he likes to share his success.

It's indeed a good think when you get honored for the things you do. I mean you do it because you enjoy it. Work should not only be for the money, you should feel happy to have that job. And it is a motivation when even once a year the employees get rewarded. Why only actors or singers? I'm really happy that the college I go to gave my group and me an award for the best movie. I don't wanna brag about that, I mean it's neither an Emmy nor a Oscar or anything compared to that, but it makes us all very happy. It is simply great when your work gets noticed. So thanks!!!!

It's just the beginning, and I can't wait for the next semesters. It's like our professor who run the college said on Tuesday to the freshmen:  we do not only plan events, we live events. Exams are events, and every lecture is. Life is an event, you can't predict it exactly but you can plan it as best as you can to make it as close to your dreams and imaginations as possible. Grab for the stars, because the sky is not the limit.
So I wish the newbies all the best for their student days. You can really learn a lot. And even though I don't earn money anymore, I do not regret it that I stopped working. Because meeting so many great and inspiring people, and making lots of experiences can't be bought with any money. What you learn is not just knowledge, it's more precious than anything else, and it will never lose its worth - like money.

So, if you understand German, you can watch here the short film we did about Wolfgang Grupp and Trigema.

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