Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I wish you all a Happy Halloween today!!! No matter what you're gonna do tonight, have fun to scare the evil ghosts ;)
Because of Halloween I wrote a lil story and poem, looked for some recipes, pictures and found a short horror movie which I really like and already tweeted a few days ago.

Arrival of the Ghosts _______________________________

It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s one of those nights, it’s coming back once again. Like every year. When the ghosts come to the people on earth, to take them on a ride, showcase them the dark sides. When the ghosts become alive, everything changes. Spider webs and pumpkins everywhere you look. Pure silence surrounds the once so crowded place. A scream can be heard out there. You are alone, in the dark. Walking along the road, not being allowed to see anything. Except darkness. Some neon lights show up, you hear screams, more screams. Lightnings. Thunderstorms. Creepy voices started to mumble. You go on walking, slowly and carefully, sneak around. You turn around. What was that? Was that a light? Is there another person? Rustling. There in the bush. Is it a bush? You can’t be sure. Your eyes don’t work here. They lie to you. So, who knows what is true? What is actually there? You stay, can’t move anymore. You want to see light, you don’t want to be alone anymore. Another lightning, another scream. Then you feel someone coming towards you. More people are coming towards you, they touch you everywhere. As much as you try, you can’t get rid of them. And then, in the blink of an eye, the light goes on and you realize you’re on a Halloween party. Surrounded by your friends. That was the trick, and now comes the treat.

Fear _______________________________

You fear the fear,
that’s what you can hear,
it’s coming near,
closer to your ear,
do you fear?
Put on the special gear,
look at someone’s rear,
who’s there to fear?
Is he really that near?
Can you hear
with your ear?
What is it that you fear?

Recipes - please click to enlarge ______________________________

recipes taken from

Suckablood _______________________________

Watch the well made short horror movie by Bloody Cuts

Impressive Bodypainting _______________________________

So I hope that I put you in the mood for Halloween with all that stuff - if you haven't been before anyway. 

Happy Scary Halloween!!!

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