Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Surprise, Surprise

Jim Parsons

Because we all love surprises, Vicky and I wanna surprise Jim Parsons, actor of the CBS hit comedy “The Big Bang Theory”. As he turns 40 in March, Vicky had the idea to collect fan messages, and because I love that idea, I help her with it.

The plan is easy: everyone who wants to be part of the surprise writes me. All your messages will be put together, we make one big letter and send it to Jim. So if you wanna write him something, send him some birthday wishes, just write me an email sannyspiess (at) (the (at) is for security reason to avoid spammers writing me, please replace it with @) -> or use the contact form below!!!
Please add your first name and where you come from (only your country or state like Canada or Florida), and write that this is for Jim’s birthday letter. And no worry, I won't give your email address to anyone!!
If you want to, you can also send me a video message, as we will also add a DVD to the letter. So if you don't wanna write something, you can say your words and make a short video. But please don't make it longer than three minutes. Thanks.

Edit: So you can send your personal messages and birthday wishes to Jim, you can write him, make a video greeting, or you can take a picture like the Robin Tunney's fans did, when she turned 40. Thanks to Kayla, who told me about this. 


But besides that I have another idea, which if you guys like it, will be also put on the DVD. I thought about making a funny news show, like Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live. I'd be the host, and we have four contributions which are all about the things Jim likes.
  • First is about theater compared to real life
  • Second about a movie called "The Real Simpsons" (which won't exist, it's like the whole show just fun ;))
  • Third about a new sports reporter, who's very excited but mixing up everything
  • Forth is about melody of the heart, family and love
I have made some specific ideas for every part but I don't wanna write here everything and don't wanna make this post too big. So if you are interested in being part of this, just write me. Then I'll give you more info. If you have some ideas, please feel free to write me, too, or comment this post.

You can also just use this contact form and writing me your messages to Jim, or/and when you wanna be part of the funny news show and wanna know the details.

Messages will be accepted till March 10, 2013.
Please spread the word and send the link to this blog post to all Jim fans and give them the chance to be a part of this hopefully big surprise for Jim.

Let us put Jim a big smile on his face – as the fact that he turns 40 prolly doesn’t do that…. 

Edit 2:
Here it is, the whole surprise for Jim. Thanks everyone for being part of this!!! It would not have worked without you all!!!
Click here to see the surprise for Jim ;)
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