Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who wants an award?

The award season has begun and many actors and singers have already been chosen as winners in 2013. Big shows in which we all celebrate the incredible work all these people are doing. Whether we agree with the winners or not, we watch these shows. I love them too, like the People’s Choice Awards, the Golden Globes or the SAG awards. I sit there, excited, hope that my favorite will win. But so often that there is a category in which I think more than one of the nominees would deserve the price. I have to admit that normally I don’t think we should compare a person to someone else because everyone is unique in his or her own way, but I also think it must be an overwhelming feeling for the winners to be chosen in their category. And in my mind it’s even more important to them, when the fans chose them. When you can vote on the internet, and the winner is not made by a jury but by the people, it’s their choice. You know that there are people out there who like your work, like what you’re doing, and isn’t this something great? I guess it’s more about that than the actual trophy.

picture: The Gold Guys

But why do only singers and actors get honored? Okay, there are also prices for producers, writers, and so on, but why don’t honor the firemen? Why not the police officers, or the butchers? Do they not do a great job, too? Maybe the office girl, or the house keeper are not that popular, but they also do a great job. What would we do without them? Every job has to be done, so in every job people should be honored. They do not need a big live TV show, or a big golden trophy. But what is wrong, when the boss tells his employees they did a good job? Some nice words, maybe an extra pay or more days off to show them, that he respects their work.

I worked for some years in an office, and it was mostly like that: the boss expected you to do your job without any mistakes – he took that for granted and didn’t say anything, but when you did 1% wrong, he always came complaining about that single, little mistake. I guess it’s also in other companies like that which is very sad. What is wrong to tell someone when he did a good job? I guess that motivates him. It shows him that he’s respected and his work is appreciated.

So what do you think who should get an award? Who would deserve what kind of award? So let’s talk about people who should be honored for what they did. This can be a friend, who was always there for you, your family, someone who helped you out and were on your side when you needed her the most. Like such award shows, we love to hear something nice, when we can affect someone else in a positive way and he or her appreciates what we’re doing. So please leave a comment and tell me, if you watch and like such award shows and who should get what kind of award, or should be honored for something incredible. There is no big show needed, and that person doesn’t have to be a celebrity, but it's never wrong saying you appreciate to have someone special in your life.

I’d like to give an award to my parents who always supported me and still do, and to my best friend for being always on my side for almost 18 years. I can tell you everything, it’s so good to have you in my life. We have a beautiful and long lasting friendship, and I feel very blessed having you in my life.
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