Sunday, April 29, 2012

The real usage of your feet

You always have thought that you can use your feet only for walking? But they can do so much more, like acting. You can’t believe that? Well, watch this video and you will be amazed. There is a german girl called Anne Klinge who uses her feet and hands to make a play. Dress your feet and try to make your own play. It’s funny - not just to watch - do it yourself. You know so many actors out there, but do you know ‘feet-actor’? I don’t think so - so let’s try something new.

Watch here the 'real' usage of your feet

The guide to success

Who doesn’t want to be successful? We all work hard for it to reach our aims in life and certainly it’s not easy all the time. But as long as we believe, having success is possible for all of us.

We know these Hollywood people walking with her perfect looking on red carpets, smiling into the camera, having all the glamour, glitter and gold. They seem to have the perfect life. But what is the guide for that? Is there even a guide that can lead us into success? What is the most important thing? Well, we all know such successful sitcoms like Modern Family or The Big Bang Theory or the long runner The Simpsons. But what is it that makes a sitcom and with it all the actors, producers and writers, become so successful?

Well, think about it as an orchestra. Every instrument can play on their own but if they play together they sound much better. They have a wider range of songs they can play and give each of them an unique touch. But before they all come with their instruments on stage, for each of them the notes has to be written. They have to be placed correctly, so the same instruments have to be next to each other. And, of course, there has to be a director, who takes care that everyone starts playing and ends with it at the right time, that they play what’s on the sheet music and play in the right pitch.

So they need the instruments which have to work, good musicians, people who write the music for every instrument and a director who let them all play harmonically together. So if anyone of these is missing, it would not sound that well. And that is the main key: to find the right group of people to work with. You can not only have good actors if there is no good story. Only if you found the perfect team and everyone does his or her best and put his own skills into it, it can become a success. So all you have to do is finding the melody.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Don't wanna sing another love song

What are the most songs about? Right: love. The most people sing about love, finding love, the love of their life. Like nothing else is more important than that. Love is all around, we all wanted to be loved. I agree with that but sometimes we have to realize that our life has not only love to offer.

When I watch the news I see war. Fighting people, guys shooting others, doing bad things to other people. I see guys committing arson, stealing, guys who hold others hostage or rape them. Where does all these cruelty come from? Why do so many people hate others, what went wrong with these guys? Maybe they never had a good social life, they always lived on their own or they were treated very badly or just no one took ever notice of them. I don’t know what it brings them to do such evil things.

Some guys are quite normal and no one would have ever considered that he or she would do such a cruelty. Okay we have to say, that mostly men or boys want to show their power over others and wants to start a fight, but I would never say that girls or women can’t have the same level of cruelty. And even if it’s not about the crime that happens every day all over the world, it’s also the sickness and poverty of so many people like in Africa. Why do we have so much and they still live like 100 years ago? They don’t have electricity, no warm water or even water at all, not even a toilet. We can’t imagine life without all these things and we complain everyday about our 'bad' life.

We don’t need a villa with a swimming pool, golden faucets and stuff like that. We only see the people who have that, so we believe we should have that, too. But when we see the people who really suffer, we don’t care. Is that the right behavior? We convince ourselves not to know about these things, we see bad things all the time in the news. What we wanna see is the glamour and beauty of life. And so we sing another love song.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What makes a commercial actually good?

Okay we all watch TV daily and we all see commercials every day as well. But do we love them? Most of all not. Because they aren’t made very well. We want to be entertained, we want to see something funny or something that let us think about something. That is not average or look like it is only done for money making. Okay, you’re right, that is the main intension of a commercial. But it also should be smart and creative to be kept in mind, shouldn’t it?

Commercials that I like are for example this one for a Sony smartphone in which a little boy ponders about its functionality. (Video on top, below the link if it doesn't work) 

Another one I like is a very old one - so you also can see how the way of a commercial has changed in the past years which is really interesting. Now we have much more possibilities with all the technology. But anyway, I like this commercial for a german newspaper. (Video below, link if it doesn't work) 

What do you think about these commercials? What are your faves? What do you like about them or don’t you watch any commercial? Do you think the new ones are the better ones? Please leave a comment.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Even the biggest is still small

Compared to our entire universe even the biggest man is very small. But in it, a small boy is very big. The 14-year old Cary Huang from California made a ‘scale of the universe’. With some technical help of his twin brother Michael, Cary compared everything in our world with each other.

"My seventh grade science teacher showed us a size comparison video on cells, and I thought it was fascinating”, Cary said and added he “decided to make my own interactive version that included a much larger range of sizes.”

The project wasn’t for school, he did it for fun, worked over a year on it. He read astronomy books and also got some information from Wikipedia.

I have to say, that I really love it. It is so well done, it shows us how small we are in this world. It compares everything, from a little string to the milky way and the observable universe. So totally fascinating. And more wonderful to see that a 14-year-old did this. Such a smart guy. Dive into our marvelous world and scale the universe.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The mission of finding

As we all know from the physics lesson there always have to be action and reaction. Otherwise nothing works. So it must exist a second part for everyone. Guys are looking for the right person in their life, they spend lots of time in finding him or her. They are searching all the time, keeping their eyes wide open. But when do you know that you have found the right person? Can you ever be sure about that? Can it be, that you first love someone and then, after some years, love someone else, or do you think if you found the actual right one, you can and will always love him or her for the rest of your life?

Maybe you would say you are changing and so the people around us. For a period of time one can be the right companion, but when you were drifting too far apart, someone else can be the right one. Or you say the right one chances with you, so he or she will always be the perfect fit. Whatever you think about it, it’s true. You have to be happy, every person deserves that. So even if you meet someone new and think you pretend that you can never fall in love with this person because you are in a happy relationship is wrong. If this person can make you happier even if you would have never considered that before and even if you knew that it would maybe hurt too many people, you should do what is right for you. Caring is the true sign that you really love someone. But if love hurts, it’s not the right thing to do. Then you have to find another solution. And then you are back: finding.

The biggest question is: what are you looking for? What do you expect to find? True love? Are you looking for love? When do you know you are in love with someone, and it’s not only a crush? Is there a 'checklist' to be sure? I honestly don’t think that some people look for the wrong thing.
We all know that we can survive even without our heart working. It is not a real life but it is possible. So if we give our heart away we have to be sure that we get another one in return, that we still can really live. If we won’t get it, we are suffering all the time. That is not a real life anymore and we have to find a way to get at least our heart back that we will have the chance to give it to someone who deserves it. So is action and reaction, giving your heart and receiving another in return. Only this is working and that is what we all should be looking for. Then you know, it’s real and love. When you are still living, after you gave your heart someone else.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The necessity of giving

We are happy, feel totally healthy. In our young age we think nothing really serious can happen to us. We can’t get sick because we are so young. Maybe to our grandparents, but we will stay forever healthy.

Well, unfortunately I have to say that this is not true - we can get sick. And all that can happen in only a fraction of a second. We can get involved in a car accident, which happens every day. Some bad circumstances, we can’t predict the future. We can't be sure what is gonna happen. Maybe we already have some germs in us, hidden somewhere in our body. And when it will react with something, it may can start to destroy our body from the inside. When we will know it, it can already be too late, and then only a donation could help.

I know it is not easy and you might would say: I’m lucky that I’m healthy but I don’t wanna share it with some poor guy having any heavy and 'hard-to-heal-sickness'. But you should keep in mind, that you could be that poor guy who needs help very urgently. You wouldn’t wanna die, would you? If you would know there is a chance of healing? There is a possibility and even if it’s a small one? You just need to find the right donor and that is quite difficult. Some might think that they want to rest in peace after they passed away and that’s not wrong but isn’t it good, too, if you could say that you may started a new life, giving someone else a second chance?

It’s a difficult decision, not easy to made. Helping someone is a good feeling. Most people recognize the importance when they know someone who needed any kind of donation. When they have to struggle with death and there could have been a chance of survival, if one would be willing to give. In life we can’t just only take, we also have to give. For new chances, for new lives. We don’t wanna let go what and who we love, that’s human, but isn’t the ‘who’ more important than the ‘what’?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The significance of blaming

In our life everything and everyone has to be perfect. The look, the behavior, just everything. And when it comes to some wrinkles, we do everything to make them less visible, using various of cremes. Okay especially the women do this, but there are also more and more men who take care of their look.

Surrounded by perfection we all try to do our best to fit into this eternal youth. Isn’t it there sometimes better not to pretend but simply be? I mean, just to be yourself even if you blame yourself. If you do a mistake and don’t try to hide it, doesn’t this make you more human?

We should not convince ourself to be what we aren’t. The real world is not Hollywood. We need real human beings in our life, we aren’t that embarrassed when we see others can make mistakes, too, and laugh about it. That encourages us to be what we are - no robots, no machines, and not perfect.

Don’t be mad at yourself when you do something and try to pretend it didn’t happen. Just smile, admit you made something that wasn’t planned that way. Everyone will laugh for a moment, and it’s okay. They see you are strong enough being yourself.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The theory about the Big Bang Theory

So many guys all over the world had thought about our origin. Where do we come from? Did this ‘big bang’ actually happen? And what was there before that? Questions over questions. We get more possibilities to figure this out, we already know a lot about this, but still there are so many questions unanswered. It is interesting for many people who want to know more. And so do I.

I mean, if you would be adopted, you once would reach a point in your life, in which you want to know about your real parents, about your origin. You would want to know where you are from, what your parents are like and what happened that they gave you away. So is this for me. I know my parents and my family and I am totally happy with that. But it could be different. We all wanna figure out about where we come from. We wanna know more about the world’s greatest mystery: The big bang.

Maybe there was another universe before our was created. We know that everything is still expanding, back from this big bang force. But it is like an elastic band. You can stretch it but not endlessly. When you stop, it will shrink again, or if you go on stretching, it will reach a point and then rip apart. I think it could be the same with the universe. Maybe when the other force (as we know from physics lessons at school, there are always action and reaction, so always two contrary forces) isn’t strong enough any more, any of these two options could happen - depending on the stronger force.

Maybe before our universe was formed, there was another, which shrank and exploded because of the speed and big force, like again the elastic band. This could cause this big bang, and afterwards it was expanding again and still is. But I am not a physicist, it could be that if someone who is one, is laughing now, but I don’t care. It's just what I think about it, my imagination, what I think based on what I learned so far about it, could be possible.

What do you think about the Big Bang? Have you ever thought about it? Please let me know.

This is a good short explanation of the big bang for those of you who only know a sitcom with a similar name ;) ->

BTW: Since this show we probably all know, we do at least know what was there before the (second) Big Bang happened (in 2007): Dharma and Greg. Maybe for solving the next big mystery, we should first ask the two wise guys called Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady ;)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Everything in a trash bag

And when she left the world, the only one standing beside her grave was her unfulfilled dream.

We want to do so many things in our life, but sometimes we don’t feel ready for it now. We think and think about it, we know deep inside that we really want that, we just can’t do it now. We don’t dare. We might think about all the consequences. That it could be a mistake. We don’t trust ourselves and therefore we never try.

I was not only once in the situation that I said to myself I wanna do this and that. And when I don’t wanna do it now, I just said: I’ll do it later. But when is later? Some minutes, some hours, or maybe weeks, even years? Who knows if this ‘later’ will always come?

Someone once told be about all this optimistic guys. She likes that, but she also told me that so much stuff happens every day, she sees it when she reads the newspaper or switches on the TV. “They say they clean the house later, they write the letter to their friends later, they visit someone they haven’t seen for a long time later or call him later. They have so many plans for later, but no plans for now. How can they be sure that this later will come? That they have later so much time for all these things?”

I had honestly no words. I mean are we really such optimistics? We talk about the cruelty in this world, we are good in complaining, seeing all the negative aspects, but anyway: we live for the future. Why don’t we do things now? Why later? Is later always better?

When this later will come, and you say later again, there will come a time when later won’t be possible anymore. This one woman also told me about her visit in a retirement home. People who passed away were just packed in a trash bag, lying on the floor in the basement. People of whom no relatives were found. She doesn’t want to end like that. She doesn’t want to be alone and her whole life is wrapped in a black bag. She likes being optimistic, but she is realistic, and therefore she cleans now, she writes now, she visits her friends now, she calls them now.

“We live now, that’s what we know for sure, we hope to live later, too, but who can certainly know that?”

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A new chapter has begun

First of all I wish all my blog readers a Happy Easter! I hope you are a lucky seeker, finding lots of eggs and chocolate Easter bunnies and presents.

But what do we actually celebrate on Easter? A rabbit which comes along with colored eggs? No. We celebrate the new start of life. As Jesus Christ rose from dead, being immortal. Without Easter all the other Christian holidays wouldn’t make any sense. It is the main thing we believe in. That we all can be immortal in some way. Some day we will have to leave our human body, but our soul will go on living.

My mum once told be a story her mum told her about the whole family setting the dinner table. This was during the Second World War and the dad of my grandma was involved. So one day they all heard the sound of his shoes coming upstairs, they all heard it, and my grandma was excited that his dad finally came home. She ran towards the door and opened it. But nobody was there. About a week later they received a letter that her dad passed away.

Since that I had to think about it. Even it is very hard, the more I think about it, the more I am sure that when someone leaves this world, he or she will come home to the ones he loved and live on within them. I guess this is what makes us immortal. Easter is for me a special holiday, it is a new start, a new chapter in my life. It is like our second birthday. It gives us a new chance, it’s a new beginning.

The bunny is cute and was always associated with fertility and the egg is the begin of every new life. So look for your new life, your new chances, your fresh start. 

BTW: This is a great blog entry I found on the Internet about Easter:

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Future working place

More and more technology comes to us. Computers are programmed to do more and more, but can they really replace us in future? So many working places were gone because of the computers which made everything faster and easier. Their creators say they can’t make mistakes, work overtime and don’t need payment. They will never say any bad word about the company, they don’t need to go to work and therefore don’t need an insurance if anything could happen while it goes to work or home from work or during the working times, because if anything should happen, it will be simply replaced and repaired.  

So the company sees all these things and think therefore it is way better to use more and more machines. But someone still has to take a look or do they also have robots who can find mistakes in other robots and replace them? Can they really be programmed to be as smart as a human being? I honestly don’t think so.

The point which is much more interesting and I don’t think that they would have ever considered that: who would afford money to buy the company’s products? I mean if only robots would work, no real person would have a job and so probably no money. So the company will certainly not have that much costs like when real people work for it, but they won’t sell anything, so also their income will decrease. I don’t know, if this would be something they want to happen. Not having any money. They can’t repair their robots anymore, can’t produce, and I think if no workers are necessary, not even a real boss should be there. If everyone is equal and all the workers can be replaced, the boss can be, too, can’t he?

What do you think about it? Can robots really replace us? Please write me your opinion, let me know what you think about it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is it worth a lie?

People lie all the time and we all learn in a very early age of our life that lying is wrong. We have to say the truth because lying is always bad. Anyway we soon recognize that our parents don’t care about that. And when they are lying why shouldn’t we do it? So they try to explain that sometimes it is important when you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. But is this really true? Isn’t it even then better to say the truth when you are really caring about someone?

When I was a child I remember my parents telling me what I am not allowed to do and that was really frustrating. That’s nothing for you, don’t do this and don’t do that. Be nice and friendly, say yes and thank you, always keep smiling, when people talk to you look at them and when grown-ups talk be silent. I never understood why they were always criticizing me. Everything that I did seemed to be wrong. I wanted to make my own experiences, take my own decisions, but I was never allowed to. I was simply too young for everything. But when I was visiting a friend, her parents were nice and friendly, never said what I don’t have to do and I thought why can’t my parents be like that?

Now that I am older I know that they were just caring. If you only say yes and you did a great job even though you haven’t, it’s a lie. And if you do something and don’t know that it is wrong you will do it over and over again. So they have to tell you what is wrong because they love and want to protect you for making an even bigger mistake. So if you say you tell someone a lie because you don’t want to hurt him or her - I guess it’s not an excuse. Sometimes it is just the easier way to handle a situation. But if you really love someone and care you want the best for that person. You have to think about if they would tell you a lie how you would react if you find out.

Lying is never the right thing, not even to lie about lying. Telling the truth can be a very difficult thing, it can hurt someone we love and we don’t want him or her to be hurt because that would hurt us. I know it is not easy handling a teenage girl or boy, I was angry not just once but in the end I noticed that my parents just wanted the best for me and still do. Because they love and because they care. If you are a teenager right now and hate your parents sometimes, think about that. Think about how you would handle it if you were them or you would have your own children. Do you want to know when you do anything wrong? Making mistakes is not bad, if we wouldn’t do some we couldn’t learn and grow. Make mistakes now and you probably won't do them twice. If someone wouldn’t love you, he or she would tell you are right with what you do and you will do it again and again, falling deeper and deeper. People will laugh at you because of making always the same mistake. Do you want that to happen? Of course not. Maybe this example is a bit far fetched but I guess it shows the best what I mean. Don’t be mad at your parents, they love you, the do the best job they can. It is not easy having children, you will find that out when you’re having your own.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Are we all connected?

Does anyone of you watch the new mystery series with Kiefer Sutherland called Touch? What a great show, isn’t it? About a boy who doesn’t talk but has a lot to tell. It needed a while for his father but now he can hear him. It’s not easy to deal with that, a boy who doesn’t speak is a boy with a problem because he isn’t like anybody else.

But this boy, Jake, sees and knows everything that was in the past, is in the present and will be in the future. With all kinds of numbers he sees that so many guys all over the world are connected. Someone is predestined to meet someone else, become part of his or her life, even if it’s just for a moment. Everything has to happen in a special way and Jake has to take care of all that. It seems like he is the manager and has to organize everything. Quite a hard job.

But it lets me think about the connection. Are we really all connected in some way? And I don’t refer to the Internet by that. Is it predicted that some guys have to meet? Have you sometimes the feeling like you have to do something, but you don’t know how? Or that you feel you have to talk to a person you see more and more often, that changed your life in some way and you want to thank him for being part of your life? That you sometimes see more and more things in him which are close to your attitudes? Or is this then only imagination?

Certainly is the Internet a great chance to stay in contact with people all over the world. Keep in touch with your family and friends and meet people you probably would have never met otherwise. The Internet is the proof that we are connected - if we want to or not. It’s a great feeling to get and keep in touch with. It makes such things like a flash mob possible. That everyone is doing the same at the same time and that keeps us together, makes us a big force and unity.

At the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, there were these two Norwegian guys called Madcon who sang their song ‘Glow’ and all people all over the world had the chance to watch on youtube how to dance to that song
before the show was aired. So then while it was on air in all European countries they could join in the dance in front of their TV. Everyone was connected.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Feels like eating gold

Haven’t we not all at least once in our life dreamed about living like a princess or even a queen? Like a king? Having no money problems, using golden spoons and forks and knifes. Being surrounded by gold, everywhere we look. You can’t deny it, that you also thought about how amazing and easy life would be like if we had it exactly that way.

But life is not at all easy. Everyday we have to fight, do our best at school or in our job. We can never be sure what is going to happen tomorrow. Times have changed. Having a job is not a life time guarantee to have it forever. So many people get fired because of money problems, changes and future thinking, like using more machines and less real workers. You have to do your best to keep this job. You need to work hard and overtime because you need the money for you and your family. You know that you can’t give them a princess’ life but you don’t want to let them suffer or that they have to think you can’t give them anything special.

Kids look for money. They spend hours in front of the TV and computer screen, seeing all these perfect faces and beauty queens. They want to be like them. Having the perfect life, having everything they want. They want these cool brands that everyone has. And that costs money. You don’t wanna always say “no we can’t afford that”, and sometimes you say ok and your kids get what they want. But why are we like that? Why is it so important to have brands, to have real expensive stuff when everything will get more and more expensive?

The ones among you that have a car know what I mean: fuel costs more and more. Now we say “we soon probably can’t afford it anymore but we have to because we have to go to work and so we have at least a little bit of money”, but I see it coming that next year it will be way more expensive then now. We have to work more and more, won’t get more money but have more to spend on everyday articles. Because fuel costs more, everything will. Starting with the food: it has to be transported and that costs more money. We can’t easily fly somewhere else or drive into the next city - it will be simply too expensive. We can’t afford bus or train tickets anymore, it is like back in the past where everyone will be at one single place.

So is gold the new fuel? Do we eat gold or why does it feel like that? Will be the future going back into the past? I know that we can’t do anything against all this price increases, but we have to find another way. Another fuel for our car, something else that won’t stop our mobility. That is the real luxury we have right now. If we could touch it, if it would have a shape, it would be made out of gold. We like expensive stuff but only when it also looks like that. And that we pay more and more for the same things, having less money at the end of the month and working way more - where does that make sense?

We are eating our gold right now, soon it will be gone if we won’t do anything against it. Think about the problem that soon no one can afford anything and therefore no one will earn money. Do we really want to go back in future? Do we want to give up our mobility? Should this be the greatest luxury? We need food everyday, so we shouldn’t think about when we can’t afford that anymore.

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