Monday, April 2, 2012

Feels like eating gold

Haven’t we not all at least once in our life dreamed about living like a princess or even a queen? Like a king? Having no money problems, using golden spoons and forks and knifes. Being surrounded by gold, everywhere we look. You can’t deny it, that you also thought about how amazing and easy life would be like if we had it exactly that way.

But life is not at all easy. Everyday we have to fight, do our best at school or in our job. We can never be sure what is going to happen tomorrow. Times have changed. Having a job is not a life time guarantee to have it forever. So many people get fired because of money problems, changes and future thinking, like using more machines and less real workers. You have to do your best to keep this job. You need to work hard and overtime because you need the money for you and your family. You know that you can’t give them a princess’ life but you don’t want to let them suffer or that they have to think you can’t give them anything special.

Kids look for money. They spend hours in front of the TV and computer screen, seeing all these perfect faces and beauty queens. They want to be like them. Having the perfect life, having everything they want. They want these cool brands that everyone has. And that costs money. You don’t wanna always say “no we can’t afford that”, and sometimes you say ok and your kids get what they want. But why are we like that? Why is it so important to have brands, to have real expensive stuff when everything will get more and more expensive?

The ones among you that have a car know what I mean: fuel costs more and more. Now we say “we soon probably can’t afford it anymore but we have to because we have to go to work and so we have at least a little bit of money”, but I see it coming that next year it will be way more expensive then now. We have to work more and more, won’t get more money but have more to spend on everyday articles. Because fuel costs more, everything will. Starting with the food: it has to be transported and that costs more money. We can’t easily fly somewhere else or drive into the next city - it will be simply too expensive. We can’t afford bus or train tickets anymore, it is like back in the past where everyone will be at one single place.

So is gold the new fuel? Do we eat gold or why does it feel like that? Will be the future going back into the past? I know that we can’t do anything against all this price increases, but we have to find another way. Another fuel for our car, something else that won’t stop our mobility. That is the real luxury we have right now. If we could touch it, if it would have a shape, it would be made out of gold. We like expensive stuff but only when it also looks like that. And that we pay more and more for the same things, having less money at the end of the month and working way more - where does that make sense?

We are eating our gold right now, soon it will be gone if we won’t do anything against it. Think about the problem that soon no one can afford anything and therefore no one will earn money. Do we really want to go back in future? Do we want to give up our mobility? Should this be the greatest luxury? We need food everyday, so we shouldn’t think about when we can’t afford that anymore.
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