Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The necessity of giving

We are happy, feel totally healthy. In our young age we think nothing really serious can happen to us. We can’t get sick because we are so young. Maybe to our grandparents, but we will stay forever healthy.

Well, unfortunately I have to say that this is not true - we can get sick. And all that can happen in only a fraction of a second. We can get involved in a car accident, which happens every day. Some bad circumstances, we can’t predict the future. We can't be sure what is gonna happen. Maybe we already have some germs in us, hidden somewhere in our body. And when it will react with something, it may can start to destroy our body from the inside. When we will know it, it can already be too late, and then only a donation could help.

I know it is not easy and you might would say: I’m lucky that I’m healthy but I don’t wanna share it with some poor guy having any heavy and 'hard-to-heal-sickness'. But you should keep in mind, that you could be that poor guy who needs help very urgently. You wouldn’t wanna die, would you? If you would know there is a chance of healing? There is a possibility and even if it’s a small one? You just need to find the right donor and that is quite difficult. Some might think that they want to rest in peace after they passed away and that’s not wrong but isn’t it good, too, if you could say that you may started a new life, giving someone else a second chance?

It’s a difficult decision, not easy to made. Helping someone is a good feeling. Most people recognize the importance when they know someone who needed any kind of donation. When they have to struggle with death and there could have been a chance of survival, if one would be willing to give. In life we can’t just only take, we also have to give. For new chances, for new lives. We don’t wanna let go what and who we love, that’s human, but isn’t the ‘who’ more important than the ‘what’?
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