Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is it worth a lie?

People lie all the time and we all learn in a very early age of our life that lying is wrong. We have to say the truth because lying is always bad. Anyway we soon recognize that our parents don’t care about that. And when they are lying why shouldn’t we do it? So they try to explain that sometimes it is important when you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. But is this really true? Isn’t it even then better to say the truth when you are really caring about someone?

When I was a child I remember my parents telling me what I am not allowed to do and that was really frustrating. That’s nothing for you, don’t do this and don’t do that. Be nice and friendly, say yes and thank you, always keep smiling, when people talk to you look at them and when grown-ups talk be silent. I never understood why they were always criticizing me. Everything that I did seemed to be wrong. I wanted to make my own experiences, take my own decisions, but I was never allowed to. I was simply too young for everything. But when I was visiting a friend, her parents were nice and friendly, never said what I don’t have to do and I thought why can’t my parents be like that?

Now that I am older I know that they were just caring. If you only say yes and you did a great job even though you haven’t, it’s a lie. And if you do something and don’t know that it is wrong you will do it over and over again. So they have to tell you what is wrong because they love and want to protect you for making an even bigger mistake. So if you say you tell someone a lie because you don’t want to hurt him or her - I guess it’s not an excuse. Sometimes it is just the easier way to handle a situation. But if you really love someone and care you want the best for that person. You have to think about if they would tell you a lie how you would react if you find out.

Lying is never the right thing, not even to lie about lying. Telling the truth can be a very difficult thing, it can hurt someone we love and we don’t want him or her to be hurt because that would hurt us. I know it is not easy handling a teenage girl or boy, I was angry not just once but in the end I noticed that my parents just wanted the best for me and still do. Because they love and because they care. If you are a teenager right now and hate your parents sometimes, think about that. Think about how you would handle it if you were them or you would have your own children. Do you want to know when you do anything wrong? Making mistakes is not bad, if we wouldn’t do some we couldn’t learn and grow. Make mistakes now and you probably won't do them twice. If someone wouldn’t love you, he or she would tell you are right with what you do and you will do it again and again, falling deeper and deeper. People will laugh at you because of making always the same mistake. Do you want that to happen? Of course not. Maybe this example is a bit far fetched but I guess it shows the best what I mean. Don’t be mad at your parents, they love you, the do the best job they can. It is not easy having children, you will find that out when you’re having your own.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I don't think this example is far-fetched at all. I think you're exactly right in saying that making mistakes is a part of life and is not neccesarily a bad thing...mistakes help us grow and help us learn. Great post!

Sanny said...

Thank you. Some guys nowadays are just too focused on perfection and, in my opinion, that's really sad.

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