Sunday, April 8, 2012

A new chapter has begun

First of all I wish all my blog readers a Happy Easter! I hope you are a lucky seeker, finding lots of eggs and chocolate Easter bunnies and presents.

But what do we actually celebrate on Easter? A rabbit which comes along with colored eggs? No. We celebrate the new start of life. As Jesus Christ rose from dead, being immortal. Without Easter all the other Christian holidays wouldn’t make any sense. It is the main thing we believe in. That we all can be immortal in some way. Some day we will have to leave our human body, but our soul will go on living.

My mum once told be a story her mum told her about the whole family setting the dinner table. This was during the Second World War and the dad of my grandma was involved. So one day they all heard the sound of his shoes coming upstairs, they all heard it, and my grandma was excited that his dad finally came home. She ran towards the door and opened it. But nobody was there. About a week later they received a letter that her dad passed away.

Since that I had to think about it. Even it is very hard, the more I think about it, the more I am sure that when someone leaves this world, he or she will come home to the ones he loved and live on within them. I guess this is what makes us immortal. Easter is for me a special holiday, it is a new start, a new chapter in my life. It is like our second birthday. It gives us a new chance, it’s a new beginning.

The bunny is cute and was always associated with fertility and the egg is the begin of every new life. So look for your new life, your new chances, your fresh start. 

BTW: This is a great blog entry I found on the Internet about Easter:

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