Exploring the world in one day

If you could travel the world in only one day, would you do it? See the beauty of life in other regions? How do people live in other countries? In the 'Klimahaus' in the German city Bremerhaven you have the chance to do it. I spend my summer vacation at North Sea this year and so I decided to go there, too. 

From the Swiss Alps, to the Rainforest, the desert and the Antartic. The journey is long, you see a lot and you learn a lot about people living in the different regions. You walk 8 degrees East, that's how the journey is called, meant is the meridian. Besides seeing and reading all the amazing and interesting stuff like "Can a butterfly in Brazil really cause a Tornado in Texas?" (you can also read this interesting article about that and how hard it is to forecast the weather), you feel the different climate zones. It's hot in the desert and icy cold when you walk through the Antartic.

I actually was really impressed how real it all seemed. Just like I was in that country. I felt the warmth, there were noises in the background, just that it looked and felt real. And for those who are interested in the weather, you also have the chance to host your own weather show - and that's not only something for kids. You learn how to read weather maps and so much more.

What I mostly enjoyed, and I stayed there for a very long time, was the clear starry night. I know there were only lots of lights and no stars, but it looked so beautiful and I was simply amazed by that view. So I could not just walk through, I sat on one of those benches, and enjoyed this moment.

There were also some animals like fishes in there to see. You learn how and where they live and how important they are in our ecological system. When we don't take care of our world which is only borrowed, we don't own it, we will sooner or later destroy ourselves. Protecting the environment is important and everyone should do his or her part to reduce their CO2 emmissions. It's not only that you drive less and walk more, but that you buy more regional food. Some people don't know how strawberries grow or artichots and also they don't know where they grow. Some fruits and vegetables has to be flown over the half planet, only that we can eat them. Sometimes we buy these from a different country although the same grow in our neighborhood too - it's just a bit more expensive. But is money more worth than our planet? Can we live without it?

So you can figure out your CO2 emmission and how to reduce it. How to help our planet that even our kids will still be able to enjoy the beauty of our beautiful planet.

If you have the chance to go to the 'Klimahaus' in Bremerhaven you really should. It's like travelling around the world, seeing and learning so much - but it's way cheaper than actually travelling to all these countries.

All pictures were taken by me when I was in the 'Klimahaus'. 

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