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As I already mentioned I get inspired by so many things that occur in my life. My real life, as well as taken from the imagination of others, like songs, movies or most of all TV shows. Before I start with the list of shows that I used to watch and still watch, I wanna tell you about people who are really important to me – besides my family and friends.

One is Hilary Duff. I saw her as kinda sis, because about 10 years ago she was the only star I knew, who had the same age as I had. I liked her music, and I liked her as Lizzy McGuire, but most of all, I loved that she just did what she loved to. That she was smart, and funny, close to her family and down to earth. She never had scandals like Britney Spears, who is also one of the ‘important seven’. But she is it because of her strength, she hadn’t had an easy childhood, so I guess what came had to come. I like her music, and I also loved her when everyone seemed to hate her. The music business is hard, but she fought and she won. She is still there, for such a long time. Also Delta Goodrem. It is hard to get diagnosed with cancer, but she fought, never gave up and finally won. Get the message at the beginning of your twenties, is even harder than getting it in your, let's say 60s. I appreciate the strength, the power and will. I also love her songs, the way she plays the piano. And like Amy MacDonald, she sings not just about a fictive love, no, she sings beautiful songs about things that let you provoke thinking.
All these ladies have inspired me and still do. Britney is the one I grew up with, she and her music changed with me. The same is with Hilary. I am so happy for them to be what they are, lucky and beautiful, successful and talented ladies. I also love the fact that Hilary is now a writer. She wrote amazing novels. Close to her is another Houston guy: Jim Parsons. He also seems to be so kind, so warm and friendly. He is talented and gifted as well, and he is also such a down to earth person like Hilary. He also follows his passion, and I think he doesn’t care this much about how many people know or even love him or how much money he earns. He seems to be close to his family, and I really love such guys. If all Houston guys are like this, I really should go there ;)

I really love the way he talks, not just that he has such a melodic voice – for me the voice shows more of someone’s character than the way someone looks, because the look can easily be changed and so the eyes easily get manipulated, though Jim’s very handsome, too – when he talks it feels so often he talks about me. Sometimes it is really odd, and maybe it’s just my imagination, I don’t know. But he opened my eyes to so many things, which I am now able to see. I am not really a fan of Sheldon, but I believe – as I don’t know him – that Jim’s an easy-going man, who simply enjoys his life and does what he wants to and what he loves to. He is not one of those who want to be in the spotlight, who want to become a super star. This might be the reason for his success, and I really hope he won’t change. He is also a fighter because he had never given up, he fought for his dream, and finally won. The Big Bang Theory is the only show I knew of which the first pilot failed and they got another chance. Not just that Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady are amazing writers and have brilliant stories in their minds – they are real geniuses – they also haven’t given up on the show, took the second chance and won. I love such fighters, who don’t give up when the first time didn’t work out. This also shows, that you have to believe in your dreams, that a failure helps you to grow. Getting a second chance is not naturally, but it is important to take it.
They are all my icons, because they are talented, gifted and inspiring. They had a dream and they fought for it. They don't take anything for granted. They appreciate their life, because it was hard work, and now they all live their dream. This is important and it shows me, that making mistakes encourages us to go on. We should take the challenge, the second chance. Use it and do the best we can. In the end, we will win.

So here is the list of shows which inspired me:

Shows I used to watch:
Dharma & Greg
Less than perfect
Honey, I shrunk the kids
Buffy – The Vampire Slayer
Desperate Housewives
My Family
The Bill Cosby Show
Full House
Doogie Howser, MD
House MD
Three's Company
Private Practice
Ben & Kate
30 Rock
Detective Conan
Guys with Kids

Shows I still watch:
The Big Bang Theory
Modern Family
The Simpsons
Grey’s Anatomy
Saturday Night Live
Being Erica
Pretty Little Liars
Hawaii 5-0
2 Broke Girls
The Crazy Ones
The Millers

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