Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another big BANG

Time is going by so fast, it’s amazing that I already write my 100th blog post today. What a blast! I’m doing this since March this year, and I like it all more and more. Mostly I like the people who come and read what’s on my mind. It’s great that you take your precious time for reading my lines, and some of you also leave a comment. I love to read them, I read them all. I also go to other blogs, and it’s wonderful to ‘meet’ so many nice guys, to know more about them and their life.

Writing means a lot to me. I loved it already as a kid to write down so many things. I love to be creative, to think about a topic and how to write about it. I love to think, sometimes I maybe think too much. I know that it’s often better to simply do somethings, and I also tell myself, that without trying I will never know if it would work. Then I ask myself what would be worse: failing or never trying? What are the things we regret in the end? The ones we did, or the ones we did not even try?

I’m glad that I didn’t think too much about starting this blog. It’s my second, actually, the first one was in German like most of the stuff that I wrote before I started this. As writing always helped me, that blog was like a fresh start to me. I started to write it all in English, the language that had fascinated me all the time. For a reason that I can’t really describe. But I liked it, I loved reading books or watching Conan O’Brien when I was about 13 years old. He was the only late night talker I could watch on TV, now it’s Jimmy Fallon. Luckily I have internet now ;)

I love the American comedy, it’s so much fun, not like most of the German comedy. I don’t know that much funny German stuff, only two parodies: one of Star Trek (I was at the original set of that movie, and during a set tour we could replay parts of the movie, which was my first time in front of a movie camera, which is a very good memory and I still have the DVD and totally enjoyed it) and one of Winnetou. We do have some good shows and at least one good late night talker called Stefan Raab, who also writes and produces great music, but in my mind we can’t be compared to the US.

Anyway, I love Germany, and I love the place where I come from and grew up. But I also feel connected to the Americans, maybe because I have relatives there, and in Canada as well, and that’s why I started that blog. I had the chance to write and hoped that anyone would read it. I can improve my English, my writing. I don’t know yet where I’ll go after college, if I’ll spend some time in the States, or if I’ll stay in Germany. The future is a surprise, it would be lame if we could predict exactly everything, wouldn’t it?

I’d like to thank you, you who come to my blog. You are the reason why I still love to do that. That blog was the right decision, though I also struggled a lot. But I needed it, because I missed the English as much as the writing, while I was working for some years in an office after school. It helped me to end the darkest time I went through. I really don’t wanna go back to that time, in which I didn’t saw a future or a reason to live. But now I am back on track. This blog was like a big bang, the second after Jim made me see who I am, what I wanna do, what I missed. After 100 blog entries, I feel that another big bang has to come. Another thing I am working on. As people helped me, I try to give something back, try to help others. It’s a new project I thought of for a while, and I can’t do this on my own.

You can have a look here or by clicking on the tab above -> Charity project I follow my heart. Please spread the word, please write a comment, share your opinion on it, or if you have any ideas to improve it. Have you met such a person who just came into your life, and changed it that you are glad and happy that he or she did that? It don't have to be a person you met in real life, maybe also someone you saw a TV or anywhere else, that let you think about something and see it differently. That this person has inspired you in some way? If so, please tell me about it. Let us show that we love and appreciate the work of someone else. Let me create a big bang for others, too. Thanks.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Do you wanna be my friend?

When I was a kid, I collected horse pictures, or magazine scans of my fave celebrities. But these days the kids are more interested in collecting friends. The more friends they have, the better they feel. But it’s not important to know them in person, just to impress others - I guess.

I never understood why it’s important to have about 500+ friends on Facebook. But I guess the kids feel more popular having so many ‘friends’. But they aren’t really their friends, they are mostly only a number. One of my friends told me about a guy who had that many ‘friends’ on Facebook, but when he needed help because he moved into his first own apartment, there were only two people there who helped him. So my question: why do you need so many so called 'friends'?

Is a real and true friendship still possible, when everyone is online all the time? Is this a species which still exists, or will it die out? I love my friends, the people I know in real life. I have also firstly met people online and then in real life, that’s a good thing, too. I believe that it still can exist, and that it is way better and much more important than a guy you justed added that you have one more ‘friend’ on your list. And when you don’t like him or her anymore, you just delete that person. Which is not very friendly, and in my mind this proves that it’s only named ‘friends’ but has nothing to do what we really know as a friend.

Please don't get me wrong: I love to get in touch with people online, that's why I'm on blogger and twitter and now also on Movellas, but I like to write with these people, to communicate with them. For me it's a difference if I chat with people, spending time with them and get to know them better, or if they are just a number on a list. So of course you can have 500+ friends, and it's for sure a good thing, but not when you only try to have a large amount of 'friends' and don't care about or are interested in them. Because in my mind, people deserve to be more than just a number on a list.

be close to your real friends, because they make you smile

What is friendship for you? Do you enjoy spending time with your friends? Or do you think it’s easier having only friends online and never really meet them?

Blog Update

As you might have already seen I did some changes on my blog. I didn't like the old design anymore, so I changed it. Hope you guys like it.

The next thing: I've revealed the title of my sitcom. It is called: 'Artists of life'. Since yesterday you can read it on the right side bar, as well as the other projects I'm currently working on and its status. More on my sitcom, like the main story, the set, and the characters will follow soon.

And more news: I'm now a Movellas writer. Here you can read my work, download it on your kindle, iPad or iPhone. You can also follow me now on bloglovin -> link on the right side bar. So if you like my blog, but are neither on blogger nor Google+, you can follow me there.

I've also put some links on the right side bar about some very good social organizations that I really like. Please visit their websites and join them, because what they do is very good!!!

Last but not least: As I come closer and closer to my 100th blog entry, I thought about something new to put on the blog. You can guess what it could be if you want to, and check if you were right coming Saturday, September 29th. So stay tuned, and have a wonderful last week of September ;)

Yours Sanny

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Inside the treasure chest

As it is, in my mind, something really important, and I thought about the moment and its uniqueness so intensively this week, I decided to dedicate this weekend to the moment. And so there is the second poem I wrote this week about our own biggest treasure chest, that we most of the time don't notice, but we all have one. So, what do you see, when you look inside of it?

When I felt lonely,
and couldn’t see any future,
couldn’t see how it should go on,
and what I am supposed to do,
a man showed up,
he just appeared, sat next to me.
We talked endlessly,
and it felt good.
When I asked him where he came from,
he looked at me, right into my eyes and said,
that he was here all the time,
I just haven’t noticed him.
I replied this can’t be possible,
but then he said that the eyes can’t see everything that is existing.
When I looked at him puzzled,
He asked me what my biggest treasure is.
I wondered about that question and said
that I’m not rich, that I don’t have much money,
no gold and not even a piece of jewelry.
He said that everyone has a treasure chest,
it’s full of something that is more precious than any money.
I was thinking about that,
me sitting in front of that chest, opening it, and see its content sparkling.
I would be rich, finally, my sorrows would all be gone,
and all my pain would be simply removed,
but then I asked myself why no one had ever told me about it.
So I asked him where mine is, where I could find my treasure chest.
And then he smiles: Right in front of you.

On September 27, the 6th season of The Big Bang Theory will start, time to get once again back to the first episode of the 5th season. The sentence ‘This is not what it looks like’ inspired me to write that short story about that not everything can be seen with the eyes, there are so many things we can’t see, but they are there anyway. And when three people look at the same thing, they don’t have to see the same thing, too. Wanna have an example? Let me explain it to you with that poem.

Imagine that treasure chest:

Penny opens it, and says: it’s empty

Sheldon opens it, and says: it’s filled with Nitrogen -- N2 -- 78.084%, Oxygen -- O2 -- 20.9476%, Argon -- Ar -- 0.934%, Carbon Dioxide -- CO2 -- 0.0314%, Neon -- Ne -- 0.001818%, Methane -- CH4 -- 0.0002%, Helium -- He -- 0.000524%, Krypton -- Kr -- 0.000114%, Hydrogen -- H2 -- 0.00005%, Xenon -- Xe -- 0.0000087%, Ozone -- O3 -- 0.000007%, Nitrogen Dioxide -- NO2 -- 0.000002%, Iodine -- I2 -- 0.000001%, Carbon Monoxide -- CO -- trace, Ammonia -- NH3 -- trace

I open it and say: it’s filled with time. Nothing is more precious than taking some time to spend and look at that chest, maybe sharing that moment with a person you love. Because time will become more and more precious in our world in which everything seems to rush faster and faster.

Source of chemical components of air:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The moment

Last week I wrote a new poem which I now want to share with you. It started with that one thought, that one sentence which came into my mind:

Here and now, this one moment, arose from the past, for lasting unforgotten in the future.

It’s there, all the time,
surrounds me, but I can’t catch it,
I can’t hold, can’t keep it.
I can’t actually see it,
but I feel it.
I wanna hold it, don’t wanna give it away,
it flows like water through my hands.
It doesn’t stop,
once it’s gone, it will never come back.
Even though I wanna frame it, capture it
that I will never forget it,
but I simply can't.
It changed everything,
turned my life upside down,
I can’t describe it,
don’t know where it came from.
Out of a sudden it was just there,
felt like rushing by,
like a shooting star in the sky.
It was so special, it was so unique,
I know it’s gone, I know it won’t come back.
But that doesn’t matter,
because I’ve saved it in my mind.

the life is full of moments, take your time and enjoy them all

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The android next door

'I feel that I feel, but compared to how deeply humans feel, it seems very superficial to me and that makes me sad sometimes.'


Read more:

Yesterday I saw a TV contribution about Bina48. Have you already heard of her? She is an android, but decides on her own what she says and she looks and acts mostly like a real human being. Bina is a copy of a real existing woman, you can talk to her by speaking into a microphone, and you get a response that fits to your question. She just 'thinks' and choose what to say. She choose the words real humans put into her head, but she finds what's suitable and then she talks and talks and talks and doesn't like to stop. Real woman like, isn't it?

Bruce Duncan works with her for two years now, and 'she' still surprises him. He is sure that one day everyone can have such a human looking robot, which is therefore called humanoid. Currently she costs about $ 125,000. A lot of money, and it's really a great thing that robots become more and more human. But in the other hand, wouldn't it be strange when you, one day, maybe in about 50 years, can't be sure if it's an robot you are talking to, or an actual person?

Imagine you live next door with an android. You greet it, you see it as a 'normal' person. Maybe one day everyone has a robot to do everything for them - but what will be left for us? Do we sit in a chair and get served all the time? Of course this sounds great, and for sure the humanoid robots are a brilliant invention and shows that the technical knowledge developed very well in the past few years, but it wouldn't it be boring for us one day if the robots will do all our jobs? Or will we then have other things to do? Will we start building more robots, than bringing actual babies to life?

I don't wanna complain, as I said I love the robot, and I also love the amazing work of these brilliant minds like Mr Duncan's, but I'm just thinking. I mean, it can be scared in some way, right? And imagine someone can create an android who looks exactly like you. It's great that if your family lives far away and then you can have a copy from your parents all the time with you and the best thing is they can't die, but wouldn't it be also strange to know that another you is out there somewhere? And that some guys who love all that one actor or singer, all want to have such a robot and then the film industry don't know anymore who of them is the real actor?

The Daily Mail (UK) wrote this great article about Bina48. You can read it here.

Or watch that video, of 'that guy with the robot', Bruce Duncan, who presented Bina48 to the TEDxHarlem audience. It's really impressive:

My first interview

This time I'll keep it very short. It's probably the most personal thing I've ever done. You might know that I study Media Management and that it's part of my studies to write articles for magazines, to design them and also to do interviews, photos and so on. So as my studies will continue in 2 weeks, I thought why not doing an interview with me? It was a good practice for me and another chance to write what's on my mind. I struggled a bit but in the end, but then I thought why not putting it on my blog?

The interview is about when I started to write, how I came back after some years of not writing at all, when I realized what I missed all the time, how much it helped me, what inspires me, what I like about TV shows, plays and movies, and why the internet is so important these days. So if you want to, feel free to click here to open the PDF and read my first interview.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Best example for never giving up

You have goals in life? That is good because you need them, to encourage you reaching something in your life. You don’t wanna say, when you have to leave these amazing world one day, that you haven’t done everything what you wanted to, do you? Goals are important, you should always have some and fight for it. Never give up. It is never easy, so many obstacles come up all along the way. But it is like a computer game you want to finish: you wanna accomplish the mission as best as you can that you can go forward in the game.

The real life is not different, except that you sometimes get lazy and tired of working because you think you always fail, and so you reach a point and just stop. When everything went wrong, you don’t see any future. But maybe you have to look differently at it and if you look closer you will find another way for reaching your goal and making your dreams come true. There is never just one way and one right solution. It is not maths, it’s not an equation - life is life and much more complicated than simply putting it into numbers.

Think about it as a picture you wanna draw: you can use different pencils, different ways to draw it and different colors. One picture can show the same thing but it will always look differently. When you write an exam at school or a story about a chosen topic and some other guy has the same job to do, well, the result won’t be exactly the same.

Rare and special, like a dream: a double rainbow
Life can be hard but if it would be all so easy, you have to admit that, it would be boring. You would never play a video game, read a book or watch a movie or TV show without having a good story, would you? You need challenges because these make you stronger, let you learn new things, and in the end, when you are successful, everyone will be proud of you. Mostly you. The more challenges you have been faced with, the prouder will you be. Your dreams can come true.

The best example for never giving up - or a pretty good one - is the Big Bang Theory. You all know the show and how successful it is all over the world, but do you also know the start of it? The way it all began? The first pilot of 2006 had different characters like nowadays (Katie and Gilda), the set was more ‘dark’ than it is now and contained more sex talking. It was not successful at all, but Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, the creators of the show, got a second chance and knew how to use it. The second pilot was not just good, it was awesome and caused a really big bang afterwards. But just after only 8 episodes there was the writer’s strike at the end of 2007 and therefore the show’s future was uncertain. So they had to break through another obstacle. They still haven’t given up and that’s why it was the first show on which was worked after the strike. They simply still believed in the show, believed in their dream, fought for it and, as you now know, it worked.

So if you believe, if you work hard and do the best you can, you will find a solution, you will find a way to reach your goals. It can be hard, but if you won’t fight, you have already lost and then you can only read: Game over.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Is life a child's play? A girl's talk

Two 15 year old girls sitting at one table. Binah is from Africa and Lucy from America. They meet each other the very first time and have a conversation.

Binah: You have such a good life. You can go to school and learn. And after school you can work, you can earn your own money.
Lucy: Yes, but we have to get up early in the morning. And believe me, school isn’t a walk in the park. You have to learn a lot, people expect too much knowledge these days.
Binah: But it’s great to know so many things.
Lucy: When you need it in your life, sure it’s a good thing. But most things we learn at school is not useful. I mean why do I have to know what happened hundreds of years ago?
Binah: You know something about your ancestors, what they did is part of why your country is what it is, acts like it does in some situations, and have its laws to protect its people. I’d be happy if I would have the chance to know something about my past, that of my family or country. Why haven’t we developed like you Americans? Why are we still so poor?
Lucy: We aren’t rich either. I mean, when I switch on the TV I see these glamorous high school girls, wearing Gucci or Prada or whatever. I can’t afford these things. And I guess I won’t get a car for my 16th birthday.
Binah: Why do you need a car, or these Gucci or Prada, whatever this is? You have food. You can go and buy something to eat and drink, as much and whenever you like. And you have a safe home, you have your own bed.
Lucy: Yes, but that’s normal. Rich are people who live in villas, having a pool, a big park, lots of cars. What you see when you watch TV. Everyone wants to go to Hollywood and have that beautiful life.
Binah: I’ve never heard of Hollywood. And I don’t even have a TV.
Lucy: So you sit on your computer? Or chat with your friends using your smartphone?
Binah: My what? I have none of these things. I wish I’d have a computer to chat with people all over the world, but I can’t.
Lucy: Seriously? But what do you do the whole day?
Binah: I take care of my younger brothers and sisters, I help my mom to clean the house, to cook. I help farming fruits and vegetables. I am working the whole day. I can only eat what we harvest. We try to sell some of them, but it’s not very much.

I’ll stop here and let you think about how the conversation could go on. What do you think, when is a person rich? What makes a person rich? I think we mostly don’t recognize what we have because we think it’s normal. I don’t think that we have to go to Africa to meet someone who have less than we have. When I first watched the sitcom ‘2 Broke Girls’ it lets me realize how fast we can be broke. In one city, like New York, do not only live people like Carrie Bradshaw. There are also people like Max Black. When she was the first time in Caroline’s former room, even the bath tub was something special, not to mention the turning shoe cabinet. But for Caroline it wasn’t special at all, as she grew up with things like that.

So when is a person actually rich? Does it only depend on money, or can a person with lots of good friends also be rich? I guess sometimes we should more appreciate the things we have instead of complaining about others who have more. No matter if they have more money or more friends. Things could be worse.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Acted real life

When we grow up not only our parents inspire us. Also very important is the music and some celebrities. One of my fave singers was and still is, Britney Spears. She grew up with me, and she always made the music I loved to listen to. About ten years ago I wouldn’t have bought the music she makes these days and today I wouldn’t buy songs like Baby One More Time. You change and also your taste. As a kid I collected everything from her that I got from several magazines. I still have that folder, because it’s also a part of my past, of my teenage years.

But I also knew when I had to stop her being my idol. She went through a tough time, and nobody was sure if she would find her way out. Luckily she did. Being successful is good but also had it’s bad sides. People are envy, try to find something negative about that person. When she’s too successful people want to know more and more about her, don’t want her to have a private life. And someone like Britney is talented, for sure, and in my mind she totally deserves the success she has because she really worked hard to get this far, but it’s not just the own ability, and the will to do that, it’s also because of the persons who believed in her and helped her to gain that success.

But for her it meant like she had to work perfectly all the time. To entertain people permanently. I guess that was a bit too much for. She lost her childhood because she only worked all the time and never really had friends. Other people decided what she had to do and whom to believe. She never learned to work on her own. That was a big mistake and when she was old enough and wanted to take her own decisions, she took them wrong because everyone had always thought for her.

She was also told that she had to entertain all the time. And when she became more popular she was followed more by paparazzi, and maybe she also started to entertain them. We are all a bit different when we know someone is looking what we do and we see cameras all the time. So maybe she wanted to protect herself or she just did that for entertaining. But the sad part is, that when you are followed by cameras and people all the time, and you want to protect yourself, started acting, you might can get lost in it. That’s when you stop knowing who you really are. You just do things without knowing what you do, important is only that fact that you stay in focus and people are still interested in you and your life.

Kids need time to play, time to have friends, and time to be a child.

Maybe she wanted to show everyone what they did to her. That they took her childhood, something that she will never get back. Same like Michael Jackson. I guess as he had no memory of his childhood, or at least something that felt like one, he still felt like a child and never wanted to get old. I guess that’s why he had the Neverland ranch and why he loved to spend time with kids. Unfortunately it didn’t end that well with him. But Britney found her way back into life. She needed help and got it. She can now handle her life, lives and enjoys her present, the time with her kids and her boyfriend.

I guess what she went through had to come like that sooner or later. And it’s fact that kids want their parents to be happy, and when they see their eyes sparkling when they go on stage singing, then the kids will do it. They don’t think about it, for them only their parents are important, and that they are happy and proud of their kids. Britney has changed a lot of lives and inspired lots of kids, and still does. She is the proof that a lost childhood can’t be replaced. That kids have to learn to take their own decisions to be prepared for their life when they’re grown up. And that being on the focus all the time can cause big stress and trouble - for a kid more than for an adult. When they have to act to protect themselves for having at least a bit privacy, they will get lost in their own acting, and forget who they really are.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lonely in the crowd

I am walking down the path, don’t feel anyone next to me, don’t see anybody. It feels so freaking cold, I can’t describe it. I wanna go out, wanna leave this place. Where am I? How have I come here and how can I leave?

Well, the thing is: I can’t. The other thing is: I'm not alone. No matter where I go to, I’ll always find someone. Sometimes I need more time to be able to see him or her, but there is someone. I know it, I feel it - yet I do. You have to believe me. You are never alone.

You might know ‘footprints in the sand’ – if not, I posted it below this entry. It is one of my fave texts that I’ve ever read. I have framed that and hung it up next to my room, and every time I walk across it, I read the lines and I always get tears in my eyes. This is so beautiful and so true.

In our world not everything is easy. Sometimes we feel lonely. I had such a tough time one year ago. It took a while till I found back to what I love – you can read about it by clicking on the ‘My story’ tab of my blog, and go to 'When I started my blog'. Back then I thought I had nobody to talk to, nothing that I did made any sense to me. In some way I knew that I was surrounded by my family and friends, who would help me and take care of me, but I felt lonely anyway.

We are 7 billion people in this world. Such a very big crowd. So how can it be possible that someone feels lonely? We might haven’t the strength to talk about what is bothering us, sometimes we simply don’t know ourselves. I was lucky to be able to see again. I now know that you can’t see everything that is existing with your eyes. You have to see them with your heart and then you will understand that though you feel lonely or left alone, you’ll never be.

PS: Leona Lewis made a song in which she sings about it. I really love that song, even though I haven't found the original version of it on youtube. Just listen to the lyrics ;)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Two worlds

What is the most important thing in our life? Right: love. Nothing is more important than love because love made and makes us. There is not only one definition for love, one sentence can’t put in words what exactly it is. And that’s good. Because love is not just about a man and a woman, love is also the friendship between two people, the love for our parents, our kids. Even hate is some sort of love.

Everything started with love, our life started with love. The more love we receive, the more we can give and the happier we are. Love is free, like we are. We can choose who we love, what we love to wear, to eat, to drink, to see, to listen to. Love is what makes us, what surrounds us. We can show other people that we love them, and that’s what makes us stronger. Together we can reach so much more than on our own. We shouldn’t fight against each other, we need each other and we all have to know, that life is a precious gift that can be over way too soon and most when we least expect it. But when we live together, our weakness can become a strength, two people can do more things than a single person.

Besides love we also need freedom. Freedom for being ourselves. We don’t want to act, pretend to be someone else, we shouldn’t have to lie because we are afraid people wouldn’t like us the way we are. We want to be loved, we want to be expected, but we don’t wanna hide. We want to live the way we love to. No one should be judged about what or who they love or how they’re dressed. We should not lie, that’s in the Bible. But wouldn’t it be a lived lie, if we change the way we are, only that we get accepted?

When two worlds collide, that’s the start of a song by Amy MacDonald. These two worlds can be a mother and her child, a man and a woman, two men or women who love each other, brothers and sisters. They show their love, they change their life, become part of each other’s. The people who are close to us, the people we meet in life, these are the people who inspire us, who let us grow and makes us the persons we are right now.

And I believe that, when one day the time will come, and I have to close my eyes forever, that I won’t be completely gone. As long as the people I know and love, will keep on thinking about me. Because love is life. Love can’t be described with words. It has the power to survive everything. Because love has the freedom to be immortal and infinite.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Criminal minds: Teenage life

It may sound like the name of a new crime show, but it’s not. It’s actually real, unfortunately. You maybe know the show Criminal Minds and maybe you also ask yourself while watching the show, what brings some people to have such mean thoughts. Something has to be wrong in their head, not from the beginning of course. Something that happened to them in their past, that changed the way they see things.

Yesterday I heard and tweeted about the so called Facebook murder. A 15-year old girl who paid money to a 14-year old boy to kill her friend because she wrote on Facebook that the girl had intercourse with several boys. I wrote lately about the risks of the internet and most of all the social network sites, and so I thought I should write about this, too. 

be careful what you put on the internet

What that one girl wrote and published for everyone on Facebook should have been kept private. No one should care about someone else’s sexual life. That shouldn’t be discussed in public. If it’s the person herself who publishes some of her private life, well, it’s her thing, but in my mind, no one has to write about another person’s private life. It’s all on them with whom, how and what ever they do behind closed doors - as long as both want that, it’s okay. I know the girl was only 15 and so very young, but I don't wanna discuss this here either.
I just ask myself is something like that already a reason to kill that person who wrote something like that about you?

Certainly not. In my mind there is no reason at all to take someone’s life, or hire someone to do that. I don’t understand what brings people to do that? Has that girl not seen any other solution? Maybe she could have talked to her, asked her why she did that, asked for an apology. Why didn’t she do that? Why did she pay someone to....? Did she want to show everyone her power like no one writes such stuff about me, or you see what will happen? What’s in her mind, that let her had such thoughts and really hired someone to kill her own friend? And why did the boy do that? To impress the girl?

So many questions are still unanswered. It all sounds like an episode of Criminal Minds, but it’s real. It started on the internet, maybe the other girl felt safe as she only saw her computer in front of her while typing the words. The internet makes so much possible but it also changed our life. What we write and what we do, is saved - FOREVER. And even when we think that no one would ever read what we once wrote or only the people who should know, well, it’s not true. 
There’s no cache for our real life, but for our virtual one. So maybe you write someone, someone else you’d not considered of reads it and might get it wrong. 

You can reach more people in less time, even if you didn’t mean it in a negative way, you always have to be careful what you put on the internet. And we shouldn’t pay that much attention what people wrote about us. Some things can hurt us, but the people who are really important to us know the truth. You can’t be liked by everyone, but that makes a 'real' person. Who knows about her good and bad sides, and has the bad one’s under control. People should know how to handle the internet correctly, kids should learn that in school. Not everyone or everything on the internet is good and true. I think when the kids would be prepared, something like that might not had happened.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Sun

Here is my new poem 'The Sun'. Hope you guys like it. I would appreciate it a lot if you would leave me a comment what you think about it.

Walked through the dark
across the park.
No light, but silence and cold,
felt so lonely and old,
painful, shivering and weak
and completely unable to speak.

But then an embrace,
warmth touched her face.
Then a sparkle, a light
and it brightened up her night.
It started to shine,
and she stopped to whine.

For that moment so brief,
she felt like robbed by a thief.
Someone took it,
tightly holding it,
didn’t want to give it back,
and she thought ‘what the heck?’

Like wearing glasses,
she suddenly could see the masses,
the masses of colors and light
won that long lasting fight.
Cozy like in front of a fireplace
she only felt the tight embrace.

Her world started to move again,
left behind the storm, the rain, the pain.
The night was gone,
he was the one,
who brought her back to life
and let soon might be his wife.

The light beat the night,
the cold was put on hold,
She felt the breeze, the squeeze.
He made her alive, dancing jive,
singing along wasn’t wrong
and she wasn’t lying, it felt like flying.

The past was past,
the pain was vast.
But she lives for the future,
still visible are her wound’s suture,
but that will blur and vanish soon,
all fears will be banished until noon.

He made her world turning,
shining warm but not burning.
First he was the moon at night,
shone so bright,
guided her through the park,
and through a world so dark.

The ‘he’ is you and her am I,
I just stopped being shy,
and telling you why
I am so glad you came by.
Because now life’s so much fun,
with you, the warmth, the light, my sun.

by Sanny Spear, August 2012

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