Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Acted real life

When we grow up not only our parents inspire us. Also very important is the music and some celebrities. One of my fave singers was and still is, Britney Spears. She grew up with me, and she always made the music I loved to listen to. About ten years ago I wouldn’t have bought the music she makes these days and today I wouldn’t buy songs like Baby One More Time. You change and also your taste. As a kid I collected everything from her that I got from several magazines. I still have that folder, because it’s also a part of my past, of my teenage years.

But I also knew when I had to stop her being my idol. She went through a tough time, and nobody was sure if she would find her way out. Luckily she did. Being successful is good but also had it’s bad sides. People are envy, try to find something negative about that person. When she’s too successful people want to know more and more about her, don’t want her to have a private life. And someone like Britney is talented, for sure, and in my mind she totally deserves the success she has because she really worked hard to get this far, but it’s not just the own ability, and the will to do that, it’s also because of the persons who believed in her and helped her to gain that success.

But for her it meant like she had to work perfectly all the time. To entertain people permanently. I guess that was a bit too much for. She lost her childhood because she only worked all the time and never really had friends. Other people decided what she had to do and whom to believe. She never learned to work on her own. That was a big mistake and when she was old enough and wanted to take her own decisions, she took them wrong because everyone had always thought for her.

She was also told that she had to entertain all the time. And when she became more popular she was followed more by paparazzi, and maybe she also started to entertain them. We are all a bit different when we know someone is looking what we do and we see cameras all the time. So maybe she wanted to protect herself or she just did that for entertaining. But the sad part is, that when you are followed by cameras and people all the time, and you want to protect yourself, started acting, you might can get lost in it. That’s when you stop knowing who you really are. You just do things without knowing what you do, important is only that fact that you stay in focus and people are still interested in you and your life.

Kids need time to play, time to have friends, and time to be a child.

Maybe she wanted to show everyone what they did to her. That they took her childhood, something that she will never get back. Same like Michael Jackson. I guess as he had no memory of his childhood, or at least something that felt like one, he still felt like a child and never wanted to get old. I guess that’s why he had the Neverland ranch and why he loved to spend time with kids. Unfortunately it didn’t end that well with him. But Britney found her way back into life. She needed help and got it. She can now handle her life, lives and enjoys her present, the time with her kids and her boyfriend.

I guess what she went through had to come like that sooner or later. And it’s fact that kids want their parents to be happy, and when they see their eyes sparkling when they go on stage singing, then the kids will do it. They don’t think about it, for them only their parents are important, and that they are happy and proud of their kids. Britney has changed a lot of lives and inspired lots of kids, and still does. She is the proof that a lost childhood can’t be replaced. That kids have to learn to take their own decisions to be prepared for their life when they’re grown up. And that being on the focus all the time can cause big stress and trouble - for a kid more than for an adult. When they have to act to protect themselves for having at least a bit privacy, they will get lost in their own acting, and forget who they really are.
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