Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Criminal minds: Teenage life

It may sound like the name of a new crime show, but it’s not. It’s actually real, unfortunately. You maybe know the show Criminal Minds and maybe you also ask yourself while watching the show, what brings some people to have such mean thoughts. Something has to be wrong in their head, not from the beginning of course. Something that happened to them in their past, that changed the way they see things.

Yesterday I heard and tweeted about the so called Facebook murder. A 15-year old girl who paid money to a 14-year old boy to kill her friend because she wrote on Facebook that the girl had intercourse with several boys. I wrote lately about the risks of the internet and most of all the social network sites, and so I thought I should write about this, too. 

be careful what you put on the internet

What that one girl wrote and published for everyone on Facebook should have been kept private. No one should care about someone else’s sexual life. That shouldn’t be discussed in public. If it’s the person herself who publishes some of her private life, well, it’s her thing, but in my mind, no one has to write about another person’s private life. It’s all on them with whom, how and what ever they do behind closed doors - as long as both want that, it’s okay. I know the girl was only 15 and so very young, but I don't wanna discuss this here either.
I just ask myself is something like that already a reason to kill that person who wrote something like that about you?

Certainly not. In my mind there is no reason at all to take someone’s life, or hire someone to do that. I don’t understand what brings people to do that? Has that girl not seen any other solution? Maybe she could have talked to her, asked her why she did that, asked for an apology. Why didn’t she do that? Why did she pay someone to....? Did she want to show everyone her power like no one writes such stuff about me, or you see what will happen? What’s in her mind, that let her had such thoughts and really hired someone to kill her own friend? And why did the boy do that? To impress the girl?

So many questions are still unanswered. It all sounds like an episode of Criminal Minds, but it’s real. It started on the internet, maybe the other girl felt safe as she only saw her computer in front of her while typing the words. The internet makes so much possible but it also changed our life. What we write and what we do, is saved - FOREVER. And even when we think that no one would ever read what we once wrote or only the people who should know, well, it’s not true. 
There’s no cache for our real life, but for our virtual one. So maybe you write someone, someone else you’d not considered of reads it and might get it wrong. 

You can reach more people in less time, even if you didn’t mean it in a negative way, you always have to be careful what you put on the internet. And we shouldn’t pay that much attention what people wrote about us. Some things can hurt us, but the people who are really important to us know the truth. You can’t be liked by everyone, but that makes a 'real' person. Who knows about her good and bad sides, and has the bad one’s under control. People should know how to handle the internet correctly, kids should learn that in school. Not everyone or everything on the internet is good and true. I think when the kids would be prepared, something like that might not had happened.
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