Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blog Update

As you might have already seen I did some changes on my blog. I didn't like the old design anymore, so I changed it. Hope you guys like it.

The next thing: I've revealed the title of my sitcom. It is called: 'Artists of life'. Since yesterday you can read it on the right side bar, as well as the other projects I'm currently working on and its status. More on my sitcom, like the main story, the set, and the characters will follow soon.

And more news: I'm now a Movellas writer. Here you can read my work, download it on your kindle, iPad or iPhone. You can also follow me now on bloglovin -> link on the right side bar. So if you like my blog, but are neither on blogger nor Google+, you can follow me there.

I've also put some links on the right side bar about some very good social organizations that I really like. Please visit their websites and join them, because what they do is very good!!!

Last but not least: As I come closer and closer to my 100th blog entry, I thought about something new to put on the blog. You can guess what it could be if you want to, and check if you were right coming Saturday, September 29th. So stay tuned, and have a wonderful last week of September ;)

Yours Sanny
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