Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Do you wanna be my friend?

When I was a kid, I collected horse pictures, or magazine scans of my fave celebrities. But these days the kids are more interested in collecting friends. The more friends they have, the better they feel. But it’s not important to know them in person, just to impress others - I guess.

I never understood why it’s important to have about 500+ friends on Facebook. But I guess the kids feel more popular having so many ‘friends’. But they aren’t really their friends, they are mostly only a number. One of my friends told me about a guy who had that many ‘friends’ on Facebook, but when he needed help because he moved into his first own apartment, there were only two people there who helped him. So my question: why do you need so many so called 'friends'?

Is a real and true friendship still possible, when everyone is online all the time? Is this a species which still exists, or will it die out? I love my friends, the people I know in real life. I have also firstly met people online and then in real life, that’s a good thing, too. I believe that it still can exist, and that it is way better and much more important than a guy you justed added that you have one more ‘friend’ on your list. And when you don’t like him or her anymore, you just delete that person. Which is not very friendly, and in my mind this proves that it’s only named ‘friends’ but has nothing to do what we really know as a friend.

Please don't get me wrong: I love to get in touch with people online, that's why I'm on blogger and twitter and now also on Movellas, but I like to write with these people, to communicate with them. For me it's a difference if I chat with people, spending time with them and get to know them better, or if they are just a number on a list. So of course you can have 500+ friends, and it's for sure a good thing, but not when you only try to have a large amount of 'friends' and don't care about or are interested in them. Because in my mind, people deserve to be more than just a number on a list.

be close to your real friends, because they make you smile

What is friendship for you? Do you enjoy spending time with your friends? Or do you think it’s easier having only friends online and never really meet them?
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