Monday, September 3, 2012

The Sun

Here is my new poem 'The Sun'. Hope you guys like it. I would appreciate it a lot if you would leave me a comment what you think about it.

Walked through the dark
across the park.
No light, but silence and cold,
felt so lonely and old,
painful, shivering and weak
and completely unable to speak.

But then an embrace,
warmth touched her face.
Then a sparkle, a light
and it brightened up her night.
It started to shine,
and she stopped to whine.

For that moment so brief,
she felt like robbed by a thief.
Someone took it,
tightly holding it,
didn’t want to give it back,
and she thought ‘what the heck?’

Like wearing glasses,
she suddenly could see the masses,
the masses of colors and light
won that long lasting fight.
Cozy like in front of a fireplace
she only felt the tight embrace.

Her world started to move again,
left behind the storm, the rain, the pain.
The night was gone,
he was the one,
who brought her back to life
and let soon might be his wife.

The light beat the night,
the cold was put on hold,
She felt the breeze, the squeeze.
He made her alive, dancing jive,
singing along wasn’t wrong
and she wasn’t lying, it felt like flying.

The past was past,
the pain was vast.
But she lives for the future,
still visible are her wound’s suture,
but that will blur and vanish soon,
all fears will be banished until noon.

He made her world turning,
shining warm but not burning.
First he was the moon at night,
shone so bright,
guided her through the park,
and through a world so dark.

The ‘he’ is you and her am I,
I just stopped being shy,
and telling you why
I am so glad you came by.
Because now life’s so much fun,
with you, the warmth, the light, my sun.

by Sanny Spear, August 2012
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