Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Best example for never giving up

You have goals in life? That is good because you need them, to encourage you reaching something in your life. You don’t wanna say, when you have to leave these amazing world one day, that you haven’t done everything what you wanted to, do you? Goals are important, you should always have some and fight for it. Never give up. It is never easy, so many obstacles come up all along the way. But it is like a computer game you want to finish: you wanna accomplish the mission as best as you can that you can go forward in the game.

The real life is not different, except that you sometimes get lazy and tired of working because you think you always fail, and so you reach a point and just stop. When everything went wrong, you don’t see any future. But maybe you have to look differently at it and if you look closer you will find another way for reaching your goal and making your dreams come true. There is never just one way and one right solution. It is not maths, it’s not an equation - life is life and much more complicated than simply putting it into numbers.

Think about it as a picture you wanna draw: you can use different pencils, different ways to draw it and different colors. One picture can show the same thing but it will always look differently. When you write an exam at school or a story about a chosen topic and some other guy has the same job to do, well, the result won’t be exactly the same.

Rare and special, like a dream: a double rainbow
Life can be hard but if it would be all so easy, you have to admit that, it would be boring. You would never play a video game, read a book or watch a movie or TV show without having a good story, would you? You need challenges because these make you stronger, let you learn new things, and in the end, when you are successful, everyone will be proud of you. Mostly you. The more challenges you have been faced with, the prouder will you be. Your dreams can come true.

The best example for never giving up - or a pretty good one - is the Big Bang Theory. You all know the show and how successful it is all over the world, but do you also know the start of it? The way it all began? The first pilot of 2006 had different characters like nowadays (Katie and Gilda), the set was more ‘dark’ than it is now and contained more sex talking. It was not successful at all, but Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, the creators of the show, got a second chance and knew how to use it. The second pilot was not just good, it was awesome and caused a really big bang afterwards. But just after only 8 episodes there was the writer’s strike at the end of 2007 and therefore the show’s future was uncertain. So they had to break through another obstacle. They still haven’t given up and that’s why it was the first show on which was worked after the strike. They simply still believed in the show, believed in their dream, fought for it and, as you now know, it worked.

So if you believe, if you work hard and do the best you can, you will find a solution, you will find a way to reach your goals. It can be hard, but if you won’t fight, you have already lost and then you can only read: Game over.
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