Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another big BANG

Time is going by so fast, it’s amazing that I already write my 100th blog post today. What a blast! I’m doing this since March this year, and I like it all more and more. Mostly I like the people who come and read what’s on my mind. It’s great that you take your precious time for reading my lines, and some of you also leave a comment. I love to read them, I read them all. I also go to other blogs, and it’s wonderful to ‘meet’ so many nice guys, to know more about them and their life.

Writing means a lot to me. I loved it already as a kid to write down so many things. I love to be creative, to think about a topic and how to write about it. I love to think, sometimes I maybe think too much. I know that it’s often better to simply do somethings, and I also tell myself, that without trying I will never know if it would work. Then I ask myself what would be worse: failing or never trying? What are the things we regret in the end? The ones we did, or the ones we did not even try?

I’m glad that I didn’t think too much about starting this blog. It’s my second, actually, the first one was in German like most of the stuff that I wrote before I started this. As writing always helped me, that blog was like a fresh start to me. I started to write it all in English, the language that had fascinated me all the time. For a reason that I can’t really describe. But I liked it, I loved reading books or watching Conan O’Brien when I was about 13 years old. He was the only late night talker I could watch on TV, now it’s Jimmy Fallon. Luckily I have internet now ;)

I love the American comedy, it’s so much fun, not like most of the German comedy. I don’t know that much funny German stuff, only two parodies: one of Star Trek (I was at the original set of that movie, and during a set tour we could replay parts of the movie, which was my first time in front of a movie camera, which is a very good memory and I still have the DVD and totally enjoyed it) and one of Winnetou. We do have some good shows and at least one good late night talker called Stefan Raab, who also writes and produces great music, but in my mind we can’t be compared to the US.

Anyway, I love Germany, and I love the place where I come from and grew up. But I also feel connected to the Americans, maybe because I have relatives there, and in Canada as well, and that’s why I started that blog. I had the chance to write and hoped that anyone would read it. I can improve my English, my writing. I don’t know yet where I’ll go after college, if I’ll spend some time in the States, or if I’ll stay in Germany. The future is a surprise, it would be lame if we could predict exactly everything, wouldn’t it?

I’d like to thank you, you who come to my blog. You are the reason why I still love to do that. That blog was the right decision, though I also struggled a lot. But I needed it, because I missed the English as much as the writing, while I was working for some years in an office after school. It helped me to end the darkest time I went through. I really don’t wanna go back to that time, in which I didn’t saw a future or a reason to live. But now I am back on track. This blog was like a big bang, the second after Jim made me see who I am, what I wanna do, what I missed. After 100 blog entries, I feel that another big bang has to come. Another thing I am working on. As people helped me, I try to give something back, try to help others. It’s a new project I thought of for a while, and I can’t do this on my own.

You can have a look here or by clicking on the tab above -> Charity project I follow my heart. Please spread the word, please write a comment, share your opinion on it, or if you have any ideas to improve it. Have you met such a person who just came into your life, and changed it that you are glad and happy that he or she did that? It don't have to be a person you met in real life, maybe also someone you saw a TV or anywhere else, that let you think about something and see it differently. That this person has inspired you in some way? If so, please tell me about it. Let us show that we love and appreciate the work of someone else. Let me create a big bang for others, too. Thanks.


krystal lynn said...

Congrat's on the 100 posts and so glad you blog because I got to meet you through your blog! I love your charity project and will be writing something for the project, need a few days to get it together but I think it is such a great idea.

Sanny said...

Thanks so much. Yes, it's a good way to get in touch with people. Nice to chat with you, Krystal. Can't wait to read your ideas ;)

Arlee Bird said...

Congratulations on 100 posts and especially considering that English is not your primary language. Great job! Here's to another year of blogging.

And, yes, time goes much too fast!

Tossing It Out

Sanny said...

Thanks Lee ;)

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