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‘I follow’ is a charity project to show the support of a person or organization. I started this on September 29, 2012, the same day I published my 100th entry here on this blog. It’s because it helped me, and also the people who came and come here to read my thoughts, so I wanted to help others, too.

I started to think how and what could I do. As a college student I don’t have that much money, so I can’t donate anything. But I thought maybe I could create a platform to write about or show people some wonderful people and organizations that I really like and appreciate what they are doing. Maybe because of my writing someone who has the money for a donation will read it. So please, let's spread the word!! The more who support this, the better.

I think everyone should follow her heart and her dreams, because following someone also mean you like someone or something if it’s an organization. You support these people for who they are and what they do. A follower is not only a person who just walks behind someone, he or she can help this person to get up again after she fell. So that person won’t really fall, can't fall, because he or she has followers, people who encourage and help her up. You can’t do that if you walk ahead.

With ‘I follow’ you show who you support and why. It can be a celebrity, a person you know and love, because he or she is part of your family, ever been a loyal and great friend to you, helped you through a tough time. Whatever it is, write it down here, send me a picture, or whatever you like. We’ll show how many people we support, and love.

We are all human beings inspired by so many people we met and will meet in life. They change(d) us. We all can be hurt, so we need each other to help. We have to support people who support other people, who did something special, extraordinary. It’s not about being a superhero who wants to rescue the whole world, people who rescued a single person in which way ever, is such an extraordinary human being.

Please spread the word. Please help me, that we talk more about good, and warm-hearted people. We need that more than ever, in a world which so often seems to be cold. If you don’t want to send me a picture of you, you can paint, you can write, whatever you want, but let me collect as much as possible to prove that charity still lives on. That we follow our hearts and our dreams, that we want to help others by at least talking about them, that they’ll be noticed.

A person can’t live all alone,
A person can’t live without being touched,
It can be a gesture, a word, a single picture,
and she won’t feel loneliness.

A single person can do one little thing, but it can be something very big to another person.

Please also support the following amazing and wonderful organizations 
As part of my project, I'll soon write more about these guys to let you know what they're doing and why I love that.

Read here all blog posts which are published so far (more will follow) -> if you want to write a guest post on my blog about someone who helps others or helped you or does something really great and inspiring that is worth to be shared, please contact me

The tutu project - About a man who only wears a tutu on his series of pictures, and wants to help women to fight against breast cancer, to not give up but cheer them up and give them hope.
OperationSAFE - read more about this organization and what they do to help kids who lost their parents at an very early age.
Deutsche Welthungerhilfe - An organization that helps people who have less to live.
Causes - Put your causes and pledges on the internet and reach many people who support you
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