Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who wants an award?

The award season has begun and many actors and singers have already been chosen as winners in 2013. Big shows in which we all celebrate the incredible work all these people are doing. Whether we agree with the winners or not, we watch these shows. I love them too, like the People’s Choice Awards, the Golden Globes or the SAG awards. I sit there, excited, hope that my favorite will win. But so often that there is a category in which I think more than one of the nominees would deserve the price. I have to admit that normally I don’t think we should compare a person to someone else because everyone is unique in his or her own way, but I also think it must be an overwhelming feeling for the winners to be chosen in their category. And in my mind it’s even more important to them, when the fans chose them. When you can vote on the internet, and the winner is not made by a jury but by the people, it’s their choice. You know that there are people out there who like your work, like what you’re doing, and isn’t this something great? I guess it’s more about that than the actual trophy.

picture: The Gold Guys

But why do only singers and actors get honored? Okay, there are also prices for producers, writers, and so on, but why don’t honor the firemen? Why not the police officers, or the butchers? Do they not do a great job, too? Maybe the office girl, or the house keeper are not that popular, but they also do a great job. What would we do without them? Every job has to be done, so in every job people should be honored. They do not need a big live TV show, or a big golden trophy. But what is wrong, when the boss tells his employees they did a good job? Some nice words, maybe an extra pay or more days off to show them, that he respects their work.

I worked for some years in an office, and it was mostly like that: the boss expected you to do your job without any mistakes – he took that for granted and didn’t say anything, but when you did 1% wrong, he always came complaining about that single, little mistake. I guess it’s also in other companies like that which is very sad. What is wrong to tell someone when he did a good job? I guess that motivates him. It shows him that he’s respected and his work is appreciated.

So what do you think who should get an award? Who would deserve what kind of award? So let’s talk about people who should be honored for what they did. This can be a friend, who was always there for you, your family, someone who helped you out and were on your side when you needed her the most. Like such award shows, we love to hear something nice, when we can affect someone else in a positive way and he or her appreciates what we’re doing. So please leave a comment and tell me, if you watch and like such award shows and who should get what kind of award, or should be honored for something incredible. There is no big show needed, and that person doesn’t have to be a celebrity, but it's never wrong saying you appreciate to have someone special in your life.

I’d like to give an award to my parents who always supported me and still do, and to my best friend for being always on my side for almost 18 years. I can tell you everything, it’s so good to have you in my life. We have a beautiful and long lasting friendship, and I feel very blessed having you in my life.


Here's a new poem I wrote. Hope you guys like it and I can read your comments.

picture by Alyssa L. Miller
Why am I so afraid?
I know you won’t hurt me.
I want you to see me.
I want to be a part of your life.
I am just too afraid.
Afraid you don’t let me in
Afraid you’re gonna hate me for trying
Afraid you think I am just a weirdo,
One of so many out there
But I’m not.
I won’t hurt you, I want you to be happy.
I care for you so much.

I am afraid
I don’t wanna be afraid.
I wanna dare, I am simply too shy.
I really hope I can find a way,
Find it soon.
Wanna be part of your life,
But I don’t wanna hurt you, don’t wanna blame you.
Don’t want you to suffer.
Maybe I am a weirdo, maybe I think too complicated.
If I only wouldn’t be so afraid.
Why am I? Why can’t I dare?
I miss you, I love you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Inspiration is everywhere

As I do not only write blog posts, but also enjoy writing in all its way, this post is just about that. So if you love it too, first question is: how do I start? Writing a novel, or play is not just like writing a blog post. You have to think about a good storyline, you have to create believable characters who develop in your story and make it interesting for your readers.

picture by Alfred Lohmann
When I start writing, I firstly think about what do I wanna tell people, what is my intention, my main topic? Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open. It might be hard to find something good to write about, and even harder to create the characters. So what can you do when you don’t wanna write a fan fiction?

Fan fiction is a good thing to start with, as you only have to think of the story and not of the characters. You don’t have to explain so much about them, because people already know the characters, where they live, who and how they are. So it’s also for you easier to think of the behavior of them. How they handle and what they say in various situations. No character is exactly the same, they can’t agree all the time, that would not be real life. And even you as a writer want to write about people who could really exist that way, so they also have to have some imperfections, some problems they have to deal with. They have to overcome their fear, or do something that is worth to be written about.

Different characters have different opinions, so you reach more people. Some agree with one character and some with the other. You can show two different sides, and don’t think in only one way. Development is also important because your readers want to feel with your characters, so they get more and more interested in his or her life, and when they find some parts of your character in themselves and talk about them like they would know them personally, you have won. That’s a very good thing for your story.

Every person speaks differently, so it’s good, when your readers just read the spoken words and know which of your characters is saying that. So before you start writing, you think about all the characters that appear in your story. Think what they like, what they don’t like, where they come from, write them a family story. Are they related, are they friends, do they know each other or do they meet at some point of your story? When you know everything about them, you can easier feel like them and have a better imagination how they would talk and what they might say. Then it’s like fan fiction – you have the characters and can finally write your story.

picture by Tony Fischer
But where do you get the information you need that you can create characters? Well, I love to watch people and think what they might say to each other. Imagine you’re sitting on a bench in the park. A woman walks by with her dog. Kids are playing nearby. What could she think? Does she like the kids? Does she wanna have her own kids, or does she already have a girl or a boy? Maybe she and her husband are separated and the kids are with him, and she has to go alone for a walk with the dog. The kids can remind her that she misses her own kids, maybe that she went to that playground very often with them. Or she thinks about her childhood, that she used to live here, then moved and came back because of her mom who needs her help. What could have happened? Why is she going for a walk, or is she on the way to her girlfriend?

People are everywhere, and so is the inspiration. You wanna write about the real life, so go out and watch the real life. Don’t follow anyone, just watch people in one specific moment. No matter if you're on a bus, at the mall, or anywhere else. Think what these guys could think about. Why are they here? What are they doing? With whom are they here? Think about their story. This helps me a lot to find something to write about.

Just go out, get your inspiration and write. Good writing needs time and also lots of rewritings, editing and changes, but it makes fun to create a story and characters. You can also write in a coffee shop, or at the library. Maybe there is more inspiration, as only sitting on your computer at home.

Surprise, Surprise

Jim Parsons

Because we all love surprises, Vicky and I wanna surprise Jim Parsons, actor of the CBS hit comedy “The Big Bang Theory”. As he turns 40 in March, Vicky had the idea to collect fan messages, and because I love that idea, I help her with it.

The plan is easy: everyone who wants to be part of the surprise writes me. All your messages will be put together, we make one big letter and send it to Jim. So if you wanna write him something, send him some birthday wishes, just write me an email sannyspiess (at) (the (at) is for security reason to avoid spammers writing me, please replace it with @) -> or use the contact form below!!!
Please add your first name and where you come from (only your country or state like Canada or Florida), and write that this is for Jim’s birthday letter. And no worry, I won't give your email address to anyone!!
If you want to, you can also send me a video message, as we will also add a DVD to the letter. So if you don't wanna write something, you can say your words and make a short video. But please don't make it longer than three minutes. Thanks.

Edit: So you can send your personal messages and birthday wishes to Jim, you can write him, make a video greeting, or you can take a picture like the Robin Tunney's fans did, when she turned 40. Thanks to Kayla, who told me about this. 


But besides that I have another idea, which if you guys like it, will be also put on the DVD. I thought about making a funny news show, like Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live. I'd be the host, and we have four contributions which are all about the things Jim likes.
  • First is about theater compared to real life
  • Second about a movie called "The Real Simpsons" (which won't exist, it's like the whole show just fun ;))
  • Third about a new sports reporter, who's very excited but mixing up everything
  • Forth is about melody of the heart, family and love
I have made some specific ideas for every part but I don't wanna write here everything and don't wanna make this post too big. So if you are interested in being part of this, just write me. Then I'll give you more info. If you have some ideas, please feel free to write me, too, or comment this post.

You can also just use this contact form and writing me your messages to Jim, or/and when you wanna be part of the funny news show and wanna know the details.

Messages will be accepted till March 10, 2013.
Please spread the word and send the link to this blog post to all Jim fans and give them the chance to be a part of this hopefully big surprise for Jim.

Let us put Jim a big smile on his face – as the fact that he turns 40 prolly doesn’t do that…. 

Edit 2:
Here it is, the whole surprise for Jim. Thanks everyone for being part of this!!! It would not have worked without you all!!!
Click here to see the surprise for Jim ;)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The ability of liking someone or something

Have you ever asked yourself why you like someone, or not? It mostly happens in the first few seconds. Imagine you are sitting in a bar, having a drink with you friend and then you see this person. You can't hear her voice yet, because she's too far away, but coming towards you slowly. The closer she comes, the better you can see her. And already in that very moment you have made your first opinion of her. At college we learned that communication already starts the way we are dressed. Clothes showcases our personality to others. Clothes represents us. So when someone wears something that you would wear too, it's more likely you think positive about her.
And what is you meet that person on the internet? Well, more or less it depends on the person's writing. Does she use similar words like you, you keep writing with her, also when you figure out she likes the same things or she went through the same, like getting through a divorce.

But back to the bar. Imagine that person sits right next to you, talking to you. Now it's not only her clothes that you recognize, it's her voice, the way she talks, her gestures and her smell. In the German language there's the saying "Ich kann dich gut riechen", which simply means "I like you", but when you translate it word by word it's "I can smell you well". This might sounds weird to you, but it makes sense because several studies proved that smell is also an important factor if you like someone or not. It reminds you of a good childhood memory, or this person just smells like someone you know and like. We don't recognize this actively, but passively. I guess you all smelled something and then remembered something. For me it's like when I use the scent I used on a vacation. So every time I smell it, my memory of the vacation comes back, so I love it now even more.

Who are the reasons we like someone or something?
picture taken by D. Sharon Pruitt
But what is about Sheldon, the quirky character of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, played by Jim Parsons? Is he liked by more and more guys because so many people already like, write and talk about him? I guess if he would exist the way Jim plays him, he would be as popular as in the show. So can it also be possible that someone who is liked by many people, will be liked by even more just because of that? Yes. We are interested in what others like, especially if it's liked by someone we like because of the above mentioned things. So we keep focused and even though we don't understand what people like about that person at the beginning, we stay interested. And some day, we start liking that person, maybe because we wanted to know more about him because so many guys seem to like him. And then these facts we learned about that person, make us feel we know him well, and maybe let us realize that we have more similarities with him than we thought at first.

It's also about other stuff for sure, not only people. So often that some friends talked about something like a book, a movie or a TV show, then I was curious, started to watch or read it and liked it, or not. It's not always working, because we are all different, and it's not the worst thing when two people who like each other don't agree with everything. Sometimes it's good to have a different opinion on something. Maybe this interest will bring you to someone else who also is a fan of that. So you meet people in your life. Sometimes the more you know about them, the more you like them, and sometimes people drift apart because their interests changes too much and they have less and less in common.

What do you think of that? How do you know when you really like someone or something? What's important to you?

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