My Story

I was born and raised in the south of Germany, and go to a college in Karlsruhe. It’s the sunniest and warmest city of whole Germany and if you will go there, it’s really worth a visit. Whole Baden-W├╝rttemberg is really beautiful, not just Karlsruhe. Baden-Baden, Konstanz, and my fave german city Heidelberg are, too. If none of this cities rings a bell, you might have heard of Stuttgart – at least if you have seen the movie The Avengers.
After school I worked two years in an office, checking that our suppliers delivered the goods we ordered in time, so we could sell them to our customers. It was a company like amazon.
Now I study Media Management in Karlsruhe which contains lots of writing. For mags, newspapers, the internet, and also for radio and TV or video contributions, e.g. for youtube. It makes lots of fun because I can do what I love the most: writing. All kinda. And I can also learn many things about media production like advertising, marketing and event planning.

The most important
My Family and my chosen family. I don’t have so many friends, but only a very few people who come into your life can be named friends. Someone who is next to you on a bright and sunny day, is easy to find, but a real friend is still with you when you feel like being in your darkest and coldest night. I am very happy to have such wonderful friends, my amazing parents and my brother who always support me. They are my rock. I wouldn’t be anything without them. They encourage me when I feel weak, when I don’t know how to go on. I am deeply grateful for having them.

My aunt and me

my lil princess, my sis Isa

me with my cousin Tobias and Simone

My passion
I started writing at the age of 8. Two years before that I started to learn English on my own. I went to the mall with my Dad and after we filled our cart, I stood in front of the mags and saw one called Magic English. Learning English with the Disney Stars – made for kids like I was back then. It wasn’t just a mag with pics and lil stories, it also contained a video cassette – for those who can’t remember: this was a big black tape, not the slim DVD we all know now.
So I learned English and German reading about the same time which helped me a lot afterwards during my school time. The English language had always fascinated me and I am still very happy when I hear it. Until now, I have never been to the US, but I really love to. I love that I also met in Germany so many American guys, and call me a weirdo but it kinda feels like home to me.
That’s the reason why I do this blog in English and also a reason why I started to study because, believe me or not, the company I worked for had customers from abroad but they all could speak German. So I couldn’t use any English and I really missed it. Mean, I also learned French at school for about 7 years, and after I haven’t spoken it this much in the past 5 years, it feels like I have forgotten it. As I started so early learning English, I don’t think that this will ever happen with that language, too, but I don’t wanna risk that.
When I started writing I mostly used TV shows like Honey, I shrunk the kids. This was my fave show back then and I used the characters to write my own stories for them. And this was the start. It was fun for me to use my creativity, what could happen to these characters. Sometimes I mixed the characters of two different shows, or invented some on my own. I still get inspired by so many US shows, but also my real life has given me lots of ideas for things to write about.

When I started my blog
For those who pondered why my blog is called Unravelling the mysteries, well, it depends on that one line taken from the Big Bang Theory’s theme song. The show helped me finding back to my passion. While I was working, I felt like I would miss something but I didn’t know what it was. The Big Bang caused a big bang in my life. I was interested in how the show was made, was written, and what everyone of them did before. I was curious, I wanted to know more, and at the end I figured out that I missed the writing. To be creative, to write stories, to tell people what’s on my mind. That’s why I love the show. I started the blog shortly after the series Touch aired regularly on TV. It is the only show I know of which the US start was not so much before the German start – normally the German episodes air about half a year later. It was also the time in which I realized that everything in this life has to happen for a reason and at a special time. So these two series have guided and inspired and changed me in some way.
I love to think about life and all its mysteries. I wanna figure them out, at least I wanna find out what they mean to me. Because I think if something happen and the same happen to another person it isn’t exactly the same, it has a different meaning. So I wanna find out my truth and share this with those who are interested in, stopping by and taking their precious time reading what’s on my mind. I really appreciate that. That I can write about everything, that maybe I can create a big bang in some else’s life. That he reads what I wrote, thinks about it, and finds his own truth in it. If there is at least one person who will read my blog, it is worth it. It is the same with everything: the amount is not important. I do it for me and for everyone who wants to read it. Whether they like it or not – I love to read what other guys all around the world think about it. So even if you disagree with me, tell me. I love to get different point of views.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, to stop by and be a guest on my blog, and of my world. We are all connected, not just with the internet. Everything has to happen, has to be for reason. I believe in that. The life of everyone is a big puzzle, we need help to see its picture. We have to complete it. Therefore some people have to enter our life at a special time, when we think we can’t go on, when we feel lost, everything is dark and empty. These people are the big bangs – they come out of nowhere, expanding in your life and you can’t imagine how your life was like before that happened. Such big bangs can happen to us every day, some are bigger and some smaller, and we can also be such big bangs to others. Because the show was like that to me, I see it like that. I needed time to understand, but this is my truth of it. I don’t know, if this is really why the show is called like that, but it’s the way it all started. Neither Penny nor Sheldon or Leonard haven’t expected to meet each other, and they wouldn’t have talked to each other under different circumstances. But Penny came to the guys like out of nowhere, expanded and still changing their lives, and so the guys changed her. It’s the start of a new life.
Life is like a net. Numbers made codes, codes to describe our life. I would be pleased if you would  help me to unravel my code, my mystery. If you would be a big bang for me or let me be a big bang for you. Because it all started with a big BANG.

PS: And maybe you will also unravel the mystery of my blog ;).

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