Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Don't wanna sing another love song

What are the most songs about? Right: love. The most people sing about love, finding love, the love of their life. Like nothing else is more important than that. Love is all around, we all wanted to be loved. I agree with that but sometimes we have to realize that our life has not only love to offer.

When I watch the news I see war. Fighting people, guys shooting others, doing bad things to other people. I see guys committing arson, stealing, guys who hold others hostage or rape them. Where does all these cruelty come from? Why do so many people hate others, what went wrong with these guys? Maybe they never had a good social life, they always lived on their own or they were treated very badly or just no one took ever notice of them. I don’t know what it brings them to do such evil things.

Some guys are quite normal and no one would have ever considered that he or she would do such a cruelty. Okay we have to say, that mostly men or boys want to show their power over others and wants to start a fight, but I would never say that girls or women can’t have the same level of cruelty. And even if it’s not about the crime that happens every day all over the world, it’s also the sickness and poverty of so many people like in Africa. Why do we have so much and they still live like 100 years ago? They don’t have electricity, no warm water or even water at all, not even a toilet. We can’t imagine life without all these things and we complain everyday about our 'bad' life.

We don’t need a villa with a swimming pool, golden faucets and stuff like that. We only see the people who have that, so we believe we should have that, too. But when we see the people who really suffer, we don’t care. Is that the right behavior? We convince ourselves not to know about these things, we see bad things all the time in the news. What we wanna see is the glamour and beauty of life. And so we sing another love song.
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