Sunday, April 15, 2012

The significance of blaming

In our life everything and everyone has to be perfect. The look, the behavior, just everything. And when it comes to some wrinkles, we do everything to make them less visible, using various of cremes. Okay especially the women do this, but there are also more and more men who take care of their look.

Surrounded by perfection we all try to do our best to fit into this eternal youth. Isn’t it there sometimes better not to pretend but simply be? I mean, just to be yourself even if you blame yourself. If you do a mistake and don’t try to hide it, doesn’t this make you more human?

We should not convince ourself to be what we aren’t. The real world is not Hollywood. We need real human beings in our life, we aren’t that embarrassed when we see others can make mistakes, too, and laugh about it. That encourages us to be what we are - no robots, no machines, and not perfect.

Don’t be mad at yourself when you do something and try to pretend it didn’t happen. Just smile, admit you made something that wasn’t planned that way. Everyone will laugh for a moment, and it’s okay. They see you are strong enough being yourself.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

This was such a wonderful post!! You're so right - we blame ourselves WAY too much. We expect such perfection from ourselves and nobody can live up to that. Thanks for yet another wonderful post my friend.

Mary Elizabeth said...

I have a little quote which I love and this reminded me of it.
"You lose a lot of laughs if you never learn to laugh at yourself."
I know this isn't so much blaming, but more so acknowledging the silly mistakes we do make, and learning to laugh at them, for it is normal for anyone and everyone to do so.

Sanny said...

Love the quote, that's so true. We shouldn't take everything so serious and should be able to laugh about our mistakes, because they let us grow and mistakes makes us human.

Sanny said...

We expect perfection but nobody is perfect and it would be very boring if we would be, wouldn't it? Mistakes make our life much more interesting and funny as well, it gives us stories to tell, gives us memories that we can share with others and that will bring us closer together.

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