Saturday, April 14, 2012

The theory about the Big Bang Theory

So many guys all over the world had thought about our origin. Where do we come from? Did this ‘big bang’ actually happen? And what was there before that? Questions over questions. We get more possibilities to figure this out, we already know a lot about this, but still there are so many questions unanswered. It is interesting for many people who want to know more. And so do I.

I mean, if you would be adopted, you once would reach a point in your life, in which you want to know about your real parents, about your origin. You would want to know where you are from, what your parents are like and what happened that they gave you away. So is this for me. I know my parents and my family and I am totally happy with that. But it could be different. We all wanna figure out about where we come from. We wanna know more about the world’s greatest mystery: The big bang.

Maybe there was another universe before our was created. We know that everything is still expanding, back from this big bang force. But it is like an elastic band. You can stretch it but not endlessly. When you stop, it will shrink again, or if you go on stretching, it will reach a point and then rip apart. I think it could be the same with the universe. Maybe when the other force (as we know from physics lessons at school, there are always action and reaction, so always two contrary forces) isn’t strong enough any more, any of these two options could happen - depending on the stronger force.

Maybe before our universe was formed, there was another, which shrank and exploded because of the speed and big force, like again the elastic band. This could cause this big bang, and afterwards it was expanding again and still is. But I am not a physicist, it could be that if someone who is one, is laughing now, but I don’t care. It's just what I think about it, my imagination, what I think based on what I learned so far about it, could be possible.

What do you think about the Big Bang? Have you ever thought about it? Please let me know.

This is a good short explanation of the big bang for those of you who only know a sitcom with a similar name ;) ->

BTW: Since this show we probably all know, we do at least know what was there before the (second) Big Bang happened (in 2007): Dharma and Greg. Maybe for solving the next big mystery, we should first ask the two wise guys called Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady ;)
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