Saturday, April 7, 2012

Future working place

More and more technology comes to us. Computers are programmed to do more and more, but can they really replace us in future? So many working places were gone because of the computers which made everything faster and easier. Their creators say they can’t make mistakes, work overtime and don’t need payment. They will never say any bad word about the company, they don’t need to go to work and therefore don’t need an insurance if anything could happen while it goes to work or home from work or during the working times, because if anything should happen, it will be simply replaced and repaired.  

So the company sees all these things and think therefore it is way better to use more and more machines. But someone still has to take a look or do they also have robots who can find mistakes in other robots and replace them? Can they really be programmed to be as smart as a human being? I honestly don’t think so.

The point which is much more interesting and I don’t think that they would have ever considered that: who would afford money to buy the company’s products? I mean if only robots would work, no real person would have a job and so probably no money. So the company will certainly not have that much costs like when real people work for it, but they won’t sell anything, so also their income will decrease. I don’t know, if this would be something they want to happen. Not having any money. They can’t repair their robots anymore, can’t produce, and I think if no workers are necessary, not even a real boss should be there. If everyone is equal and all the workers can be replaced, the boss can be, too, can’t he?

What do you think about it? Can robots really replace us? Please write me your opinion, let me know what you think about it.
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