Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Raise your voice

You have a voice, so why not use it? You can say what you think, share your opinion with everyone. You take it for granted that you have a voice, but not everyone has one. So why not use it? Do you think that nothing will change when you say something? That your voice won’t count? Isn’t important? That these people do what they want anyway? But what if everyone would think like that? Would it be better if there wouldn’t be an election, only because no one goes voting?

What if no one would vote, no one would raise his or her voice? Isn’t it a great thing that you can vote? That you have the possibility to do that? Be part of your country, decide who should be allowed to decide. For your country, the country you live in. There are many people who live there and it’s not easy to do something that everyone agrees with. It’s not easy to find always the right solution.

It’s easy to promise things, promise to change everything that didn’t go well. There are lots of things to do, some might have worked and some might have not. But will Mitt Romney be better? Can he really do that? Or should we give Barack Obama four more years, to do even more?

It’s completely on you who you vote for. And maybe Sandy will change it a bit these days what you think of the President and the Governor. You might have seen the three debates, you saw what they talked about, what they said and promised. You have to inform yourself, think about with whom you agree more. Think what is best for your country. Think who has the better strategy, the better plans, the better ideas, and think if it's possible that they can realize what they promise. Because you do not just live there, you have the opportunity to co-determine and in my mind, you should do that.

So when you don’t like something, say it or nothing will ever be changed. If you’re happy the way it is, then say it or others will change it. Be part of it. Raise your voice. Not everything can work well, not everything can be something that everyone likes. Do something for your country, because you are part of it and so you should be interested in it, that it can be there for you and help you with your interests. So you can feel even more at home.

if you haven't seen the Third Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy

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