Monday, October 8, 2012

Are you already dancing?

Do you know when you wanna watch something, but no matter to which channel you switch, you see the same? So do I feel these days. Everywhere is dancing, everyone is dancing. It all started on Ellen, where I saw Britney trying to dance the Oppa Gangnam Style. That was the first time I heard about that dance. I'm not a good dancer but I think this a dance that everyone can dance. So, could this be the reason why this Korean guy named Psy has so much success with this? The video has reached more than 63 million viewers which is absolutely amazing and astonishing.

About a month ago, when I firstly saw that video, I really asked myself what people can like about this dance. Could it really be because it seems to be so easy and everyone could dance it, so it just cheers up everyone? I mean mostly the simplest things can create the biggest fun, right? So Psy was at the VMA's, even on Saturday Night Live. Unbelievable that it was supposed to be for Korea only. Even to him this whole thing seems to be unreal, and he never thought of having such an huge success with the dance, he said at the VMA's this year.
Noble at daytime and crazy at night - that's Gangnam Style. 
Psy at the VMA's 2012

Yes, youtube makes a lot of things possible. It is easier for people that they get noticed, when they simply make a video, upload it on youtube and share it on Twitter and Facebook. Okay there is also much really bad stuff on there, so sorting out good stuff can be hard. But it's not only Psy who showed that there are talented people on youtube. And it can work very well. There are a lot of people who started on the video platform, too, like Justin Bieber. The internet can be great for young artists, and maybe some people can see the talent and then start working with these people so that even more guys out there can see or hear them.

Youtube is not only a platform for dancers or singers, also actors or comedians can have a chance there. I know a few from Germany who are actually good and funny. They do it in their free time and not for earning money, it's more about the fun. The internet is not only a way where you can read or find information, everyone has the possibility to be a part of it. You can share content you like, discuss about your favorite shows, or show something about your life to your friends, like pictures. You do not only sit with your family in front of the TV anymore and talk about what you see, you also go online and chat with friends about it worldwide.

There is even a new shopping possibility that I found recently. You can go shopping online, and while doing that use the chat of the shop and discuss with your friends wherever they are, about what you want to buy. Okay there are also a few shops already on Facebook, so I guess it's also possible there, but will this change our actual real life? Do we really need that or isn't it better to really go shopping and chat with your friends? Will the internet one day be our first way of communication?

The internet is a good thing, obviously. Everyone can be a part of it. It's like that dance. Everyone can do it. It seems to be simple and maybe it is simple. Maybe just too simple for anyone else, and that's why no one had the idea before. It's maybe to do something that already exists, but mix it with something extraordinary, so that it is special, unique. And you should have fun doing it, then others will have fun, too. Then you can dance everywhere, and motivate everyone to join you.

At the end of the post I'd like to share with you a video of a German magician that I found on youtube. He proves that you can do something extraoridinary with something that you already know. I guess you have never seen a greater presentation of the iPad - and even Steve Jobbs would have liked it.

What are your favorite videos on youtube? Do you think that tomorrow's stars can be found on the internet or do you think these guys can't be successful over a longer period of time? And: are you already dancing?


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sanny .. I rarely watch YouTube videos - only when I really want to - via recommendations ... I simply don't have time or interest, so it has to be something really special.

I did watch the ipad video .. it was fun! Cheers Hilary

Sanny said...

@Hilary: I didn't watch very much on youtube some years ago - so I know what you mean. Mostly I only saw a music video and that was it. But it started one year ago that I watch more often. I don't spend hours every day there, but I find more and more really good, funny and interesting videos there.

Anonymous said...

I love your site, but honestly tell you that you need more for him to monitor those who commented with your records.

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