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The Big Bang Theory

For those who think the Big Bang Theory is 'only' a sitcom and haven't heard of the actual big bang yet. I tried to explain it by using the characters of the show. Hope you guys like it. Would love to read your comments.

the Big Bang Theory - picture from Wikipedia

Sheldon: First there was darkness and cold. Seemed to be nothing. But nothing is nothing. Only one smart genius is needed to prove that. Someone who thinks a lot about everything in the world, in the universe. Everything that contains this world, everything that is in there, existing. Because there is so much more than meets the eye. So much we’re not aware of. And so this one genius looks closer and finds something in the nothing. The one who thinks he’s the center of everything, the beginning. Who doesn’t need anybody else, but everybody need him, to exist, to survive. He feels like the base, the core. And he starts to show it. To show his smartness, to prove that he sees more, that he sees everything more precisely. He shows us something in the nothing. Zoom. Look closer. Can you see them? Can you see the tiny little strings? The tinier the better. Everything is in the detail. You have to remember that. Never forget what happened once.

Leonard: But it’s not only a theorist needed to let this continue. It’s not only about seeing something, and understand it. It’s also about doing. Giving the power, proving that another genius is needed, too. One who doesn’t think that much. One who just does it. He wants to get out from where he feels trapped. He wants to explore the world. He wants to do experiments, tries out new things. Even though the first genius feels comfortable the way everything is, and that everyone has his own spot in the world, the second genius knows there is more out there. And he has to force his friend to realize life is not only about thinking, and same procedures. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone, to maybe find another, a better place to be. And so he raises a power, bringing the tiny strings together to a big mass. They contract. Getting bigger and brighter, and then in a sudden, they fly away. As fast as a flash, the two geniusses start to move.

Raj: They meet stars which were formed by the explosion. Some had turned to smaller and some to larger masses, the strings are clutching, and the nothing fills with even more something. Better to see for everyone. The stars were moving, but some are getting slower now. One loses his speed for a reason, but he doesn’t want to stand still. He loves to pause, to hold on, and enjoy the beauty of what is in front of him. The colors, the forms, everything. He feels like dreaming, but he wants to feel alive. He wants to meet other stars, he knows they are out there. But he can’t move. He can’t go, he needs help. As beautiful as everything around him is, he feels upset. Deep inside he misses something so badly. And when his dude comes up, and they meet other stars, he starts dreaming again. The beauty of life, one day it will come to him. One day he’ll find the brightest star, and forming a sun.

Howard: No, he’s not a rocket scientist. But he loves the space, he loves the speed. He rushes through the universe, and everything is interesting to see. The stars, the planets. Everything that is out there. And he loves to meet them all, get to know them better. Some he might only see, but can’t get that far, so he starts fantasizing. He’s maybe not the smartest, but he is looking for every chance to meet new stars. He wants to show that even he is someone special and he needs stars to prove it. So he’s like a rocket, flying through space, taking his slow friend with him. He helps him to meet other stars, and explores more and more. But one day he comes too close to the orbit. He’s attracted, can’t go anywhere else. His journey is over, the rocket has landed.

Bernadette: Though she’s not big, she’s powerful. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. She’s smart, and that’s how she got him. He’s powerless. She has to take care of him from this moment on. He felt safe in his home, his rocket. But now, he has to finally move out. He lives with her now, the rocket is gone, the reality is shown and their future ahead. Something small can expand into something big. The small ones can have the largest power. She stopped him to move any further. He’s with her, starting a new life. Tiny little creatures crawling on the earth. Coming out to see the light. Like a waitress, she serves them life, gives them love, as she has lots of love to give. Nice and endearing, but rude to everyone who wants to stop her in any way.

Amy: The tiny lives develop. They become bigger, and so their brains. It’s once again all about thinking. Thinking more closely, looking more presicely. The strings are now in the brain, forming synapses to help remembering. Remembering traditions, procedures, to remember where you belong to, where your spot in life is. The brain is needed for every being. The better the brain works, the easier the living organism can survive. The brain is a mystery like the universe. So much no one knows about it, so much no one is aware of. But one genius will find the solutions. She’s another genius who thinks as much as the first, but wants to develop, wants to see more than what’s just in her mind. She feels to be in between the tiny creatures, and what she wants to become. But she prefers what she sees as her future. And so the development continues.

Penny: Everyone of these geniuses are parts of her life. Like an actress she can play everyone. It’s on her which character she choose to play in her life. But she can do them all. She knows them very well. Every new day is another chance to 'serve', to showcase someone else, like a waitress, to the audience, the people who surround her. Like the waitress who serves life, she shows varieties of life to the people. That they can see there’s so much more out there, things we can’t make out with our eyes. The life we now know and have, needed time, needed development. Smart geniuses, all very different, are part of us right now. That girl in the end is what the brainiac wants to become, and the reason for the second genius that he forced his friend to move. Just that he can find his spot in life.
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