Friday, October 19, 2012

Can dreams come true?

Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men. 

Today I post a very spontaneous blog entry about my dream I had last night. Have you ever dreamed about your future? Normally I have dreams, or better said I can remember my dreams, when I have lots of stuff in my mind, but tonight I dreamed about my life in about 4 years. I met my former class mates, and also some of my current fellow students. We were in a train, talking, and remembering the past, our time together at school or college. It was pretty fun and I loved to see them again.
In the next scene of my dream we were all sitting in a bar, and we watched something like a movie about our school days. I don't remember that we have ever done such a video, but anyway, it reminded me in my dream how much time had passed since we did our exams. In real life it was five years ago, but in my dreams in was nine years already. I heard myself saying to one of my class mates: "We should do our next school reunion next year, because then it will be 10 years. 10 years already, can you imagine? Time is passing by so quickly."
He agreed with me, and though I don't know who exactly he was, in my dream I knew everyone. And then there was the next scene, the one I liked the most. It was me with my son. He was about two years old, and I felt that I am totally happy. I still remember his blue eyes and blonde hair. He was very tall for his age, and I couldn't stop to cuddle him. Then I wanted to switch on the TV, but the remote didn't work. After I realized I pressed the wrong button, it finally worked. I wanted to see something else than what appeared on the screen but my boy distracted me with his smile and when I watched back to the screen I saw a pink dressed Penny standing next to Leonard in a suit, both were talking and looked a bit confused. Then I realized I switched on CBS, and it was the last scene of a Big Bang Theory episode. Then the next show started and Jim appeared on the screen doing some sort of news in a funny way, just like Seth Meyers on SNL. Jim wore a tux and sat behind a desk. Before I woke up, I said something to my little boy that really touched me. I don't wanna write what it was, only when my dream will come true. That's the reason why I thought I should write this down. I can come back to this post in 4 years and maybe, maybe it happened, maybe it came true. I hope so!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. 

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. 

Have you ever had a dream about your future? And did it come true? Do you dream often and do you think that dreams are important? Can they show us the truth, or do they only showcase us what we want but doesn't know yet? Is it only our imagination, our 'dream life'?
I think that dreams are important and show us much of our personality and can help us finding the right solutions. I dream a lot, but mostly I dream about the here and now. I also dreamed a couple of times from the past, but not very often. Sometimes I even have really strange dreams, that could never happen like that. But I keep saying that the story has to be like that, to let me see the deeper meaning, that I think about it and use the things in my dream as metaphors. But I've never dreamed of my future before, one that could actually happen. Me with a boy is something that I can't really imagine right now, and I am excited in some way if my life will be like that in about 4 years.


meradeth said...

That's some seriously vivid dreaming! I am kind of jealous--the only dreams I've ever had that were that vivid were nightmares (particularly the one where alien moose attacked the earth, lol!). I do think some people are more in-tune with things though, and dreaming the future doesn't strike me as impossible!

Leslie S. Rose said...

Any dream with Big Bang Theory in it must be prophetic.

Sanny said...

@meradeth: nightmares are really bad. i had such a time a few years ago. dreamed lots of bad stuff - glad it's over. this was the first time that i dreamed about my future. let's see if it will come true ;)

@Leslie: dreams with big bang are really something special!!

Thanks for commenting.

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