Saturday, May 5, 2012

Forgive but never forget

So many things happen in our life. And not every time these are good ones. The bad ones are the things that we keep more often in mind. But why is this the case? Maybe we think we only deserve the good things in life so we take it as ‘normal’ when something good happen to us. But it is ‘strange’ or not ‘fair’ if anything bad happen to us. So we can’t understand that and therefore we keep this things longer in our mind.

It is not always bad if something bad happens to us. We all have to make mistakes that we can learn and grow with them. If we would not do these, we would standing still, being constantly at the same point and do not move, neither forward nor backward. So all the bad things make us stronger. That is why we should never forget them and always remember them.

When we were treated badly in some way and we realized after a while, some months or years later, that these people have changed and are sorry for what they did to you in the past, we can forgive them but we should never forget. Because we wouldn’t be the person we are today if we would not had to go through these tough times. To forgive someone is important because you also would want that someone would forgive you after you have done a mistake or treaten someone badly and you have to admit that you are not a saint and always just nice.

We all have our tough times, we are all not always friendly. Maybe you have a hard time and so you can’t understand someone else being happy, so you say something inappropriate. You are sorry afterwards because you didn’t mean it that way and you hope that this person will accept your apology. So it is important to forgive someone but you should never forget.
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