Thursday, May 17, 2012

Don't copy - be yourself

Back in school we learned that copying is totally wrong. We have to find our own words, writing our own story. We have to figure out the maths equation without any help and not to look what the one sitting next to us is doing. We have to make everything on our own because we shall learn it.

But copying is in us. I mean I always say I am like a mirror. When someone does anything, I recognise afterwards that I am doing exactly the same. I firstly found out when I noticed myself doing something that I have never done before. I just did it without thinking - unknowingly. Like biting finger nails, or putting my hair over the left shoulder. Nothing really special, and I needed time to find out because I did it, as I already wrote, without noticing. And one day I recognised it and remembered someone else doing it and I asked myself, when I started doing the same.

I had this a couple of times, that I did something, and sometimes I remember the person who does the same, but sometimes I don’t. Mostly I copy things from people I met in real life, but it can also be someone I saw on TV.

Some days ago I had an interesting conversation with someone about it. He read a book about people who do the same as someone else. He likes that because then he can be sure that someone pays attention on you. He gave an example, when one person looks in one direction, and the whole crowd look the same way, even when there is nothing to see. It’s the same with yawning. One yawns and the rest do, too. That is because we all feel connected. Back to the Stone Age, when one was tired, everyone was, so they all slept at the same time.

I think it is interesting to see that we don’t have to copy in some way but it is also in us to copy. We are all connected to each other. We feel closer. Maybe we need time to notice that but I guess we are all unique. We are like a single music instrument. Alone we work okay, but in the group we work better. The more instruments wanna sound like one, the better will be the orchestra.


brian said...

hey sanny...awesome post...have a great night and dont forget to smile

Sanny said...

Thank you, Brian. Have a great night, too.
A smile makes every day a little bit brighter, doesn't it?

brian said...

yes it does

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Wonderful post as always Sanny. I think we often copy others without even realizing it, losing a bit of our individuality along the way.

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