Friday, May 18, 2012

Full of happiness

Our heart is like a glass filled with happiness – but we don’t recognize that, and so we overfill it. Instead of being more happy, we lose happiness the more we try to fill it.

When I remember about 10 years ago, I was a huge fan of ‘Buffy – The Vampire Slayer’. I loved to watch it, as well as ‘Charmed’ and ‘Angel’. Now the vampires are back. I don’t know what guys these days love about ‘Twilight’ and ‘Vampire Diaries’. Maybe the vampires come back every decade. But what is so fascinating about them? Mostly for the young people? Because they are mean, mysterious, thirsty for blood? Or that they are simply not human?

Well, honestly I don’t think that vampires are less human than we are. No offense, but I think we can be thirsty as a vampire. Why? Let me explain: we want more. Always. No matter what it is. We can never have enough. We want something until we have it and then we want something else. Like a baby who wants to have the toy, the more often you say he or she won’t get it, the more will the baby cry. But when you finally give him the toy, he’s happy and after some minutes he wants to have another toy.

Same is when we are older. So many women want to have a family and a successful career. That’s good, definitely, but some have the wish that everything is easy to handle and just working out perfectly. Okay girls we can multi-task, but is this good if we do it the whole time? Of course not. We can’t be the perfect wife who is always there when their kids need her, e.g. when they are sick. Can we simply cancel the meeting just for that?  We have to find out what is more important to us – being in the office, working over time, and only see the kids when they’re sleeping, or taking care of them, spending time with them and your partner but doesn’t have such a well-paid job.

I saw Lynette on the series finale of Desperate Housewives, struggling with herself. She has always been the tough business lady who wanted big success and she was good at it. But she decided to stay at home, raising her kids. After she broke up with Tom and finally the two found back together in the end, she got a big opportunity to take. She wants to work again because she missed it, but she never regretted spending time at home – maybe sometimes but not overall. She figured out that she always wanted more, after she got Tom back, she also wanted her job back. She has always been like that – when she had one, she wanted to have another thing, too.

We are all like Lynette. We are never satisfied with the things we have. So I do compare us to vampires. We are thirsty all the time. Not for blood, but for other things. We are made like this – especially the commercials and ads use this thinking. We see something and they convince us we want it. And when we have the new Apple, we wait till its next product will be released and we feel that we need to buy it. And I don’t mean an actual apple – if you know what I mean.

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