Thursday, May 31, 2012

A lil piece of ideal world

Smiling faces, happy families. That’s what we see in all these commercials. On TV. On the movie screen. Everywhere. It seems to be perfect. No mistakes, everyone is awesome looking, very friendly and nice and everything just works perfectly. You see it and you wanna have it because you know that your life isn’t like that at all.

You have several problems to deal with every single day. You have met people in your life who aren’t these nice to you, treated you very badly or you felt betrayed in some way. So you think if you buy this product mentioned in the ad or commercial everything will be fine and just like that. But you also know that it can’t be possible. But you are a believer and so you give it a try.

Some products might work the way it was praised but some not. That is what might make you angry in some way. You wanna live in this bubble. You wanna have all the beauty of life, left out all the dark sides. That’s why we all love commercials. We don’t say it like that because it frustrates us that our life isn’t that easy, so we don’t admit it, but we watch it anyway. It’s like a dream life, a fairy tale.

I have to say I like watching commercials when they are well made, which means they have to be smart, devastating and creative. It is part of the media so it has to entertain me. There are so many commercials, so I only wanna watch the ones that are actually good. When I was in the UK last year, I saw this Haribo commercial which I think is one of the funny ones.

What do you think about commercials? Do you like them? Do you pay attention on them? Do you think they’re useful? What is your fave?

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