Monday, May 14, 2012

The genius in us

There has to be dumb people in this world because otherwise no one could ever be identified as a genius.
What makes a genius? Can even I become one? Is it only genetic? Heritable? Well, just a little bit. About 50 - 60 %, and the rest is quite on us. What we do with what we got. Even smart guys has to train their brain to know everything related to his or her specialty. It also depends on the people we spend our time with, our parents and friends. Do they encourage us? Are they curious as well, try to figure out new things? Then we also want to prove we can keep up with them.

So being a genius, we all can be one. We have to find the thing we are most interested in, we are good at and having fun with. Some find this pleasure in physics, some in music, some in writing, some in acting, painting or anything else. Whatever it is, if you love it and do your best, you can become a genius at it. I mean, what actually is ‘a genius’? A smart person, of course, but what is the definition of it? Does this mean having an IQ of more than 100, which is the average in the United States? *

Well, if you have ever made an IQ test, you probably know that intelligence is not only based on knowledge. You have to think logically, you have to have visual thinking. You simply have to be better than others in something, and that makes you a genius. So, go out into the world, find some guys who are less smart and smile: a genius is also depending on who looks at you. Some will give you a glimpse and others will gaze in amazement. But being only surrounded by people who are, let’s call them ‘different-smart’, will maybe bring you to do less for what you’re good at and love to do. So you have to find someone who can look up to you, so you maybe inspire him or her for reaching the same you did, but you also need someone to whom you can look up to. That you never stop going on, never stop working because not even a genius knows really everything.

Certainly we are not Einstein and never will be. Figure out what you’re best at, that’s the first step: you have to know your ability. Second: work on it, improve your skills. And third: do not count the number of people knowing and liking you, do it for yourself, to prove yourself that you are someone special and be happy with even a less amount of guys who are able to see you.

* See on this website a list with the average IQ of different nations. In my opinion this is very interesting:


brian said...

hey sanny...i hear what your IQ is 136 and i may well be the dumbest person that i know...funny. have an awesome night and dont forget to smile

Sanny said...

Hey Brian, thanks for stopping by and writing a comment. I had once tested my IQ and it was about 126, but there are still so many things I don't know and understand. Sometimes I think I know nothing at all. You aren't dumb, I don't think that. The IQ is only a number, and it doesn't prove someone is smart or not. There is a genius in all of us.

brian said...

well said sanny, well said

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