Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The same difference

This week we work on an audio project at college, which will be aired on the radio - after it's finished of course. It is the first time, that my classmates and I do this and I have to admit it makes lots of fun. Even though you listen to the radio every day, making your own radio contribution isn't that easy. Our prof wants us to show two perspectives of the goths - he wants to have something about them every semester, so this time it's the job of my group and me.

We asked people on the street what they think about goths and I was surprised to hear that almost all of them only said positive things. "Everyone should live the way they want to." We heard something like that all the time. Honestly I thought it would be differently, that they do not tolerate them or are simply confused because they think the goths don't believe in God and stuff like that.
I mean we are all different in some way and it would be boring if everyone of us would have the same opinion on everything. The goths are a group of people who stick out very much. Especially those who were really dressed all in black, having chains with skulls and so on. Some other people might be scared when they see them on the street and I think, if we would have been accompanied by a goth, they might had reacted differently. As well as when they wouldn't had to speak into a mic.

We also had an interview with a famous gothic singer, who talked about the changes of the scene in the past years. It was really interesting. I have to admit that I never thought about it this much. I mean, as a Christian, I believe that everyone has to choose what she prefers because everyone is unique. So I can't understand why people only like or not like someone because of the music she listens to, the way she is dressed, or anything like that. When someone thinks differently than I do on something, I want to know that, too, because it gives me another point of view on it. That's why I like the internet, and especially my blogger friends. To read what they have on their mind or what they think about something, helps me to see everything in another perspective.

Today we wrote down all the info we got for our contribution. We talked to our lecturer about it, and he gave us some advices to improve that. Tomorrow we will record our moderation, and we will also add the most important sentences of the guys we asked on the street about goths as well as our interview, and hopefully it will be interesting to listen to it.


Christopher Arnel said...

Great blog!! I can't wait to hear what u put together! I'm a Fan!! I also agree that it takes all kinds to make the world go round. Everyone is different and thank God. If we were all the same, how boring would that be? I love that I'm a believer and my best friend is a hard core atheist, yet we get along like brothers!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I can honestly say that I have friends who are gothic and they are some of the nicest people I've ever met. Everyone has a story and nobody should be judged on how they dress or how they look. I think your project will be a very worthwhile project!

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