Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In sync

Everything we do – we never do it alone. Have you ever asked yourself if you do something that another one does the same at the same time? It might sounds odd, but as there live 7 billion people on our planet, why shouldn’t this be possible? I mean I was never good in maths, and I can’t calculate from that information its probability – if you can, please tell me – but I think, things we do often every day and things we do for not just a minute, like sitting in front of the computer or sleeping, we can be sure, that we are never alone doing the same thing at the same time.

Concerning the internet, I am very sure that not just one sits in front of his or her computer when I am it front of mine. Writing on my book, my play, my blog or just spending my time on Twitter. Oh how would that be boring if no one would be on Twitter the same time I am. Or Skype – what a wonderful invention. I can still be in contact with my cousin who lives with her hubby and son on Crete. I can’t see them very often in real life but I can see them on Skype.
The internet is a great place to spend time with and I don’t wanna miss this. I remember the time, when we didn’t have a computer, when I didn’t have a smartphone. I still remember the time when I was at school, nobody knew social media, nobody knew Facebook because it didn't exist and so nobody missed it. But then it came into our lives and what would we do without it?

Being connected – we all are, but the internet gives us the chance to see it. I think there are so many things we do in sync with others – without knowing. We all belong together. We are all social, we are all human beings, we live at the same time, some might be born at the same time – not twins of course, for them it’s impossible to be born at the exactly same time, and some will leave the world together. I guess knowing that, gives me new hope: I am never on my own.
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