Friday, November 30, 2012

First think, then do

You might have heard this week that 'Two and a half men' star Angus T. Jones said some, well, not nice stuff about the show he's on. He said he doesn't want to be there anymore, called it 'filth' and added that he also doesn't want his fans to watch the show anymore. I was very shocked when I heard that because I never thought he would say something like that. The guy who plays Jake Harper always seemed nice and smart to me. I mean I never thought he is like the character he's playing, but well, this was anything else than smart. Who would ever dare to speak so bad about his job? Okay we do complain, not everything is good all the time, but we don't do that on the internet, where everyone can listen.

It's not because we are not that popular like he is, I guess our bosses would find the video if we would make one, put it on youtube and complaing how bad our job and the company is. Probably they would like to talk to us, convince us to apologize and that is what Angus did. But did he really mean it? I mean, what happened that he said such bad stuff? What is true? What does he really think about the show who made him that successful and rich (he earns 350.000 $ per episode)? I mean where would he be without the show? He grew up with it, spent almost 10 years with these guys.

As you all know he was not the first one who caused the show trouble. Charlie Sheen made some videos in which he talked not that nice about the show, too. And now Angus. I keep asking myself how long the show still can exist and if the next will be Jon Cryer complaining about something. When the people who work on there don't believe in the show, and when there is not only one but two persons now, I honestly don't know how long the show still can go on. They have to give 100 %, they have to love and enjoy what they do and appreciate that maybe without the show they wouldn't be that successful.

no one wants to hear a complaint - but what can be done that no one dares to complain? (pic taken from bedandbreakfastworld)
I would never talk bad about my job, at least not on the internet. I've heard of many guys who lost their jobs because their bosses found them on Facebook and read what they wrote about the company. They made a screenshot and had a proof, the employee had no chance to deny it. So you don't have to be a celebrity and think no one will ever find you on the internet because it is that huge and you are just a single person. Everyone can be easily found, and on Facebook is much easier.

Do you watch 'Two and a half men' and what do you think does Angus really think about the show? Has someone convinced him to complain, or has someone convinced him to apologize? And do you think the show will last that much longer or could this 10th season already be the last one? Have you ever said anything bad about your job on the internet, and had it any consequences, or have you thought about it?


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I am of the habit of NEVER discussing my job on the internet unless it's something positive :)

Grumpy me said...

Hi there, Sanny. Let's just say I know for a fact there's this curious double standard when it comes to mentioning things about your job on the internet: positive comments are ok but anything negative is a definite no-no. I liked the show what Charlie was still a part of it.

How are you today? :)

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