Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Veneration of the deceased

Have you ever thought about burning your money? Your iPad or even your car? Well, in China people do that. They buy all these stuff to burm them. You don't believe that? You think they are crazy because who would buy something to burn it afterwards? And who would even burn money?

iPad and iPod mode of paper, picture taken from
Well, all that stuff is made of paper. The Chinese buy things for their beloved ones who recently passed away. They buy what they think the deceased would need in their afterlife. So they go to special stores and buy there cars, chairs, any kind of devices, whatever they like, but all made of paper, and burn it all at the funeral. The Chinese believe that otherwise the ghosts of the deceased would come to them in their dreams and ask for stuff to enjoy their afterlife.

I think though it's a bit sad to burn this awesome and really well-made things, which look totally real. I also think that it's a nice touch and a good thing. I mean, the Chinese think that life still continues in some way and want to help their beloved ones who left this world to enjoy their afterlife. But in my mind it's more for the bereaved people. I guess this helps them to believe that the deceased are still happy and have everything they need.

What do you think about that way to honor the deceased?
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