Friday, April 18, 2014

Give your dreams wings to fly

A dream is your wish your heart makes. I have lots of dreams. And I think that everyone should be full of them. Even kids do dream a lot, they have millions of wishes. It's sadly often that people set their goals too high and when they can't make them come true, they lose their faith in their dreams. The more they fail, the less they try again or even dare to have another dream. Many adults came to me and said, they stopped having dreams years ago. The older they became the more they realized that life is anything else like a dream and it always comes differently than expected. But I think some give up way to soon and some just think dreams will come true without the guys doing anything to let it happen.

Having dreams is what keeps you strong, what helps you to make your life better. You have dreams for a reason. When something doesn't turn out the way you want it to, change it. Do something. It's always worth trying.
Only the one who tries can win, the one who doesn't try has already failed.

Each and every dream is like a
balloon that that carries your wish to the sky.
pic by D. Sharon Pruitt  
What always surprises me is how many wanna become Hollywood superstars. When you ask kids about their favorite professions, they answer: actor, singer, model. But why? They don't see the hard work, that not many actors, singers or models can earn their living with their jobs. That the lucky, talented and blessed ones who work and live in Hollywood are the only ones these kids see and dream of and notice. But these guys are only a very few compared to all who currently work in these jobs. Hollywood is like an actor itself that only shows its best side. Everyone who reads Hollywood thinks of a perfect life, luxury and glamour. But it can be mean, tough, hard. So, I never wanted to be there, to live there. It's surreal in so many ways. It takes long to be there, even harder to stay there but dead easy to get kicked out.

Fake people can be everywhere. You can never be sure who is really nice and who is only acting like that. I already had to deal with such people in my life, who extremely disappointed me, but that's another story. And luckily there are more nice people I met in my life who let me believe that the good in people still outweigh the mean guys.

So I was really impressed by this one actress, who doesn't dream of Hollywood. She simply wants to entertain the ones who need it the most: sick kids. Kids who spend their entire lives in hospitals, not sure if they'll survive, if they can beat their diseases.

She goes to hospitals, and she talks to the kids. About their dreams, about their hopes and wishes. What do they love? Then she writes a story with them, sings and dances. They do a little musical together, filled with a story she created with the kid. It fulfills her to see these kids smiling, to give them moments of joy, moments they won't forget. When she is with them, the kids don't think about the bad things, not about the hospital or maybe that they have to leave their parents sooner than they want to (and kids do notice that. No matter how young they are, they do care about their parents, too and don't wanna see them suffer.).

Not only kids can get lost in art, and express their feelings
in singing, writing, dancing and acting.
pic by D. Sharon Pruitt
Hollywood is just a money making world. It's all about the money. But this actress I am writing about is different. Art should primarily touch people, make them feel better. You can cure people when you sing, when you dance. These kids can express themselves. They tell their own stories, tell her what's on their minds. Though they are mostly in pain, their fantasies are full of colors.

They can get lost in the art. And that is what art is for. 

No matter if singing, dancing, writing, acting, it's not about the money, it's not about becoming a big superstar. There are so many who do it because it's their passion, because they wanna make the world a bit brighter, a bit more colorful.

Do never lose your ability to dream. You can do it. Don't set your goals too high, and you don't have to be the best. It's not about competition. It's about what your heart feels, what feels right for you to do. When you do it with passion, people will appreciate it. It doesn't matter how many people can see you. Even if there is just one person out there who does, you can change her world for the better. And as important money these days is, isn't it the best reward to make someone happy?

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