Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you have wonderful holidays with your families and loved ones.
As a little Christmas gift I thought of translating something I found on the internet a few years ago. It's about how a magazine article would have looked like if Jesus was born this year. It might be a bit overdone, so please don't take it too serious!!!!  Unfortunately I don't know anymore from where I have it or who is the author, because I found it this year again on my computer just as a WORD document, after I checked everything I had on it and deleted some old stuff. I guess people these days would react like that if it happened just like 2,000 years ago. So I hope you won't feel offended in any way, it's not making fun of them, as I love the story from the Bible, but anyway I like that 'article' and so I want to share it with you.
For me Christmas is the time of the year to spend with my family, to sit together and chat. Time is so precious, and the moment we have right now will never come back again. So I enjoy to see them healthy and happy, all together, make them even more happy when I can fulfill them a wish. Thinking of them, making them a gift to say 'thank you for letting me be part of your life'.

So here is my Thank you to you. Thanks for stopping by, taking some time to read and maybe also comment what I post here on my blog. I wish you blessed holidays and hope you like that 'a bit different' version of The Christmas Story:

Infant found in a manger

BETHLEHEM. A worried man called the police early in the morning. While he was going for a walk with his dog, he heard a baby crying. He came closer and saw a young family in a stable. Their baby was lying in a manger. After the police arrived, the officers figured out that the baby’s mother is Mary H. from Nazareth, only 14 years old. 
While the police men tried to take mother and child to the police office, a man who could be identified as Joseph H. from Nazareth, wanted to stop them. Joseph got help from three attendant shepherds, and three unidentified foreign residents. They all wanted to stop the police men taking the child with them, but the police handled the situation. They arrested the foreigners who pretended to be the “three wise men” from an Eastern country. 
The Department of the Interior and the customs office are looking for some hints to find out from where the men exactly come, as they are probably illegal in the country. The spokesman of the police said that none of them had an ID, but lots of gold and some maybe prohibited substances. The men defended themselves and said, that God told them to go home immediately and don’t say anything to the state authorities. The chemicals they were carrying are for investigation in the crime lab.
The whereabout of the child won’t be published by now. That this case will be closed soon is very doubtful. A co-worker of the welfare agency told us: “The father is middle-aged and the mother is definitely underage. We are currently checking their relationship.”
Mary was brought to the hospital in Bethlehem for medical and psychiatric tests. Her mental condition will be examine carefully, because she said that she’s still a virgin and the infant’s father is God.
The head of the psychiatry wrote an official anouncement: “I don’t tell anybody what to believe, but when their belief puts their baby at risk, like in this case, I have to classify these people as dangerous. The fact that some kind of drugs, probably brought from the foreign residents, were also near the infant, strengthens my opinion. But I’m quite sure that in a few years all of them will be fine again when they accept the individual treatment and work well with the doctors.”
The last informaton we got, was from the attendant shepherds who claimed that a very tall man in a white nightgown and with wings (!) told them to go to the stable and celebrate the newborn’s birth. The spokesman of the drug squad said about that: “That is really the most silly excuse of stoned junkies I’ve ever heard.”

picture from psdeluxe


Tina Fariss Barbour said...

What a change a modern take on the Christmas story makes!

Merry Christmas, Sanny, and I hope you have a blessed Christmas season.

Grumpy me said...

You've got a great sense of humor, Sanny.. Hope your X-mas was wonderful, too.

Sanny said...

Thanks guys, glad you like the Christmas story ;)

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your families!!!

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