Friday, December 28, 2012

The bought beauty

What makes someone beautiful?
picture by Robby Mueller
These days it seems like everything is possible and there are no limits anymore. When we don’t like something, we just change it. Also the look can be changed very easily. And I mean not the clothes you are wearing. More and more people love to put on some makeup, and feel better afterwards. It’s not a big thing and also I love to wear some mascara, that everyone can see I have eyelashes, because they are that bright that without mascara someone might think I don’t have any, and that looks weird. But in my mind kids shouldn't wear that. And I have seen a few moms who dress their kids like ladies, and also let them wear lots of makeup.

Some guys love other colors, like tattoos. Pictures can be drawn all over the body, and so people can even get addicted to them. They feel in a way empty without the tattoos. I think tattoos are okay. I once actually thought about having a small one on my own, but I don’t think if I could dare to do that. I guess when people want one, the tattoo should have a meaning for them. I thought of a butterfly holding a key. The key is the symbol that I can open every door, so when a door closes in my life, another door will appear and I have the opportunity to open that. And a butterfly came out of the dark, had finally learned to fly, is independent and colorful.

Some guys even go further. I only have to say two words: plastic surgery. If they don’t like their nose, their chin, their breast or whatever, they go to the doctor and let it change the way they want it to. Plastic surgery exists way longer than some of you might think of. Even Marilyn Monroe let some parts of her body correct by a surgeon.

For me this goes a bit too far. I mean when you broke your nose and want that it looks again like it did before that happened, such surgeries are great. A surgery is always a risk, but people don’t think about that. It lets me think of how far would some people go to look perfectly, and can this perfect look ever be reached? I mean it’s like an addiction, once started they want more and more. It’s like when you have something, and then you wanna change it, improve it, make it better or just different. But is this really necessary? Can you understand these people? How far would you go for your beauty? Ever considered one or two of the mentioned things? And why do you think is the look of a person so important these days?


Englishrose said...

I know people who have had surgery. I think they have massive insecurities so it helped their self esteem and their confidence after the surgery
one girl I know her mum hit her and broke her nose and it became crooked so she had a nose job to get it straightened and I can see the difference in how its made her feel
and the other girl had a boob job just because she is so so skinny I think it helps her to be more mature as she looks like a child even though she turned 23 yesterday!
so I think its more about the psychological impact of our insecurities and how it impacts personality as to whether or not to perfect their beauty. Maybe its not just about aesthetics

Grumpy me said...

We as a species want to control everything and we want it now. That's who we are. I don't mind some people's obsession with tattoos. It's attention-seeking, is what it is. I understand that. We all want to be different and be thought of as special.

Just a few more hours.... happy new year! :)

Sanny said...

Thanks guys for your comments.

@Englishrose: some really do a surgery because it impacts their personality like you wrote. They need it to feel better, maybe 'normal'. Also guys who had an accident and want to look like before - I can understand these people and I guess this is what such surgeries are for. So you're right, but I guess there are also other people, some who just can't stop, overdoing it. They want to be perfect and they always see something on themselves they wanna change and are never satisfied. In my mind, then it gets critical.
I once saw a mother who gave her 8 year old daughter a voucher for a boob job. That's one of the things I simply can't understand.

@Grumpy: I loke tattoos and when people feel better with them, it's their thing. I keep saying: do whatever makes you happy, as long as you don't hurt anyone ;)

Happy New Year to you too!!!

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