Friday, May 31, 2013

Why do we dance?

Do you like to dance? I do, but I'm not a really good dancer. I just love music, I love to watch musicals, so I already look forward to the Tony Awards, my favorite of all award shows. I mostly enjoy the opening numbers and knowing that this year's host is gonna be Neil Patrick Harris again will make it one more time legen-wait for it-dary. He can not only act, but is also an amazing singer and dancer.

Dancing is a good way to express your feelings, to show them. There are slow and fast dances, you can dance to almost all kind of music. Some dances are part of a culture, like in Latin America the Salsa or Rumba. People all over the world dance these dances, and of course there are many more.

Years ago the girls danced to impress the men, to entertain them. Now even men love to dance. And some are pretty good. I am very impressed by these shadow dancers. They don't sing like in a musical, they don't need words to tell a story, they simply dance.

As much as I love watching people dancing, I am not a big fan of dancing shows on Tv actually. But like I already tweeted there is a new dancing show in Germany called "Got to Dance" in which they are looking for the best dancers, single dancers or whole dancing crews. I'm very interested how this is gonna be. The original of the show is from the UK, and I already watched a few videos on youtube. I so enjoyed and simply love Ruff Diamond - their performances are just amazing!!!

So since I saw the promotional trailer of the German "Got To Dance" version, which included a scene from the Big Bang Theory flash mob last year and I was like - was that Melissa Rauch?? - I googled the trailer, watched it again and am now waiting when that show starts Thursday June 20 on Pro7 and Friday June 21 on Sat1.

In this trailer there is the question like the title of this blog post: Why do we dance?
Why do you dance? Do you love to dance?

I do. Whenever I feel lonely, or upset, I listen to music and it helps me to feel better and to rethink everything. Music often inspires me, helps me to see things differently. Dancing is also a good way to release fears, pressure and anger. Dancing can improve your self-confidence. People who wanna do something healthy but don't like sports much, they should think about dancing. You don't have to be a professional dancer, you just do it for fun. Just like Kaley Cuoco who convinced the cast and crew of the CBS hit comedy to do a flash mob.

We dance because we are born to. We dance because it makes fun, because we can bond with each other, we can do something together, be part of a crew and feel connected. We can show our emotions, and don't need words to communicate. We see people dancing and understand it, no matter which language we speak.
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