Friday, May 24, 2013

Way to happiness

What happened? What am I doing here? I open my eyes, but it's like they are still closed. I can't see anything. Am I blind? Is it dark? I start thinking. What is the last thing I remember? How do I come here? Where am I? I can only feel the floor, it feels like stones, ice cold. I try to get up, try to get on my feet. I have to get out of here. I touch the wall and I start to walk. I want to leave the darkness, I want to see. I want to hear something, I want to feel something that is not cold. I walk, and I think of my goal.

I walk and walk and walk. I am exhausted, I can barely breathe. Where am I? How do I get out of here? I finally wanna see again. I wanna hear something. I wanna feel something that is not lifeless and cold. Having that wish is what keeps me walking. I won't give up. It's my dream. A simple one. I don't wish for a pot of gold or the crap most people are looking for these days. Who cares about fame? Someone can be successful today, and a beggar tomorrow. Money means nothing. It might be not as cold as these stones on here, but as lifeless. Not many guys understand what's really important. I am looking for that. I look for happiness.

I have a dream. Yes, I dare to still have a dream. Mostly live their lives the way they were taught to. But who wants to live a life of someone else? When I'll be a Grandma one day, I will tell my kids about my life, what I have done, and not what others told me to do. No, I don't know where I am, I only know where I want to be. Out of the dark. I wanna see the light. My life has to have a sense. Where is it? Where can I find it? I keep walking. I don't know if it's the right direction, but it feels right in that moment. A voice within is telling me keep going.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris is for many people a symbol of love
picture by D. Sharon Pruitt
And then, suddenly it happens. What is this? It's beautiful. I feel like an insect flying to something sparkling. The first thing I can see. I am not blind. It gets brighter and I feel something. A tingling in my stomach. I get excited. The closer I go, the brighter and warmer it becomes. I do not only see again, I also feel again. I know the goal is near, I am almost there. The long walk, the cold, the darkness, it's all over. I don't know what's gonna happen, I can't describe what I see but it's the most beautiful I've ever seen.

I see colors, all the colors of the rainbow. It is warm, I can feel it on my skin. The dark and grey fade away. I can hear birds singing, I can hear the trees rustinling in the wind. I can see the blue sky, I feel the sun rays embracing my whole body. I reached my goal. Some might have stopped, lost their faith on their ways, but I had a dream. And now I found what I was looking for. The place where I am safe. I found you.

I look at you, and you look at me. Smiling happily. You just stand there, don't say a word. But you don't need to. Words are a bad way to use for communication, it often leads to misunderstandings. You are like my mirror, when I look at you I see me, only clearer and brighter and happier. You are the other half of me, you let me see, hear, and most important feel. I feel free, I feel safe, I feel me. I finally arrived. I am at home in this beautiful place, your heart.

It was Justin Timberlake's song "Mirrors" that inspired me writing this short story. It's a beautiful song about finding love, the one and only we are all looking for. The one person that understands you without words, that shows you the beauty of life that you was unable to see before. Love is what keeps us alive, and statistics say people who live in a happy relationship live longer and get less sick. I guess when I keep walking I'm gonna find this beautiful place, home, one day. I do believe in true love and the power that it has and gives you. 

Do you believe in true love? Have you found your true love? What is love for you? Do you think you just feel when the right person is next to you?

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