Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy new year!!!

This is my last blog post this year and I wanna wish you all a wonderful and happy new year 2014!!! May it be joyful and successful. When I look back I realize that it wasn't an easy and definitely not the best year of my life. So I really hope for a better 2014!!! But it wasn't that bad and it was another chapter of my life who made me the person I am today.

In 2014 I wanna travel more, earn more money to see the world and meet my friends who don't live pretty close where I live. I also wanna show them more how much they mean to me and how blessed I feel to have them in my life. I spent Christmas with my family, and it was great that my cousin came from Crete to celebrate with us. She, her hubby and their son leaved this morning. Next year I plan to visit them!

I took some time this holidays to think about my life, the things I wanna change but also the things I'm glad they happened. My time at college is almost over, and I hope to finally get some positive feedback and get a chance to work again. I also wanna write more, I have so many stories in my head, so I wanna take more time for me and do what I love so much. I think sometimes it's important to switch the everyday stress off, as hard as it is. Sometimes it could help to only switch off my phone one evening because I really don't like it to be permanent online because I think this can cause stress too. I mean when something really important happens these people can reach me without whatsapp or what ever.

For me the greatest joy is when I see a smile on the faces of the people I love. That is the greatest gift, and as important money these days is, I try to remind me more often next year, that everything that really matters is not a thing and can't be bought.

Do you have new year's resolutions? How was your 2013? I hope you had a great year and find something positive that happened this year, and I wish you a great new year 2014!!! Take care!! xoxo San

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