Wednesday, August 8, 2012

To forget how to forget

We can forget so many things. I don’t know why. So many things I wanna keep in mind, but I simply can’t. Why is it like that? What is working wrong with my short-term and long-term memory? Why is it easy for someone to remember something that I can’t? Or I can remember something that she can’t?

The brain is a big mystery. It can do so many things, and is so complex. With the computer we try to copy it in a way. To come close to it, with saving things. Nowadays when people wanna know more about the brain, especially young people, they try to explain it the other way round. So they use the computer and tell them, based on that, how the brain works.

But unlike us, the computer forgets nothing. Even the internet remembers everything. The brain is not like that. So many things we forget. But is the information really lost, or can we just not remember? Some things will never be ‘transported’ from the short-term into the long-term memory. Some things we just saw, but never paid any attention on. It might will come back once as part of our dream but then we just can’t remember to remember it. I mean when we see something like a person in our dream, we can be sure that we have seen him or her before in our real life because our brain is not able to create new persons, or surroundings.

our brain is like a net with lots of connections

So we can remember even things we can’t remember. That’s the miracle of our brain. We can forget everything, except how to forget. That’s what will be different between our brain and the computer. We can forget, but never forget how to forget things, and we can remember things we don’t remember.
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